Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

The groundhog did not see it's shadow here in Florida...does that mean Springs around the corner??? I am ready!

In August of 2007 we were there...it is a real place and it is beautiful in the summer time!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday Jacob!!!

It's official! My oldest has turned 13 years old! I shared photos of him as a baby on up through the ages in a birthday post last year! Go HERE to see the baby that is now a TEENAGER! You'll hopefully enjoy this post as much as I did! There are some great pictures of the children and great grandpa!
I took some photos of Jacob yesterday in a photo shoot outside before his birthday party!
Here they are straight out of the camera!

At 1:30ish, Jacob's friends arrived at the house. We piled in the Tahoe and headed out to the bowling alley. I got a great glimpse into the world of 7th graders! ACK! They were repeating lines from the Office and giggling the whole way there!
Once we arrived at the alley, we bowled for two hours! The boys had a ball. Jayda and Mike and Jay joined us shortly after we began. She had gone to a girl scouting event earlier in the day!

The bowling was a great success and the boys wholeheartedly agreed that this was way better than video games any day! They get so caught up in video games they do not think that much else matters! UGH! A source of contention in our house. Jacob wanted to use the money he has been saving to buy a Play Station 3. He has a wii, xbox, and nintendo 64. I had to be the "mean" mom and put my foot down about that one! He settled for buying himself the latest video game for the wii and is surprisingly happy!
After we finished bowling, we headed over to CiCi's pizza for all you can eat pizza...isn't this ever 13 year olds dream come true??? hahaha Jacob loves the joint and so did his friends!
Then it was back to the house! The boys played outside for about an hour...working off all that pizza they had eaten. It was a lot of fun for all of the boys! Then off course, it was in to play some video games!

Don't forget about the ice cream cake. Unfortunately, the icing made the ice cream melt more than usual...it didn't look as pretty as it usually comes out...but it was delish!!!
Michael gave jay icecream last night, he only broke out a little from it and told me, "I yuv iceceam!".

I missed him blowing out candles, but this was just after he blew!

Overall, it was one very fun day! Just before bed, Jacob came into my room and said, "Mom, thanks this was a really fun day!" I totally have to agree and look forward to many more wonderful birthdays. Next birthday up in the immediate family is Jayda...as she informed me this morning. 5 months and counting! hahaha

Friday, January 22, 2010

ABC's of Me!

This has been moving about the blog world and I wanted to add my little part! Copy and fill in the ABC's of you and then link me back so I can read about you!

ABC’s of me

A – Age: Let's just say it is fall in my world.

B – Bed size: Queen who is desperately in need of a King!

C – Chore you hate: Housework, cooking, cleaning up, bathrooms, laundry...

D – Dog’s name: Jay Harvey...oh wait he is a boy.

E – Essential “start your day” item: Caramel Macchiatto.

F – Favorite color: Robin's Egg blue

G – Gold or Silver: Silver.

H – Height: 5′9″ish

I – Instruments you play(ed): Flute in past and most recently gazoo today! Jay loved it!

J – Job title: 1st grade teacher is first job of the day, 2nd job mother/wife. Both highly underpaid

K – Kid(s):3...my fav number

M – Mum’s name: Um, I call her “Mother and Mom.”

N – Nicknames: In childhood, Jessabellybutton. In grown-up-hood, JessyMessy or messyjessy.

O – Overnight hospital stay other than childbirth: broken leg, appendectomy, a surgery I shoould have been hospitalized and drugged heavily is the most recent hernia repair...who's idea was it to have outpatient surgery??? :o)

P – Pet Peeve: Lack of intelligence, or commonsense for that matter. People who throw up their problems on your shoes. Anything that smells bad. Rude people. Dumb people. People who cut line...didn't they go to Kindergarten???????????? Oh wait, they are the ones who did it even back then!

Q – Quote from a movie: I wish I could remember one.

R – Right- or left-handed: Right, because I am.

S – Siblings: Yes, but it doesn’t matter ‘cuz my mom loves ME best.

T – Time you wake up: 2 am, 4 am at 5 am then finally give in and get up! I guess when you go to bed at 730 or 8 pm this is bound to happen.

U- Underwear: Underwhere? Of course I wear underwear.

V – Vegetable you dislike: tomatoes or is that a fruit?

W – Ways you drink your coffee: hot, sweet and fulfilling...like me!

X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, leg, chest, ankles, other leg

Y – Yummy food you make: monkey bread

Z – Zoo favorite : dolphins

Now it’s your turn. Post the ABC of YOU in comments, or link us to your blog. C’mon, you know you want to!

Monday, January 4, 2010

It was a cold cold cold morning! Up at 5:45 am and hot showered...to bring my body temperature up to something above 65*...and then out the door. I could act like I hated being up so early...but the caramel macchiato and blueberry scone were way worth it!!! hehehehe

School went well and the children were well behaved. {Made for a wonderful day back at the grind!}

Dinner at my mothers house...perfect ending to a long day!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It sure is winter! Brrr....it is going to be colder tonight! Did you happen to notice the Blue Moon on the 31st? I managed to get a glimpse of the moon rising last night and I was floored! Our world is so beautiful.

Heard from Michael early this morning. He said it is so cold in Illinois that he can barely breathe outside. I do not miss the cold!

Today, I got dressed and Jay dressed and headed out to the car...but he wouldn't get in his car seat. Marched him right back in, set him in time out, and we did not go anywhere all afternoon.

Totally different story when we went to my mothers for dinner! He was all about getting in the seat! Then iot was the normal hijinx while there!

Not to worry though, he has not turned over a new leaf...
*within the half hour he was standing on the dining room table playing with the chandelier crystals. {I know, where was I? ~~~ About 10 feet away.}
*it was then on to the big wheel and putting in on the coffee table and trying to climb up on it.{Where was I? ~~~ About 3 feet away.}
*he had pulled out about 40 tissues from the tissue box...just kept pulling and holding them in one hand. {I knew it was too quiet and peeked around the corner.}
*he goes in the bathroom and does one of several things depending on his level of ingenuity{I call it naughtiness.}: gets in the bathtub and tries to play with the bath toys{occasionally reaches to try and turn on water.}, undresses and tries to get on potty, or will stand and proceed to unravel the toilet paper as quick as possible by hand{because he knows I hear that and come running and it is his goal to get through as much as possible in as short amount of time as possible.}.
*pulls dining room chair to window, stands on it, and tries to slide lock over.

Let's just say he knows where the time out area is and knows the tone that causes him to flee and sit there. Depending on what he feels the level of my anger is he will do one of the following:
*Sit eyes wide open and quiet{usually when he has done something where he has hurt himself.}
*Wail and cry.
*Sneak away the second I turn my back.
*Find some game in his world to play.

If I had to describe him in one word...it would be BUSY!
If I had to describe me in one word...it would be EXHAUSTED!
But look how cute he is!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

December 31st- Jay was potty trained until about 8 pm. Used the heck out of the potty, made it every time except once! Then grew weary of it.
Today, January 1st...not so much. Could be for the best...I am solo this weekend as Mike has had to travel north to pay his final respects for his grandfather.

This afternoon, Jay and I are spending with my mother. Then out to dinner together!
Jay and I have gotten closer over the last two days! I am still not back to being better yet from my hernia surgery three weeks ago. It pains me to sit here at my computer this very instant!
Yet, I digress from my woes!

This year is a year all about love for me! Myself. My Family. My Friends. My Students. ETC.

Afterall, we all need a little more love!

Speaking of...Resolutions. So what are yours???
Have you set out to make some new ones?

Here are a few of mine:
1. Love more.
2. Create more.
3. Blog daily.
4. Clean more.
5. De-clutter.
6. Leave stories behind.
7. Create moments/stories/memories.
8. Fish more/Catch more fish!
9. Heal to the point where I can begin to exercise.
10. Be Health conscious! Celebrate the fact that my surgery cured my indigestion...I hope or it is back to Dr. Brawnstein for gall bladder surgery. I am not so sure I am ready for another of those! But, if I must...there is no better surgeon out there!
11. Remember others in little ways! Paying it forward.

Well, I must go and try and find something warm to wear that wont hurt my incision. I need to get out and beat the blustery day doldrums!
Til then...

A sad day for us!

However, the angels sing.

Lloyd E."Red" Hall


December 30, 2009

Lloyd E. "Red" Hall, 95, of Danville, passed away on Dec. 30, 2009, at the VA Illiana Health Care System in Danville.
He was born March 18, 1914, in Georgetown, the son of Stanley A. and Ruth Grace (Clark) Hall.
Lloyd married Laura Jean-ette Myers on Nov. 5, 1938, in Danville. She preceded him in death on June 6, 2002.
He is survived by his son, Charles C. (Kim) Hall of Danville; his daughter, Peggy (Jay) Carter of Ocala, Fla.; one sister, Annabelle Walker of Indianapolis; five grandchildren, Michael J. (Jessica) Carter of Deltona, Fla., Jayne Ann Carter of Ocala, Fla., Rachel C. (Dustin Howes) Hall of Baton Rouge, La.; Sarah C. (Christopher Harpst) Hall of Champaign, Ill., Daniel C. Hall of Chapel Hill, N.C.; and three great-grandchildren, Jay H. Carter, Jacob and Jayda Fantauzzi, all of Deltona, Fla. Lloyd was preceded in death by his parents, wife and two brothers, Stan and Harold Hall.
Lloyd served in the United States Navy during World War II. When he returned he started working at the Danville Post Office. He retired from the Post Office in January 1972 with the title of assistant postmaster.
After retirement, Lloyd and his wife spent the next 25 years traveling.
Lloyd enjoyed spending his winters with his wife at Llano Grande Lake Park in Mercedes, Texas.
He was an avid St. Louis Cardinals and Illini fan. Lloyd enjoyed golfing and loved following his grandchildren in their many sports and other
He was a member of Olive Branch Masonic Lodge 38 in Danville, the Ansar Shrine, York Rites, and a 33rd degree Mason with the Valley of Danville Scottish Rite. Lloyd also was a member of the Elks, Boy Scouts, NARFE, United Commercial Travelers and St. James United Methodist Church of Danville.
A private family service will be held for Lloyd Hall at Sunset Funeral Home in Danville. Burial will take place beside his wife at Spring Hill Cemetery in Danville.
Memorial donations may be made in Lloyd�s name to the St. James United Methodist Church.
Email condolences can be sent to the family at: www.sunsetfuneralhome.com.

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Lloyd E. "Red" Hall

I feel so blessed to have known Grandpa Red!
You can read some about him here:
Grandpa and Jay
and some more here:
Danville Trip

He will be missed but never forgotten! His memory will live on through the stories we tell.

Scrapbooking 500 Pages in 2008