Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Ok, so here's the story.
My parents 33 anniversary was yesterday. Exactly a week after mine!
Well, the day comes and goes and it had slipped my I had thought about it a hundred times this past week...but the day of...drew a blank!
So, it is Friday evening and I am working on this weeks challenge layout.

I finish and I am thinking of the date of their anniversary and the light bulb goes on!
I stood straight up out of my seat and bellowed...OH MY GOSH!!!!
I totally forgot my parents anniversary!
I looked at the clock 1030 pm YIKES!!!
I was sick to my I felt like vomiting!
I knew they had gone to the dance at their clubhouse. But was it an early or late dance? UGH couldn't rem. Called their one home.
Called moms cell. No one answers. Were they mad at me and not answering????????
So I took my page and the card I made and I headed out to their house...its 11 pm by now. They live 5 minutes from us....but decide to drive up by the clubhouse as I recalled it was a later dance and was just about over. I knew my mother was in charge of clean up after the dance on her committee. So I walk in my mom had her back to me and I just hug her and told her I am sorry I forgot her anniversary and then this made me cry...and then she cried. Then I showed her the page and the card and told them the story and they laughed! I made it in the 11th hour! They were so happy to see me and told me I made their day....can you believe the other three children did not even rem it? So I am still the favorite child. hahahahah

I can't believe I almost forgot it! Then again, I had to pick Marc up from the airport on Thursday night. (It's kind of my part time job! He pays 100.00 for the trip there and back!) His flight was due in at 9:00 pm thursday night. Due to complications with the airplane their flight was delayed and then they didn't get on another plane until 10:45...putting them in Orlando after 2 am...I believe he was in the car by 2:30 am and I was home at 3:30 am. I slept till 1130am and my day was lost....

Jacob had a baseball game last evening and they lost. Unfortunately there was a huge conflict between coaches and parents last night. It got ugly. Which is why we always sit far away from the team parents and do not associate with them. Bummer for the kids sake.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mmmmm...smells so good!

Do you love candles???
I absolutely adore them!
Unfortunately, this weekend they are getting used more than usual...Jay has been sick and well...let's just say his diapers can bring tears to your eyes!

What wonderful luck for part of my responsibilities as a Buzz Agent, I received a wonderful new candle in the mail from The Fragrance Collection by Glade.
Can you smell it????

This candle is a soy based candle called currants and acai. I love the rich color of the candle and the smell is so nice. It is not a normal flavor I would have chosen for my house, but I truly do enjoy it! The smells of these particular candles are EXTREMELY fresh! My favorite may just well be the lotus bamboo flavor! So fresh and springy!

You can find these delightful candles in a variety of stores. I found mine in the local walmart! They are a high quality candle for a very good price. These are candles I feel safe using in my home. Not to mention, they really freshen the air....and goodness knows with Jay around...we sure do need it! :o)

What is a Buzz Agent? I receive products in the mail that I must try and then tell you all about! I suppose you could say I "buzz" about it! I have been part of this program for a few months now and I am truly enjoying the benefits of all that it has to offer. Plus, it keeps me in the loop of the newest and coolest products out on the market today!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Jay is a very busy boy. He LOVES big trucks and heavy construction seriously loves! Then again, he is all boy. Just this morning he has fallen on his head two times already this morning! LOL It's ok, he was not hurt!
He is beginning to repeat everything we say! His favorite toys are his golf clubs, bats, wiffle balls, cars, and his new stick horse....except he hits the football with it. Maybe he will play polo. Hahahaha
Here are a few shots from yesterday. Today we are hunting leprechauns.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Bi-Ri" = Bike Ride

My mother showed up yesterday afternoon with a box. Jay saw it and immediately began to vroom. His daddy spent a lot of time and put it together. Jay waited patiently for him to finish....oh he didn't!
He kept picking up the pieces and walking away, kept picking up the hammer and its a wonder no one was impaled, and he kept taking parts and wheeling them away!!!

He always has to run around and see what I see through the view finder....

Yes, you know my mother is a seed beader...and my cousin Amy is an accomplished beader who sells her wares out of a shoe box to friends, family members, coworkers, sisters, sister's coworkers, special orders for weddings....welll you get the idea. She hasn't sold her stuff on yet. She is missing out on a huge group of people who would love her stuff!!!
Anyway, it's official...I am now a beader. No where near my families talent....but I have created one very nice piece so far...which I gave to my mom. You can see it below. My mother and I went to the bead show this weekend and these are the fun things I found. I just need sterling silver findings and head pins and I am set! Thanks mom for the bead magazines and tools! I am inhaling the magazines daily!

Here's my first piece!

Farme's/Flea market was this morning! It was so packed you could hardly walk! I got some vintage lace, stamps and sterling silver bracelet just ready to be recreated into a beautiful bracelet! Oh, yeah and some grapes...jay's favorite!
Second to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches....they get an "mmmm" the whole way through!
Hope you are all well!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

These feet are made for walking!

16 months old.
He said his first sentence yesterday...well as far as sentences go for a 16 month old...
"Jacob bug." He wanted to show Jacob the bugs he found.
He also said. "Hi Jacob."
He likes Jacob alot and likes to play crazy with Jayda.

Very very busy around here...girl scouts... baseball...JAAAAYYYYYY. hahaha

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