Friday, August 29, 2008

School Antics

First off...what a great day in America!!!!

Jacob and Jayda are settling into their new schools with ease! Jayda has four good friends. She made one the first day-who was on her soccer team, another the second, and then two more yesterday! She has joined Chorus and loves it! She says her music teacher is very funny and the class is so fun!

She leads me to believe that there are some interesting characters in her class. One girl we shall call Shaniqua(*all names changed to protect the innocent), was moved to sit across from Jayda. Shaniqua, as I am told, does not complete her homework. When asked by the teacher why her homework is not signed and her work is not complete, she replies that her mother doesn't check it. When asked why, she responds that her mama comes home from work and goes straight to bed. This same child never stops I am told. She obviously talks so much that she never stops to swallow and has a tendency to spit as she talks. Jayda took one square to the forehead! Said child asks Jayda how to spell Junie B. Jones, and Jayda replies she does not know. Dramatically the child responds..."How dare you leave me in my time of need...meanie!"{That just cracked me up!} Jayda shared with me that when the girl called her a meanie, she almost felt like crying. Jayda said that it hurt her feelings that said child thought she was a "meanie"! {We talked about how she is unable to control herself and that includes words. We found the humor in it and she felt better.} Jayda said the girl "has boobs out to here!" I said does she wear a bra? Jayda responded, yes, but I do not think it is working...they go gaboing gaboing when she runs." {Again I was laughing hysterically}This same child has had to "sign in" two times yesterday for inappropriate behavior. Jayda is a quiet child in school and tends every year to have the "problem children" beside her because she does not stir up any conflict. This happened to Jacob as well through elementary school.

Jayda's desk partner is *Zach. She tells me Zach loves Ranch dressing. "He puts it on everything, even his hotdog! Zach is really nice-he just loves ranch alot!"

Jacob made three friends on the 4th day of school! I had encouraged him to talk to people. He went three full days talking to no one!?! A boy asked him if he could sit by him at lunch. jacob said yes, and they struck up a conversation about video games, Mario Kart. He has three classes with this boy. Another boy, he sits by in computer class and they have struck up conversation. A third has two classes with him and they started talking on the way to class in the halls. Phew! I was so worried he would never come out of his shell and make friends! These boys are not so colorful as those in Jayda's class. Stay tuned for more antics!

Jay is walking all over the place. In a few short days, it is apparent today it is his favorite mode of transportation! Into everything, and happy as a lark at his new found freedom!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Walkie Talkie....

Almost. He was sitting in his high chair and being fed lunch, only to lean forward toward Cheerios and he worked his hand around crumpled up three fingers and a thumb and POINTED to let me know he wanted them...coupled with an "aaaah" sound. Now, that's what I call talking!

Now, let's get to the walking!

Jacob and Jayda are definitely what causes him to want to get up and go. He was walking all over the living room to each of them and playing with his toys today. He probably walked 6-8 times in the afternoon. Then, once Daddy was home and after we had eaten, Jay showed Daddy what a big boy he is becoming! It was so neat to watch Michael watch Jay reach this excellent milestone. I never imagined a baby of mine walking before a year old.....

Here's a little segment I was led to by Rachel on her blog! It will make you thankful for your life. Don't ever take anything for granted! The blessings are many, find yours today!

Blog ya later!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

in out in out in out in out in out

Drop off children at school, head back home, feed baby breakfast, back in the car to the allergist for Jay's recheck, back in the car and home to start my day. It is already noon when I get home. Just in time to make Jay his lunch. Then put him down for a nap. 1:30 I am back in the car to pick Jayda up, then as I am sitting in line she calls to tell me there is Chorus today. It started this week despite the tropical storm. No biggie...home again as we live a litle over a mile from school. That mile several times a day beats 25 miles one way to my school last year! Once back home I play with Jay. Picked her up at 3 pm and home again for 1/2 an hour, and then off to pick up Jacob and head to the grocery store for some groceries. However, Jay was put in and out of the car more than 12 times today! My poor back!

This evening Jay decided he was going to climb some boxes that had books in them. He pulled himself up on them and then stood up, Jacob exclaims, "MOM!" There Jay was king of the mountain! He will try and climb the dining room table if I let him one day. He must be watched like a hawk!!!

This afternoon, I caught Jay in his daily playfulness.

Da dunh da dunh da diddly dunh da dunh da dunh da da dunh da dunh da dunh da diddly dunh dunh dunh da na dunh....My Jay In The Box!

The child loooovvvees books and will sit quietly and look at them for great lengths of time. He's not real into sitting and listening to them...yet! As I read the pages, he turns the page and slams my fingers in the pages!

Jacob's homework has consumed two straight evenings. hmmmm, we have got to get that worked out. I am shocked at the busy work that he is given. He had to draw a scientist last night for homework...somehow he made a mistake and did too much detail, so the teacher made him do it again...What the ???????? Oh well......

Blog ya later!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Curiosity killed the cat....

It's a good thing he is not a cat!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Make that 5!

Teeth that is....his lower left lateral incisor broke through today. No wonder he has been wakeful, drooly, demanding, etc.
I finally had a rather happy child after his first nap this morning so I snapped some photos. He is such a mover that by the time the flash went off he was on his way! Here are the many faces of Jay Harvey!

Look close you can see his new tooth here!

We finally got to the grocery store today. It was a mad house as usual. I have food for the week so that is good. We were going to have my famous baby back ribs tonight but we ran out of time today so I will make them tomorrow when I have more time.

The sun'll come out tomorrow!

It is almost gone!!!

We have had a ton of rain! Over 20 inches in three days, have pummeled us!
Our A/C unit is having issues and the house is damp. UGH! I am sick of this weather already!

I found something quite interesting! It is a sight where you plunk in your name and they tell you how many people have your same name in the USA! It is called How many of me?
*There are 1 or fewer people in the U.S. that has my maiden name.
*There are 1,210 people with my married name in the USA.

It just goes to show you that 1,209 people want to be like me!!!!

Michael had some storm damage at his office and I had to run his drill to him this morning. Before I left, we were pummeled with another feeder band of the tropical storm! I had to turn around and go a different direction to the highway because of the flooding across streets! There are many homes with much damage!
Jacob took these pics as I drove!

Ok, the name of this street just about had me rolling on the floor with laughter!!!

Friday night I attended a scrapbook crop. In a nutshell, take your pics and albums and some stuff and work on your albums with other ladies doing the same. I had a project in mind but too many pics so I didn't accomplish much more than placing the pages in my new album I purchased. However, several ladies there thought my pages were, "over the top". Hmmm, ok...whatever. Different tastes I suppose...
They do "simple pages" and have a different style than I do. But I didn't criticize theirs....

daddy babysat and did a mighty fine job! When I got home, baby put his arms straight up in the air for me to pick him up and smiled at me!

The children are with their father this weekend. We were supposed to go to the inlaws, but the storm goofed up those plans. Not only that, Michael is signing a building tomorrow so that is the best reason of all!!!
School will be back underway Monday and life will get back to normal! Well, as normal as we get around here!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay Fay go away....and guess what baby did today!

And yet the rain and high winds still continue! Hurricane/Tropical Storm Fay seems to be here to stay!

This was last night!

And again today!

The children have had off from school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with a late start tomorrow morning by one hour. What a crazy way to start the first week of school. Unfortunately, our Thanksgiving vacation is all but nonexistent! Oh well, The upside:
*we still have electricity
*we still have food(although dwindling as I didn't want to get too much for fear it would go bad!)
*we are safe and dry

We were left yesterday with nothing to do but....NAP! Jacob, Jay, Mike and I all took long afternoon naps!

We then had dinner, homemade pizzas. Then, I of course had to make Mike's favorite dessert Blueberry cobbler! Yummy. Homemade too! Look at me gooooooo!

Baby Jay brushes his teeth and settles in for a bad night of sleep. Hmmm, power was out twice, we were up and down...and I kept Jay close because I had a fear of a high wind picking us up and taking us away.

It seems like some of the longest days ever! It just doesn't seem to be moving or letting up!
All I can say, it better get out of here soon! I have to go and see my in laws this weekend! Speaking of in'll have to go and see my latest layout!

Now onto some VERY EXCITING NEWS!!!

Baby Jay took his very first three steps today! It won't be long and he will be running! My baby growing so fast! I will do my best to get some photos of this shortly!

PS: It seems the only photos I get of the baby anymore has him in his highchair where he can't move...or sleeping....where he doesn't move!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jay meets Fay

Well, he doesn't much know anything different...other than everyone is in the house now for 24 hours....and it looks like more hours to come!
Some say until Friday....

As I type this, the rain squalls have begun to pummel us.
We still have power and cable. We have generator ready, batteries and flashlights, weather radio, candles, and lots of food.
It is a very tense and stressful time, not knowing what to expect.
Thank God we have one another. It is wonderful to have Michael here during these storms!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Here's a look into our morning as a monumental school year began. It is our very first year at "our" school and not the school I teach at. It was full of excitement...starting with breakfast this morning! jay was ready and rearing to go!

We started the morning with bacon and eggs!

Cheerios for jay!

We asked Jay how big he was....and he said SO BIG!!!!
7:45 am and out the door with child #1....
How cute is she in hannah montana?
Loaded down with school supplies!

It was so funny. Jayda was nervous talking on the way to school. She saw some palm trees and said, Look how nice those trees look! They did nice landscaping. I wonder if it is going to be a nice day. On and on and on! Then we pulled up to the school and it was a madhouse! Cars were everywhere and was Jayda going to be late on the first day????????? UGH! She was a bit late but so were a lot of other children! Her teacher was sweet to her about it!

Talked to Mike...could you take Jake to school??? Traffic is crazy...Call him back, no I can make it, I have to take pics of him on his first day.

But I made him cry! He forgot to brush his teeth, and then we were on the way to school and he forgot his schedule so we had to go home. Then he couldn't find it...but it was right on the table all by itself! I told him he needed to be more responsible...and he started to cry! I made him cry on his first day! UGH!!! back peddle! Poor guy, he was feeling more stress than I was about being late for his first day! Ok, deep breath, relax, it's going to be fine! Can you tell he was tearing up before this picture? I forget sometimes he is a sensitive soul!
He took a picture of Jay...this is how he handled the whole morning...
I was able to capture the perfect moment as he was walking away. You could feel his insecurities as he stepped out, with no idea where he was going....supposedly they told him right where to go!
The day seemed to fly by! I almost missed the time to go and get Jayda! I have to leave at this time everyday to get her!

Again, another nightmare at the school!

We are patient!
She kept saying, "don't take my picture, I am sweating!" "It is so muggy!"
She made one friend...well, she already knew her. She played on her soccer team. Hopefully, she makes another friend tomorrow!

Time to go and get Jacob!!!

Oh no, here come the outer bands of Hurricane Fay!
And we wait in line!

Finally, there's Jacob...he was waiting for us, and wouldn't look at camera...but he entertained me at least!

His first day as a Middle Schooler!
Home for lots of snacks, he was starving!
I have a roast in the crockpot and bake potatoes are baking! Dinner will be shortly.

Michael is out in the garage getting the generator set up and preparing for Hurricane. It's been so long since we have had to do that....ugh! Too many ugly memories in Hurricane Prep! I survived them all and was alone. That was hard! Prep one weekend, Next weekend have hurricane, following weekend was cleanup! Never stopped for 5 hurricanes in a row!

Just got word, no school Tuesday and Wednesday. So weird!

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