Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fleas, a purse, a ticket, and some bad singing!

Mommom celebrate's her birthday week...LOL. My mother's birthday is the 23rd. She has been having a ball this week! Monday was shopping with my dad. Tuesday was dinner at my house, baseball game and cake here after!
Oh it was a beaut of a party!

Jay loved singing and gave us a little song...

Wednesday started early for her by going out to the flea/farmers market where she traded in her old cart for a new one! He was asking 17 but would take a trade and charged 12 dollars. It was her mother in laws cart from ages ago...and rickety...and the end of the cart sharp...I always feared should she stop short and I ram the cart....I would surely need a tetanus shot from all the rust! Now she is the proud owner of a shiny new cart!
Tonight she is headed out to dinner with friends of theirs. Thursday...her true birthday, she is having dinner out with my dad.
I like how she celebrates...a full week!

This afternoon Jay scraped his face somehow and on something which I have no clue. He did not do the "OW OW OW OW OW OW" that he has come to know and love for ANY bump! So I can not tell from where this came I write now, it is a very faint scratch and barely noticeable. Thanks to the aquaphor which immediately begins to heal your skin. Love that stuff!!!

Had a ball at the flea market and it was one of the most delightful days there so far! Full of garage saley vintagey things(rather than antique dealers asking an arm and a leg!) that was pure delight to the eyes!
I had to have a few things!
fringey stuff...

a new um OLD purse...

this was the most funnest, awesomest thing I dug out of a table of boxes...amongst the other things listed below!!! It is an old sewing cleaned up purse!!!

a dictionary from 1930!

vintage scarves! I am thinking new short hair do with big round sunglasses...oh yeah baby!

OK, life is just way to busy and fun right now.
Well, you know...there are things that are definitely not so fun going on...
*like having to file paperwork with the courts in regards to modifying child support.
*like having to do some major spring cleaning and hating it.
*like having to be here or be there.
*like having to run out to the court house for the third day in a row.
*like having a dentist appointment.
*like missing out on having dinner with my teacher friends Monday night because I had to take Jacob to practice and Michael worked all day.
*like getting a speeding ticket.

Everyone has things like this they have to deal with....
But how lucky am I???
*I get to be with Jay and see him grow and change every day!
*I am able to help out with Jayda's class and be part of both her and Jacob's education!
* I get to celebrate a dear dear dear friend of mine's upcoming wedding at a bachelorette party in May! She is 59 I think and marrying a wonderful man! daddy's babysitting!
*I have an amazingly, wonderful, supportive husband who I expect to be perfect 100 % of the time...and well...he's near close!
*My dentist appointment went smoothly! She said Everything looks great! No cavities! That's always an exciting thing to hear for me! hahahaha See a post somewhere in the past when I ranted about how I dreaded the dentist as a child!!(Who happened to have an office just over the candy store!?! WTH???)
* I get to go on the St. Augustine field trip as a chaperone for my daughter and to Sea World as a chaperone for my son!!
*The weather is in the 80's and staying that way all week here!
*We are going out in the boat this weekend and taking a friend of Jayda's.
*Jacob is old enough to mow the lawn and Jayda is old enough to do the laundry!
*I have the sweetest in laws!
*I have the best parents!
*I love my family!
and on and on and on and on and on....
WHAT??????? You are wondering why I glazed over the part about a speeding ticket huh????
Yeah, you heard me. A speeding ticket. I haven't had a speeding ticket since 1993. I was coming back from beach and it went from 50 mph to a 35 mph and I wasn't familiar with that part of town. However, this time, I was driving 37 miles per hour and got a speeding ticket! It was a 30 mph zone...where up ahead they would be doing construction...oops! It could have been a 391.00 fine but he let me off the hook for only 151.00. Hmmmm, thanks??

Anyways, it feels good to let you all know I got a speeding ticket. I am not so mortified or embarrassed by it now...the truth really does set you free. haha

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Paradise found...

Just another day in paradise.
My parents have truly found a paradise within paradise!
This is at their pool today. I can not get over the amenities and fun activities they have planned for my parents at their new community.
The people are all friendly...for the most part(there's those really swanky ones who are kind of rude.) I even saw one of the only single women in the community prancing around flirting her way around in and amongst the married men with the occasional hello to their wives! hehehehe Hey, it's just how I see it...after all! hahahaha
She had to stop and call dad, sexy legs! Seriously!!!!
Oh, that's one of their community wide activities...they had a sexy legs contest out by the pool...and dad won!!!!
Yeah, they are fitting in just right. Oh, and Mother has a nickname too by the way! But I do not think it is my place to say it.
Ok, you twisted my arm, but I won't tell!
Now see, don't you wish you could be part of all this????

Last night we had dinner at my folks house. It was delicious! Spaghetti and meatballs. Then we went for a walk. Jay was a wild man last night, just being so silly! We got around the corner and mother told him to sit down and watch the birds. Needless to say, he came up with ants biting him on his wrist and his calf and he is saying "ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch". We stripped him naked to make sure no more had crawled up his pants.
Note to selves, don't make children sit down on the ground in florida!

Also, it appears that I made quite a fool of myself on the easter video...
I am so laughing at that thing please enjoy it once again and please count how many times I say "pick up the eggs, get your basket...etc" and you win a prize for the correct amount.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Up and at 'em!

Okay, every night...I lay down in bed and think to myself as I reflect on my day...why didn't I exercise??? I then hash out a plan in my head that includes an exercise routine that will make me feel good about myself and also keep me healthy!
It includes lots of water prior to and then at least an hour of activity.
I feel good about the plan and then say my prayers and go to sleep...if I haven't turned on the tv before going to sleep...cause then if I do that I watch some mindless tv program and then fall asleep.

Well, this morning I was up and at 'em early(but not too early, that's Michael's job-hehehe).
Jay was in full swing and took me directly to the door and said, "outside". I said OK. He looked at me in disbelief at first and then I said come on let's get your shoes on. He turned around and let out the blood curdling squeals he has perfected and proceeded to run around the house.
We get outside and wander around and look at flowers and listen to birds and walk around back and look at the red and gray bugs that swarm around yet cause no harm. (Kind of like love bugs.)

I then get the shed open and get out the jog stroller and we are off for a mile and a half jaunt. I feel fabulous upon returning home and Jay is content with the activity and wants a snack. I grab some water and proceed to do some sit ups and push ups-okay...I could only do three. hahahah But that is three more than I did yesterday! I have a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of water.

Life is good.

Then, there it is...Easter candy and lots of it. I tell myself no and head out to talk to Mike who was working in the driveway putting the bike rack on the Tahoe to take the Treks in for service. We chat and then I come back in. There it was again...the candy. Hmmm, I tell myself a jelly bean or two wont hurt. Plus, I exercised today! So three jelly beans later and three chocolate eggs stomach hurts!

Hmmm, who knew....and just yesterday I told my mother..."who gets sick eating candy? They surely must be lightweights!"

Speaking of yesterday...we went to my folks pool at their community to swim and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather! There was a musician there singing islandy music and some old favorites. It was awesome and relaxing. We then made our way over to my parents house and changed our clothes and had some delicious appetizers before our Easter Sunday meal. The weather was absolutely stunning and we sat out on the lanai and watched the Master's golf tourney. Exciting! Dinner was delcious and we ended the day playing outside in the yard with the children! My mother did a wonderful job on the food and it was a perfect day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

How colorful are these???
I love love love coloring eggs. Jayda was so excited about it. As we were coloring them she says...can we do this again next year!? Of course Jayda. Sadly, Jacob was not so interested....and only popped in at the end...when we were done and says...can I do one? Ummm...we are done son! Growing up...
Jay was absolutely fascinated...but had to be held at an arms length away. Although he did drop in one in the green coloring.

This morning, Jay was first one up. He found the eggs on the floor and the grass too that led...outside???
Here were the yummy baskets. So much fun!
Ignore my annoying voice...being bossy...ugh...I need to allow things to happen a little better!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed Easter holiday!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Disappearing Island

What a wonderful day out on the water! I love our boat, our weather, and the fun we have as a family!
We left a little later this morning than usual. But, it was very chilly this morning and I was in no hurry for that! hahaha
I picked up Jacob from his friend's house where he spent the night.
Then, we stopped and got some drinks and ice for the boat.
After an enjoyable ride over to the beach-20 minutes, we hit traffic. It is spring break here in Florida and everyone and there brother was going to the beach today!
We arrived at the boat launch with no problem and were in the water in no time!
Jay was really excited about his new adventure!

The following are some pictures from this past week. Not much going on as it was super chilly here at the beginning of the week. We did spend the weekend with Mike's parents and then turned around Monday evening and went back because Michael had to work on Tuesday with his dad! Jay got a hold of Jacob's goggles and had such fun wearing these around!
This day was a gorgeous collector's item from Duck's Unlimited...until Stormie chewed his beak off! Now, it has a far greater Jay rides!

Jay loves crawling into this table. Up on his hands and knees he scrunches in here...but by the time I get the camera...he is just sitting on the edge of it.
When Jay saw this picture of himself...he said "vrrrrooom" that special way that he makes that sound when he sees any car, truck, motorcycle, earth mover and digger! Then he pointed to the next picture and said..."ball!"

Tomorrow it is housework, enjoying the day, and having my folks for dinner. Stromboli, salad and strawberry shortcake. Mmmmm!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Jacob's team had been playing well and then they have lost the last two games. The coaches leave much to be desired in regards to attitude towards the other teams and the lessons they are teaching the children worry me. Just keep reminding jacob of the right thing.
He is having fun and playing very very well!
Jayda is busy in girl scouts and school.
Grades come out this week...Jayda had all A's and one B. Jacob I think is the same! Great grades this grading period!
I have been making jewelery and have made an order with my cousin to get sterling findings and semi precious stones. I can not wait for that order to come!
Here is what I made yesterday!

Jay LOVES being outside. Like is hysterical when it is time to come in!
He is exploring all around his world!
You will see some pics and some video of a recent outing!

Well, my oldest brother came through for my parents with a gorgeous card for their anniversary. So much so, that my mother immediately framed it and placed it on her book case. Gorgeous!

It has been threatening to rain all day and with that it has been very muggy and the air is you feel like there is a ton of bricks on your back!

I gave Jay his third haircut today...we went through three large lollipops as he kept getting hair on them and then trying to suck on them and becoming very very yucky. He was perfect though the end product is not so bad from a non professional and a squirmy baby.

It finally rained this afternoon. Jay went out and played in his first rain! He loved it! Afterwards, I stripped him in the garage down to his diaper and then took him back and put the blow dryer on him to warm him up! He had a ball!
PS: Don't mind the landscape, I need to do the spring weeding and mulching!

Oh, yeah, and I made another bracelet necklace combo during Jay's nap time!

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