Monday, April 13, 2009

Up and at 'em!

Okay, every night...I lay down in bed and think to myself as I reflect on my day...why didn't I exercise??? I then hash out a plan in my head that includes an exercise routine that will make me feel good about myself and also keep me healthy!
It includes lots of water prior to and then at least an hour of activity.
I feel good about the plan and then say my prayers and go to sleep...if I haven't turned on the tv before going to sleep...cause then if I do that I watch some mindless tv program and then fall asleep.

Well, this morning I was up and at 'em early(but not too early, that's Michael's job-hehehe).
Jay was in full swing and took me directly to the door and said, "outside". I said OK. He looked at me in disbelief at first and then I said come on let's get your shoes on. He turned around and let out the blood curdling squeals he has perfected and proceeded to run around the house.
We get outside and wander around and look at flowers and listen to birds and walk around back and look at the red and gray bugs that swarm around yet cause no harm. (Kind of like love bugs.)

I then get the shed open and get out the jog stroller and we are off for a mile and a half jaunt. I feel fabulous upon returning home and Jay is content with the activity and wants a snack. I grab some water and proceed to do some sit ups and push ups-okay...I could only do three. hahahah But that is three more than I did yesterday! I have a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of water.

Life is good.

Then, there it is...Easter candy and lots of it. I tell myself no and head out to talk to Mike who was working in the driveway putting the bike rack on the Tahoe to take the Treks in for service. We chat and then I come back in. There it was again...the candy. Hmmm, I tell myself a jelly bean or two wont hurt. Plus, I exercised today! So three jelly beans later and three chocolate eggs stomach hurts!

Hmmm, who knew....and just yesterday I told my mother..."who gets sick eating candy? They surely must be lightweights!"

Speaking of yesterday...we went to my folks pool at their community to swim and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather! There was a musician there singing islandy music and some old favorites. It was awesome and relaxing. We then made our way over to my parents house and changed our clothes and had some delicious appetizers before our Easter Sunday meal. The weather was absolutely stunning and we sat out on the lanai and watched the Master's golf tourney. Exciting! Dinner was delcious and we ended the day playing outside in the yard with the children! My mother did a wonderful job on the food and it was a perfect day!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a "winner" to me!..good food,excercise,music,lots of fun. What good surprised me with a new one,yet today!! Love, Mom

rairie said...

It was a fun day. As for exercise...went to "low impact" aerobics. Nothing low about it I hurt like the devil. today it is pool aerobics and I hope that helps the sore muscles...if a Tornado does not hit!

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