Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay Fay go away....and guess what baby did today!

And yet the rain and high winds still continue! Hurricane/Tropical Storm Fay seems to be here to stay!

This was last night!

And again today!

The children have had off from school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with a late start tomorrow morning by one hour. What a crazy way to start the first week of school. Unfortunately, our Thanksgiving vacation is all but nonexistent! Oh well, The upside:
*we still have electricity
*we still have food(although dwindling as I didn't want to get too much for fear it would go bad!)
*we are safe and dry

We were left yesterday with nothing to do but....NAP! Jacob, Jay, Mike and I all took long afternoon naps!

We then had dinner, homemade pizzas. Then, I of course had to make Mike's favorite dessert Blueberry cobbler! Yummy. Homemade too! Look at me gooooooo!

Baby Jay brushes his teeth and settles in for a bad night of sleep. Hmmm, power was out twice, we were up and down...and I kept Jay close because I had a fear of a high wind picking us up and taking us away.

It seems like some of the longest days ever! It just doesn't seem to be moving or letting up!
All I can say, it better get out of here soon! I have to go and see my in laws this weekend! Speaking of in'll have to go and see my latest layout!

Now onto some VERY EXCITING NEWS!!!

Baby Jay took his very first three steps today! It won't be long and he will be running! My baby growing so fast! I will do my best to get some photos of this shortly!

PS: It seems the only photos I get of the baby anymore has him in his highchair where he can't move...or sleeping....where he doesn't move!


Rachel said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about the Thanksgiving break! But, like you said, you're all home and safe, and that's comforting and what really matters!

And one last thing, that baby of yours, he's so darn cute!

rairie said...

guick check of your blog from Caesars Palace. Just had to keep up. Love to all. Mommy dearest

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