Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gall Bladder Flush

A friend came to my aid on Facebook about the Gall Bladder. She informed me that her chiropractor suggested she do a gall bladder and liver cleanse. She sent me the how tos and I went from there, desperate!

The more I researched, the more I realized it worked...

I created a JogtheWeb sight to put the information all in one spot! You can find it here!

This way if you could care less about your gall bladder or liver;

Really? Who are you anyway?

...than you need not be subject to the ghastly detail!

Gall Bladder Gitmo

Ok, so yeah....LOTS has happened since then. Take facebook for instance! Who has time to blog when you could be facebooking? Or, say you have just decided to host an angry birds water balloon fight?

Anyway, so fast forward to today~this day~a day for sonograms on gall bladders!
I have been dealing with this issue for over a year. Frankly, I am sick of it and eating like I am a weirdo from planet weirdness.

Yes, it is a place.
How do I know?
I have been there for the past year!

I have always felt like a "weirdo from planet weirdness" since I was a child. I was diagnosed in the 6th grade with allergies to food~wheat, dairy products, chocolate(yes, I said chocolate), corn, and dogs and other things I can not remember. I had external eczema as a result which was annoying, painful, and embarrassing for as long as I could remember it. However, as I grew up the external went away...but I suppose the inside continued to "deal" with these allergens as I was not real good about avoiding them. At 18, I had my appendix removed in an emergency surgery. Now, I deal with the "gall bladderish" issues. Luckily, today found out blood work came back normal for issues in that area. So, I remain hopeful that the issue will clear itself up and I will not need surgery. I am telling you I have tried EVERYTHING...right down to a royal flush!!! However, that's another post altogether, and one I fully intend to write.

I eat plenty of weird things and I love beets...yeah, I said beets~what's it to ya???

Lately, anytime I find a different recipe tht sounds healthy and make my life with food more interesting, I like to try it. Well, I should say now that I am staring down the barrel of a shotgun named "gallbladder surgery" I am even more willing to try it!

Take for instance this delicious sounding recipe from a blog called Raw Lawyer . Considering 75% of my diet should be raw, I am thinking I am going to like her blog!

"Chia Chocolate Pudding for the Exhausted

* 1 cup vanilla almond milk
* 1 scoop Sun Warrior Chocolate Protein Powder
* 3-4 tablespoons of (white is my preference) Chia seeds

Put in small container with lid. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes so Chia seeds can expand. Shake container every now and then to prevent clumpy-ness. Eat while lying in bed with good book.

Chia is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, fibre and is an antioxidant."

Thank you very much Raw Lawyer...I will be trying that one tomorrow.

You see in my search for being more aware of what I am eating, I find myself realizing I just might be one of those kind of people that are more sensitive to food. It's a life sentence because "food is my friend". I love it...all of it. Okay, maybe not liver and certainly not mutton! I miss wine the most.

I began the stages of loss and grief for the "foods" I can no longer eat already. I am dealing with it, and realizing I am not lucky like the woman who shared her gall bladder was loaded with stones and she had no problems. WHACK!!!! Yeah, that was me slapping her! Acting like, "what's the big deal" towards me.

"Michael, go out back and heat up that poker and let's jam it through her back just under the scapula and give her a little taste of what gall bladder attacks feel like. Make sure and laugh at her as she desperately tries to belch to make herself feel better!!! No, honey do not give her TUMS; TUMS WON'T make it feel better!!!"

Ok, yeah, so maybe I am in the Anger stage of dealing with this loss!

I digress,

And please pass the Olive Oil and Grapefruit juice.

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