Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hats, caps, and pitches

Just Jay...just full of life. If you could hear this was full of "cheez". He loves the camera...I forgot about the sports setting on my takes quick sequential photos that allow for the movement of the subject...I really need to use that more.

Opening day at the park. The children were with their dad this weekend so he was on baseball duty. Although we made it over for the ball game.
Jay was oh so not real happy about sitting for so is going to be a long season.
Jacob caught, pitched, played first. It was just a game for show and only lasted an hour.
Baseball is gearing up and we are back in the swing of it!

This weekend flew by! We had dinner at my parents Saturday night. Delicious! We had dinner in the new house for the first time! Fun!
Last night Michael and I watched the movie called Taken. Somehow Marc's girlfriend got a hold of this video on dvd that we are not sure how they got it because it is not released on dvd yet. ??????? Who knows but that movie is so action packed and very cool!
Here it is Monday morning and we are looking forward to girl scouts and baseball practice today!

Have a great day!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What jail must be like...

Seriously...he's really upset, stuck, can't figure out how he got himself in to get himself out!
He was trying to get his wiffle ball that rolled under the table.
Did his mother help him? No she ran for her camera.
Isn't that what any loving mother does!?!

Story time Friday morning
I mean seriously, I teach could not pay me enough money to read two children's books to my class in a row. What makes anyone think they can read 3 books in a row to children between the ages of 12 months and 2.5 years??? SERIOUSLY....haven't they heard of shaking the sillies out, or head shoulder knees and toes, heck I would have settled for if your happy and you know it in between each story!!! Would it have been wrong if I stopped them and showed them how to do it??? Worse case...there was a younger girl in her 20s there today....all i could think of was she was there on internship from university and THIS WAS HER EXAMPLE.

Well, first off, Jay could have cared less that they were reading stories...he was busy looking at everyone.
Then that girl, you know the one...really obnoxious and the mother is all kissing on her and smiling at everyone that is giving her dirty looks because she is interrupting the story and encouraging her monster child to behave inappropriately... She literally had no idea the behavior her child was expressing was WRONG!

Hmmmph....just think I could be teaching that child and trying to reverse all of the damage her mother created. "Hands to yourself, please don't interrupt, wait your turn, please wait til I give the direction, AACCCKKK!

Maybe I am most irritated because I swear to you Jay watched every second of it, and next time HE IS GOING TO TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of teaching, I had to let my county and school know what my intentions were for the year 2009-2010 in regards to returning to work. Guess who has to bite the bullet and head back to the classroom...
Unless of course, Michael's business takes off, he gets another job, or we win the lottery.

Yup, looks like I will be clipping the old name tag back on and saying, "hands to yourself, please be a good friend, Please do not interrupt...
Please let there be a way that I can stay home a little longer with my baby...I had later in life...and promised myself I would be there for him......cause well, who else is going to watch his every move so he does not climb up on a table and pour out all the pepper..........
or lift off the chair he has jailed himself in.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My husband "scrapped"

Ok, so we have been having some issues with Jayda's ability to remember to wash her hands at pertinent prior to dinner or putting away dishes from dish washer.
I am first to announce she has become much better at this upon our parental prodding...but I couldn't help laughing when michael created this "layout!"

He says to me..."I scrapped, and its in 3D!"

He makes me laugh everyday...even Jayda laughed at this one!
I mean funny was this?
She really says to me, "do you wanna smell?" Cause we use nice smelling soaps! hehhahahahahaha
Okay I am cracking up.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blurry...that's a good word for today!

Let's see...everything was a bit blurry today!
Late last night my computer crashed and I was left with a computer that was very ill and incapable of going on any longer. I had to kill my old computer and restart her all over again...a new identity and new transition a new harddrive memory. With her, she took all my memories....good, sad, happy, mad, anguish, turmoil, delight, adoration, hard work and sloughed it off like a really bad sunburn peeling! DANG IT!
Ok, so it wasn't too bad! I lost photos from October-January 1. Thank goodness birthday photos first haircuts and the like were all printed and waiting to be placed in photo albums! However, the everyday sweet funny photos... gone like a dust bunny swept up into a dustpan and placed in the trash!
I do not even want to think about the digital elements and the digital layouts I created....
Speaking of dust bunnies, I cleaned today. That was good...all while trying to fix the computer, which by the way it is....about 75% anyways...I think I need to do a total flush and get it completely back to factory settings.
Honestly, I am not sure how it happened. But if I had to guess, my bets would be that it is yahoo it is no way wanting to reload on my computer!
Well, another shocker of the day, was a letter form the state saying my license was pending suspension!?! WTH??? Supposedly it dealt with my car insurance...which I might add is only 53.00 a month.
I have farm bureau insurance and we have house, medical and car through this insurance. The bill is paid directly out of my checking account. So, why in the world was my insurance not up to date???
Let me give oyu a little background...I get no less than 5 statements a month from the insurance company...receipts and farm news...etc.
Side note, I don't live on a farm although occasionally my space can look like a pig pen. See above, where I cleaned today.
Well, back to what I was apparently I was sent a letter, just one for a renewal membership to farm bureau in the amount of 35.00 a year. Seeing that I get a trillion letters form them a month. I had apparently gotten lacadasical about opening each and every receipt from Farm Bureau. The note was overlooked and stuck in my file cabinet under insurance.
So, in not paying my 35.00 and my car insurance was due up, I was kicked out of farm bureau for not paying my 35.00. Let's take a second and slowly digest this. We pay for homeowners insurance, medical insurance, car insurance to Farm doing the math....that's a lot of money. Perhaps you could say we are good customers!
Do you not think SOMEONE would have called to see what was going on as in not paying our 35.00 we were somehow communicating to the bureau that we would like to be dropped of all insurance through them!????! Apparently, we were not as important as I would have liked to think we were. No call, no nothing....until the state writes me and tells me I am going to have my license suspended in one months time! WTH????? I follow the rules....don't stress me out like this!!!!
Oh, was my faiult for ignoring the trillionth Farm Bureau memo!

See I can speek in trillions now because that is common speak in our crumbling economy.

Ok, back to the story...go to the office, sign the papers, pay the money...back in business and I once again skirt the long arm of the law!

Hey, tonight was so fun! I invited my parents and aunt and uncle for dinner. I was planning to order some great pizza and wings and have everyone over. Sit at our very big dining room table that fits does!
My parents stole my thunder in paying for the food! They have us over for dinner so much(hey wait a minute...just when was the last time we were there???? What's the deal??? You would think they were moving to a new house or something!?!) and my aunt and uncle treated us last Friday so we wanted to repay the favor! I think my mom thinks we are in the poor house. Mike says "we are not on welfare, yet".

Speaking of business...if you are even remotely thinking about building a garage...please contact . Mike will cut you a great deal and you will not be disappointed in your product! It is after all, Florida's #1 Garage builder in quality, craftsmanship, and customer service! So, get on the ball and check it out. You won't regret it!

Um, yeah, that seemed like a real blatant service announcement...well it was.

So let's see....Jayda finished up an adorable giraffe project for school that is due tomorrow...let me go take a pic and I will be right back!

Okay, I am a back. Did you miss me???

How great was that? And it was her idea to paint the spots. I showed her to do one and she went to town!
I am so proud of Jayda's school work...that girl has really been working hard! She is keeping her straight A average so far too!

Jay is such a sweetie pie...but boy oh boy does he go go go!

He is so silly and loves to entertain us.
His big thing is, if he wants you to look at him, he says, "mom mom ma ma ma mom ma ma mom" to get your attention and then does something funny or shows you something he likes. Like Thomas the Train, he is loving him right now! I'd love for him to have the whole Thomas train set if I weren't so afraid they were made with lead!
Anyway, wanna know how he started to say this?
Jayda has a way of incessantly talking...sometimes I get busy and tune her out. In order to get my attention she says, "mom mom ma ma ma ma mommy mom ma ma mom mom mommy". Boy, the things he learns. Oh and by the way...his dad hates it when he is trying to get his attention and calls him mom! hahahahaha

Ok and for the last blurry thing....
Objects in motion do not photograph well with a flash!
Boy never stops! Michael put his bike helmet on as he rode around the hous eon his dump truck grammy and grampy got for him! he has just learned how to ride things today!

Ok, on that note it is late and I need to get to bed!

I am going to try and do better with posting so keep an eye out!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My little guys second haircut!!!

Today we went to daddy's barber. Daddy got his haircut first and then it was Jay's turn. Except he was not having that chair and wanted off. Tim, the barber, suggested that he have a lollipop. Ok, good idea. Um.... no GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!
Check out his mop! Then check out the process!

Scrapbooking 500 Pages in 2008