Saturday, January 2, 2010


It sure is winter! is going to be colder tonight! Did you happen to notice the Blue Moon on the 31st? I managed to get a glimpse of the moon rising last night and I was floored! Our world is so beautiful.

Heard from Michael early this morning. He said it is so cold in Illinois that he can barely breathe outside. I do not miss the cold!

Today, I got dressed and Jay dressed and headed out to the car...but he wouldn't get in his car seat. Marched him right back in, set him in time out, and we did not go anywhere all afternoon.

Totally different story when we went to my mothers for dinner! He was all about getting in the seat! Then iot was the normal hijinx while there!

Not to worry though, he has not turned over a new leaf...
*within the half hour he was standing on the dining room table playing with the chandelier crystals. {I know, where was I? ~~~ About 10 feet away.}
*it was then on to the big wheel and putting in on the coffee table and trying to climb up on it.{Where was I? ~~~ About 3 feet away.}
*he had pulled out about 40 tissues from the tissue box...just kept pulling and holding them in one hand. {I knew it was too quiet and peeked around the corner.}
*he goes in the bathroom and does one of several things depending on his level of ingenuity{I call it naughtiness.}: gets in the bathtub and tries to play with the bath toys{occasionally reaches to try and turn on water.}, undresses and tries to get on potty, or will stand and proceed to unravel the toilet paper as quick as possible by hand{because he knows I hear that and come running and it is his goal to get through as much as possible in as short amount of time as possible.}.
*pulls dining room chair to window, stands on it, and tries to slide lock over.

Let's just say he knows where the time out area is and knows the tone that causes him to flee and sit there. Depending on what he feels the level of my anger is he will do one of the following:
*Sit eyes wide open and quiet{usually when he has done something where he has hurt himself.}
*Wail and cry.
*Sneak away the second I turn my back.
*Find some game in his world to play.

If I had to describe him in one would be BUSY!
If I had to describe me in one would be EXHAUSTED!
But look how cute he is!


Anonymous said...

Wow.....its soooo good to be back to read about my baby!! Love, Mom

rairie said...

I love the sleep one. Could it be that I know how it is when he is awake and sleep seems easier!


dinda khaira said...

cuteeeeee af!!!!!!!

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