Friday, August 8, 2008

It's finally Friday!

I know it has been awhile. I am is just around the corner, will I have more time once the children are in school???
Speaking of school...
Here's my baby all ready for middle school.

It was such a weird feeling dropping him off for middle school! He was so excited the night before, asking questions and wondering what it would be like. He went to bed early and he even set his alarm clock. We had to leave at 7:45 am. (I giggled when he got his alarm...the boy is up everyday just before 6:00am since he was born!!!)
In the morning, he was still asking questions and wondering what it would be like. We got in the car and I asked if he had brushed his teeth. He said, no and that no one would care! I said, I care get back in there and do it. It was precisely at this moment that I became the village idiot. The whole ride there he was suddenly all "middle school" on me.
I am sure he was nervous. When we pulled into the lot, there were all sorts of 8th graders directing traffic, welcoming the childre, and waving. He would not make eye contact and stared straight ahead.
Pulled up to the curb, he got out, and I yelled out the window, I love you baby boy. Hahaha No I didnt he would have absolutely come unglued if I did that! hahaha
He didn't look back...just headed on his way. My heart flip flopped and memories of years gone by flooded my mind as I drove the 1.6 miles home! Woo hoo!!!!! No longer are we making a huge commute!
When I went to pick him up, he got in and I started the massive questions of which he was wonderful to answer. But he said, it wasn't that great and he knew absolutelyno one there. No one from baseball or anything. He was kind of bummed. Especially becuase there was only one other boy in there group the rest were girls and he said the boy didn't talk that much to him.
He will do great. Although he is panicing a little because they didn't get their schedules as promised. I am sure he will be fine. I think...I hope...the unknown.....

Today we went and picked up Jayda from her friends house. She had so much fun with Alex! Although, she needed an attitude adjustment when she returned. UGH! I managed just fine with her this afternoon. She was made to clean her room. The thing has been screaming, CLEAN ME CLEAN ME! I am not sure if it was a creature in there yelling or the room....regardless, she is about 1/3 of the way through and that was 2 hours of work. But she works slow. All her clothes are cleaned out, organized, hung in the closet, and replaced in the drawers. This way we know what she needs and doesn't. Plus, we have a plethora of junk for the yard sale.
Her father called this afternoon and i could hear him over the phone yelling at Jayda. It appears when Jayda has dirty or clean clothes, she throws them in the back of her closet, under her bed, or behind her bed. {I have no idea where she got that trait from... } He was reaming her out!!!
Meanwhile, Jacob asked if he could iron his clothes and hang them in his closet. Let me think about it...YES!!!!!!!!! So he spent over an hour ironing!!!! Woo hoo! He is growing up!
Here was Jay after his bath last night. His elbow is healing but it is really really itchy now.

Here is something I got in the mail yesterday from a sweet lady named Harley. I met her on all moments remembered message boards, a scrapbooking website. I was telling them I was so afraid one of these days I was going to drop a needle on the floor and Jay would find it. She emailed me and said, DON"T BUY ONE!!!!
This arrived in the mail!

I have been stitching alot on my scrapbook pages lately.
Take for instance this lovely thing I made yesterday!

I used an old record cover I found at a thrift store Wednesday.
I am so loving the extraordinary in my scrapbooks these days!
If you haven't been to my scrapbooking blog lately, please head on over and feast your eyes on my scrapping goodies!
My mom and dad are having dinner with my aunt and uncle tonight. Their niece and nephew-in-law brought their little baby, Jack, home for a visit. Here he is...

Its almost a month only til my parents return to Florida and I can't wait!
Check out her blog! I am loving her latest post....she is getting this blogging thing!
Blog ya later...Jay is giving daddy the fits and we are entering the I want mom all the time...or I will scream. What mom you are leaving the room???? WWWWAAAAAAAHHHHH!

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