Sunday, October 18, 2009

Central Florida Zoo

How about this weather??? I am loving it!

Friday Jayda had the mall lock in for girl scouts. We are still trying to decide what the point of "lock ins" are. She stays up all night and she is pretty much a mess the next day! Oh well...let the fun continue.

Saturday morning I scrubbed the floors and cleaned. Then, I went and got groceries with Jacob. Jayda's friend came over and spent the day and night with us. We went to sign Jacob up for basketball. Then off to the grand opening of the library. I was MOST impressed with the library and how stunning the whole thing is! The most exciting thing is that it is 5 min from our house....and story time is on Tuesdays at 10:30 am ! YAY!!! Daddy can take Jay every week! Then home for a bit. Friday I wore shoes my mother gave me only to come home with the worst blisters I have had in my life! I was determined to find new shoes...and so off I went with the girls to look. After the third store, they were out of control and that was over!

We played outside last evening and again first thing this morning!

The weather is amazing! The children went with their father this afternoon and we were determined to get out and enjoy the day! We decided to go to the zoo with Jay. Upon further study, it was zoo boo. The children dress up and they have 8 booths set up for the children to get treats. I liked it because it was candy and prizes...that Jay just loved! We have a gnome costume for him, but decided with the weather and the place...he needed to dress up like Tigger.

Michael always makes me laugh...

These two turtles are in their early 60s!

Yes, it is true we have a leash for our son! He loves it...except when we wouldn't let him go to the was only 70 degrees today with a bitter wind.

It was such a wonderful end to the zoo...a hayride and then a train ride. The train ride was so awesome until this.....

No that's not Mike trying to rescue the train. Some oddball parent who thought he was strong enough...LOL...he wasn't!

Yes, it is true, I was the caboose...yes it is true the train went off its tracks...but he said it happened earlier it wasn't just me. Some other mom with a big butt had the same thing happen to her...hahahaha! Mike had to photograph the ticked off people as he walked by...

What an awesome time at the zoo! Afterwards, we went and had lunch at chili's. Then some more shoe shopping. I got two cute pairs...we will see what happens.
Here is one of them.

The other is a pair of brown shoes. Not in love with them like the pink...but they will suffice. Now in search of black shoes.

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