Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stopping just long enough....

I am making this for dinner as I type!

I am starving and it should be awesome!
I am making broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots...I am going to beat them with a mixer and make it into mashed veggies...kind of like mashed potatoes.
UPDATE: Just finished dinner and it was soooo delcious and easy to make. Of course I had to add a few of my own spices to the recipie and even Jay ate one minus the butter. It was outstanding and a definitely do again recipie. Great if you are thinking of having company and you want to wow them!

So, as I wait a few more minutes, I thought I would let you know what has been going on around here!
Jacob had a friend overnight on Thursday night. Jayda was supposed to have her friend but she is on a cruise! This friend of Jacob is a nice boy, and the children enjoyed having him. Although, I do not think he knows how to use a fork and knife when he eats...if he eats at all. Let's say he has some eating issues. Picky at best! He would love pizza for every meal! Oh, listen to me...he is a very nice boy and if that is the worst thing we are doing great!
Middle school boys giggle as much if not more than girls do...if your wondering.

I played bunco last night with my mother at her community. There was something like 38 people or something. Usually 12 play. It was crazy at best and so funny watching everyone's personalities unfold. It reminded me a lot of how each class I teach has the same types of differing personalities!

Speaking of school...I have been gearing up for the year. I know it is early. But I am doing some preliminary work before the school year actually starts! I am collecting stuff to outfit my room!
I got a beautiful side table for my cds and cd player, doll houses, legos, books, games, baby dolls...KIDS NEED TO PLAY PEOPLE! Don't ever forget that! Kids need moments during the day when they can do what they do best...and that is play. After all, kids learn by doing and play is their work!
So, who is making out and yelling SCORE when I walk through the door??? That would be Jay, but it comes out something like this , "AAAAHHHHHHHH...WOW!"

Where am I getting all of these things. Have you ever heard of It is this awesome place where you can give away free things and also ask for things. The crux of it is to keep things out of the landfills and to reuse. So, over the course of a couple of years, I have given away more things than I can remember. The latest being the jogging stroller that is in immaculate condition!

Here is Jay enjoying some of the things I have gotten for my classroom. Who knew he would enjoy them so, I mean dislike them. Like for instance, his intense dislike for the baby doll. {SARCASM} Afterall, Michael thinks it is not appropriate for a boy to play with a doll. So he has forbade me to blog about it. I am in this instance overriding his decision as a professional in child development! It is completely appropriate and not only that, but it is healthy. He is so sweet and loving towards this doll...which is a direct reflection of our parenting towards he is modeling what he sees! So rest assured Michael, we are doing a great job!

I received this doll house below from a freecycler. Her daughters had outgrown it and it would be perfect for my classroom! It was filthy complete with crayon and paint all over it from some overzealous artists! I cleaned that up quick as can be and it literally looks brand new!

Oh, yeah, Jay likes playing with this too!
Jay is becoming very good at feeding wouldn't know it from these pictures, but he is! He was cracking me up at lunchtime the other day!

You can watch for yourself here!

I got Jay a new sit down toilet because his big toilet one was not inspiring enough for him. hahahaha
I got this and a couple potty books. I can not even begin to put to words to what he was doing. Let me try.....
I cleaned it up and set it down in the kitchen, which has a gate so he can not get in the kitchen. He was so excited about it and curious all at the same time. He had no idea what it was....only that lately I have been bringing some really fun stuff into the house!!!
So, I get it all set up in the bath room and undress him. He is so excited. I say, I am going to leave you to have some privacy and I walked out. He is facing down the hall and I hear him hollering about something and he is pointing. Well, he was pointing down the hall at the bookshelf. He wanted a book. So I took him a potty book. He was so excited, and talking and talking(of which I understood nothing) but he was talking away and so excited! He then began running back and forth from the potty to the book shelf picking out books to read on the toilet. WTH??? Why is he obsessed with reading things on the pot??? hahahaha
So, it was back and forth and talking a hundred miles a minute and back and forth and talking, and pointing, and experimenting, and sitting there reading a book, and pointing.
...blurred out for privacy.

But alas, NOTHING in the potty. Only a little boy who now keeps taking off his diaper!

Well, I would do anything for a delicious dessert right about now. Wonder what I could do to curb the sweet craving? I guess I could make monster chocolate chip cookies. But that sounds too much like work right now!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Right Now!


Outside my window... The sun is blasting down with temps in the upper 90’s low 100’s. Michael is fixing the sprinklers that have gone kaplotz.

I am thinking... that our AC has run all day. I just knocked it up to 81* to give the poor thing a break. It still runs like mad set at 80* here…and who wants to pay a bill for that!

I am thankful for... air my family who are all healthy and alive!

From the kitchen... just finished lunch and the dishes are dirty in the sink, GASP!!! Michael shut the water off to work on the sprinklers.

I am wearing... a white shirt and aqua comfy capris!.

I am creating... my blog.

I am keep the daily EARLY morning exercise routine to beat the heat. So far, have been walking hard and biking!

I am reading... Luanne Rice book.

I am hoping... for continued health and vitality in our home.

I am hearing... Star Wars Battlefront II as Jake and Jayda are busy playing~~~What else do you do when it is almost 100*?

Around the house... Jay is napping, after falling on his head from the bed. LOL Not as bad as it sounds, I think he was getting down from his nap and toppled over and it was an awful good excuse to get out of bed by acting hurt! Hahaha Mike is up to his eyeballs in PVC glue and sweat. I am running him out drinks every so often.

One of my favorite things... a good meal that I did not have to cook.

A few plans for the rest of the week... start some things on my TO DO list for the summer, celebrate Jayda’s 11th bday tomorrow, have their friends over, exercise, hit the flea/farmers market for fresh veggies and fruit, work on teacher blog and research things I am going to be teaching this year, digital scrapbook, and stay cool!

Definition of Uvula!

Seriously, he eats a banana every day if not more often!

Fishing lessons:

Golf Lessons: Except a nagging mother interrupts:

And don't forget we celebrated and honored the father's in our lives who are awesome!
Our family is truly blessed to have role models such as Michael, Harv and Jay! I made cards!

On the way to my parents to celebrate Jayda's birthday with the whole family, we stopped at the post office...Michael got out and I thought it was a perfect time for a photo of the three.... Jay started off screaming, and then i managed to capture some photos in between protests! The pics are in reverse order, oops!

Jayda was so cute about her big day!
All the family was there...Mom, Dad, Jayne, Mother, Dad, and us! Thanks Mother for having us all for the day!

Everything seemed to be going great when I went out to check on Michael as he was working on the sprinklers. Couldn't figure out when it was said and done why there was no pressure in the sprinklers...hmmm...better question, why were the spinkler thingies in the back (pictured below) so high? Mike cut them lower...ooops! Ends up there are some taller sprinkler heads and they needed to be lower. He is off to chop down some other sprinkler heads and lower them. I am giggling...even though I know I shouldn't be. Worse thing. I am blogging about it.
Hehehe, I know it will all work out in the end. After all, it is one of the reasons I married him. He is so capable and handy, better yet. So smart.
Wait, why'd he cut those down again???????

Off to take Jacob to his friends house!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hurry...catch up!

Well, I apologize for being so behind...I have begun working on a Kindergarten blog for my classroom in lieu of a weekly newsletter.
This has caused me to spend countless hours designing, adding cool features, and basically wasting too much time. Hahahaha
I will post it soon when I think it is ready to be revealed!

So, let me begin.

Jay loves musical the drums and the guitar and the microphone. I am unsure if it is a true love for music or if it is the fact that the children have the WII Rock Band Game. just make a note of it...he is wearing clothing in this picture that is not PJ's!

Friday night we headed to Ocala...the whole scraggly bunch of us! We spent Fri-Sunday evening with Mom and Dad in Ocala! We all had a wonderful time, and it got to a point where
It never fails, we have to remove Jay about 400 times from the computer chair.

And then of course he hustles over to the other chair!

Jay has found a new love of pool goggles. He wears them whenever he is out on the back porch! On this particular day he had his goggles and a fly swatter(another of his favorite toys at Grammy's house) They tell me they think it is clean. The key word "think". hahahahaha Well, Jay has not gotten sick from bug guts I think it is safe to say bug guts do not make children ill!

Truth be told...even if they did make you could you pass up footage like this?????

By the I am writing suddenly has just dawned on me. You know those people that send out Christmas Notes in the form of three page letters? I think I have just became one of those people. GASP...I have even been known to misspell words....GASP!!!
Okay, deep breath, it will be ok Jessica!
Alright, if this is how you actually view my blog, the christmas gift that keeps on giving, I am sorry and not sorry at the same time. Because, FRANKLY, it is a gift for my Mother in Law who doesn't get to see the children as often.
So for those of you still with me. "Merry Christmas"!

I get my ADD from my mom. That's attention deficit disorder for those of you not closely associated with school children!

Now, back to my in-laws house! Speaking of...Jane send me some of those cute pics from your camera so I can post some pics of you and Jay together! ADD again! Thanks mother!
Saturday it rained all all all all all all all day. The kids and I snuck out to see the movie UP! It is a Disney movie created by Pixar. Oh my gosh and goodness....I absolutely LOVED it and it is totally unexpected from the TV trailers. LOVE IT! Jay stayed home with daddy and Grammy and grampy in which I think he was napping a large portion of that. But I could be wrong, because I on the other hand was at the theater having a ball!

The following morning, Michael and I were up at 4:50 am. Yeah...that early and without reason such as a 19 month old waking and screaming with tooth pain. Jay was sleeping soundly while Micahel and I slipped out the back door and went out on the gulf of Mexico to fish. Things were pretty slow...and then out of no where a huge black fin has broken the surface and is heading straight for our boat! I yell to Michael, OH NO LOOK IT"S A HUGE SHARK!!!! But wait, it comes up right next to the boat and blows air out of his blowhole and I swear he smiled at us!!! It was a very dark, charcoal grey porpoise! DUH!!! We were fishing on Porpoise I get it! He swam past us at break neck speed, and then doubled back equally fast where he slowed just under us. He came up along side us and several times rolled to his side and eye balled us...almost smiling! We have been in the kayaks, in the ocean swimming, and on the boat: Not once has a porpoise ever come near us. They have always been frightful and kept their distance. I felt so connected and yet out of my element all at once. So beautiful was the creature who connected with us, if but only for a few minutes of time. The final pass, he was showing off, easily speeding through the water!

As usual, Michael catches a couple and I catch not much of for the black tip shark and two cat fish(one was a flying catfish whoopdie doo~that's sarcasm)
I look a mess here...but then again, I was up at 4:50 am! hahaha
These are redfish. You can tell by the black spot on the tail. Undersize for keeping. Shucks, they taste so good!

OH YEAH, and then there was that tree I caught with Mike's new Popping cork lure. Um, so we begin slowly trolling in to get the thing was after all a Cajun Thunder Popping Cork. I am seeing a nightmare being fashioned right before my eyes: We run aground on an oyster bed and gouge the heck out of the boat, a tree limb impales us from below and the "titanic" theme plays in my mind, we get stuck in the murky waters where who knows what lives! We are edged up so close: will a huge snake fall from the tree, will a spider sneak aboard and bite me later, or will something from below spring forth and get me? (I know I buy trouble...) Then we are just about there, everything is smooth Mike is handling it with precision and perfection....and then he drops his pliers, which were to cut it out of the tree, into the water! AAACCCKKK! He bends over we come even closer to the tree, I stretch as far as I can and grab it out of the tree all by myself. Oh, by the way...the pliers float thanks to a wonderful company that fashions the handles with buoyant material. Only the best for our boat! hahahahaha Disaster avoided, high heat of the day reached, nothing is biting...we are outta there!
When we arrived back in Ocala, we were met by everyone...Mom, Dad, Jake, Jayda, Jay, and Emmy. Everyone seemed happy to see us. The first words out of Mom's mouth was "Don't hate me." She kept repeating it over and over and over again. I saw Jay in her arms and he was safe and happy. Jacob and Jayda were right there. I was so confused...and then she said, We taught the kids how to mow the lawn with a riding lawn mower. I am all like, okay and....... Well I am unsure if it is against the law or anything like that, but Jake mows the lawn at our house no problem...just not on a riding lawn mower. So that was kind of exciting! hahahaha
I wasn't mad or worried. I was glad they learned a new skill. Now, I wonder if I have just sold out my in laws to the law. Here's to hoping it was not illegal! hahaha

Emmy deals with Jay so well. She occasionally barks but Jay likes her and she likes him. They give each other their space and Emmy knows when to steer clear of him when he is tottering around overhead.

Notice again he is in something other than Jammies....hahahaha!
We loved spending time together and left later Sunday evening after a delicious meal!
Once home, we went straight to bed, it had been a long weekend!
The next week is somewhat of a blur, hahaha!
Here you will find Jay playing with his toys for the very first time, thanks to Jacob.

Listen to him say Jacob's name! Cute.

I never tire of Jay playing Speed Racer around the house. Cracks me up!

Jay began feeding himself bananas this week. He actually eats so many of these. He loves bananas, almost too much! I said to Jay...Can I take a picture of you holding your banana? Mike says from the other room...Whoah, that's getting kinda dirty! hahahahaha Sick humor we know! hahaha

Then there was the evening Jacob made cookies for dessert. He is great in the kitchen!

It has only been a matter of time before Jay snuck away with a marker and found a book. I was warned of what had happened by a little boy saying over and over again, OH NO!

We have this up on if you know anyone who needs is in excellent condition and is extremely clean, from a pet-free, smoke-free home!
Let us know!

Jayda spent some time with her friend from girl scouts and Jacob with his friend from school. Then it was the weekly farmers market/flea market. Friday brought a fun trip to the beach. We went to a beach in the Ponce Inlet area which is better known as "Mommom and Papa's Beach". This was Jay's very first trip to the beach. We arrived at 9 am and stayed until 11 am. He played in the surf, sand, and shower. He had a ball and so did the others. He was put in his car seat and before I could even get him latched in, he was asleep!
Loved the beach....and I don't have a single picture to prove it! I didn't think I would have time to deal with it. Bummer.
Saturday morning we took my mother to kayak blue springs. It was a pain getting into the water as they do not have a proper launch. But I wanted to do it so much! My mother was so excited to be included as she LOVES kayaking! Jay went along and sat between Mike's legs. He did wonderful, and then fell asleep. Michael sat in the shade and watched the day go by with the baby as Mother and I paddled up and back the river! Awesome time and I was so tired when it was all said and done. Poor Mike, he did all the work. Even had to fix a flat tire in the parking lot on the trailer....must have been from sitting in the garage since January.
Sunday we had a delicious Steak dinner at my parents and it was excellent! I loved not having to cook...but even better was spending time with my parents.
Monday we did a whole lot of nothing. I couldn't get the kids out of the house for anything! They kept complaining about how hot it was!!! I have to agree, there is nothing quite as hot as a Florida Summer!
Tuesday, we went over to the library as there was a fireman presentation going on. Jay loved the truck! Jacob and Jayda enjoyed it too under the guise of watching Jay enjoy it! They both checked out 4 books from the library. I wish I was a kid again...they have some awesome young adult stories! WOW! I loved helping them pick books. We head to the shelves and I pull out books and read the summary aloud to them. They love for me to do that. I can tell immediately if it is a book that will peak their interests...and sometimes they surprise me.
Right now, jay is feeding himself some pasta and the children have begged to play their video games! After they have both finished a book today, how can I say no!?!
Well, If you made it this far....
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!!!
Sorry about the long Christmas in June letter!

Friday, June 5, 2009


I am not sure when it happened, but my mother has started a tradition of taking the children out for ice cream on the eve of their last day of school. Jayda and Jacob were so thrilled! She surprised them. It was pouring cats and dogs, maybe even small monkeys...and she still took them!

Not into photo shoots, my middle child poses for me on her last day of 4th grade! It has been an incredible year for her!

Of course, give her a few shots and she loosens up!

Then, there is my wise beyond his years Jacob. Growing Changing Moving Forward. So cute. He has done a magnificant job in middle school and starts the year off with honors classes in 7th grade.

It was painful trying to get these two to pose seriously mom...pointing a finger at the has cooties!!!

They did their best to make me happy by actually touching one another. My babies growing up!!!

Hrmph....deep sigh...I imagine if I didn't have a wee one growing up in the ranks under them I would be more sentimental. I loved seeing them off on their last day of school! I HAVE LOVED being here everyday for them. What a blessed gift to watch them this year as they ventured off into new schools and grades.
Jayda will begin her last year in Elementary school a few short months from now and Jacob will be venturing into 7th grade.
He was wearing a shirt to be signed by other kids today...he asked me and mike to sign....such a sweet kid!
I will hopefully get a pic of his shirt after school!

Last week...I know, a week ago!!!
I helped out in Jayda's class. The whole fourth grade was painting the organs in the body on t-shirts. I helped out from 8 am to 1 pm...and I didn't get paid!!! LOL Such is the life of a classroom volunteer...which I have a brand new affection for!!
Jayda is pretty much MORTIFIED when I break out the camera...the other children make the funniest faces!!!!

Then it was turn right back around and head back to school to pick up jayda...

it was the first official day she would be bringing home her NEW safety patrol badge....well, used, but new to her.

Friday night, Jacob had his first baseball playoff game, which went til 9:45 pm from 6:30 pm. YIKES!!!! Luckily, he was with his dad that weekend and we were on the way to Ocala. However, prior to leaving for Ocala, I had a memorial for a wonderful woman whom I taught with and Jacob had her as a first grade teacher. Unfortunately, cancer took her life quickly. Yet, she was always as majestic and gorgeous right up to the end. Oh, to be like her as a teacher. She has left a legacy for a lifetime. Our elementary school designated an outdoor reading area and also left many books in her honor in the library which is also dedicated to her!
It was sad, joyful, and a wonderful way to remember her.
Then it was off to be spoiled by Grammy and Grampy.
Here's Jay on the way...looking all like LINUS!

Michael and big Jay went fishing-
brought home a keeper trout, so Jay could pet it...and he did...slime and all. He says, "ewww" as he is petting it! hahaha
Here's a spanish mackerel Michael caught...but not a keeper.

How bad am I for not taking any other pictures this past weekend??? Oh well, how do you photograph sitting around relaxing, reading mags, and chasing Jay???

Jay has a big big wheel. It doesn't quite fit him but he rides like the wind! Oh, and I goof on Mike. hehehehe

Then this past Wednesday, I got him a little big wheel at the flea market...what fun!
He is not as good on this one!

I messed around and pulled up some photos of the early 80's. Here's me!

I was using these with the latest layouts I made for the new digital designer I create and advertise can see all about it HERE!

Jay is busier than ever and you never know where you might find him...take for instance he got himself in the bathtub and was playing ball.

Then yesterday, it was haircut number three day. Click on this Photo Shop 7.0 I made his pic black and white with his blue eyes showing through. Neat little thing that Photo Shop!

Well, he had one haircut by me in between time. I did a pretty good job considering this past cut by the barber. It wasn't as good as the one he had with Tim the first time. Then again, the following pics may help you understand why....

He was not afraid of Tim, he just did not like the chair at all!!! Let's not even discuss the cape!!!
Three lollipops, a shirt COVERED IN HAIR, $10.00, and some tears later...

Today I have an appointment at school to discuss next years curriculum and room assignments. Then it is off to Ocala this weekend...where I WILL BE FISHING with my husband this weekend alone. LIKE A DATE!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!! heheheeh I must be a man's dream come true...excited about a date...for fishing!
I'm a little pensive...last fishing trip together, I drove our boat into the pilings of the bridge in the keys. $250.00 later in repairs. Well, I didn't actually drive the boat into the pilings, but that i show Michael likes to tell the story. I swear I was taking his orders, and then a current caught the side of the boat and so basically the current and the trolling motor full throttle forced us into the situation.

Scrapbooking 500 Pages in 2008