Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mmmmm...smells so good!

Do you love candles???
I absolutely adore them!
Unfortunately, this weekend they are getting used more than usual...Jay has been sick and well...let's just say his diapers can bring tears to your eyes!

What wonderful luck for part of my responsibilities as a Buzz Agent, I received a wonderful new candle in the mail from The Fragrance Collection by Glade.
Can you smell it????

This candle is a soy based candle called currants and acai. I love the rich color of the candle and the smell is so nice. It is not a normal flavor I would have chosen for my house, but I truly do enjoy it! The smells of these particular candles are EXTREMELY fresh! My favorite may just well be the lotus bamboo flavor! So fresh and springy!

You can find these delightful candles in a variety of stores. I found mine in the local walmart! They are a high quality candle for a very good price. These are candles I feel safe using in my home. Not to mention, they really freshen the air....and goodness knows with Jay around...we sure do need it! :o)

What is a Buzz Agent? I receive products in the mail that I must try and then tell you all about! I suppose you could say I "buzz" about it! I have been part of this program for a few months now and I am truly enjoying the benefits of all that it has to offer. Plus, it keeps me in the loop of the newest and coolest products out on the market today!

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rairie said...

Great resentation. I do not use candles like I should. I love them and forget to light them for the joy and ambience of them...usually just to mask cabbage or some such Jay was emitting...hugs

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