Friday, April 10, 2009

Disappearing Island

What a wonderful day out on the water! I love our boat, our weather, and the fun we have as a family!
We left a little later this morning than usual. But, it was very chilly this morning and I was in no hurry for that! hahaha
I picked up Jacob from his friend's house where he spent the night.
Then, we stopped and got some drinks and ice for the boat.
After an enjoyable ride over to the beach-20 minutes, we hit traffic. It is spring break here in Florida and everyone and there brother was going to the beach today!
We arrived at the boat launch with no problem and were in the water in no time!
Jay was really excited about his new adventure!

The following are some pictures from this past week. Not much going on as it was super chilly here at the beginning of the week. We did spend the weekend with Mike's parents and then turned around Monday evening and went back because Michael had to work on Tuesday with his dad! Jay got a hold of Jacob's goggles and had such fun wearing these around!
This day was a gorgeous collector's item from Duck's Unlimited...until Stormie chewed his beak off! Now, it has a far greater Jay rides!

Jay loves crawling into this table. Up on his hands and knees he scrunches in here...but by the time I get the camera...he is just sitting on the edge of it.
When Jay saw this picture of himself...he said "vrrrrooom" that special way that he makes that sound when he sees any car, truck, motorcycle, earth mover and digger! Then he pointed to the next picture and said..."ball!"

Tomorrow it is housework, enjoying the day, and having my folks for dinner. Stromboli, salad and strawberry shortcake. Mmmmm!


rairie said...

Missed this yesterday...cute pictures and I loved the video of the beach!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect day on the beach and boat!! Sweet pictures..... Love this blog. Mom

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