Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Short and Sweet

Michael has informed me that I am writing entirely too many words on my blog and it is too long for him to have to read. Plus, he informed me that he already knew just about everything I wrote already
Hmmm....I did not realize I was writing this soley for his benefit. Nor did I realize that Michael had spent his spare time reading, "How to write someone else's blog". So in light of making his life easier here goes. Tongue in cheek...

I woke up. I went some places. I did some stuff. Jay is cute. I ate some food. I watched american idol. Then I wrote my blog. The end.

Thank you Michael for coming to my blog, I will see you tonight after you get home from work. Sell lots of buildings today! Mama(that's me!) wants a nice Mother's day gift! I love you sugar plum honey bunny!

Okay, everyone else interested stay tuned while we wait for Michael to vacate the blog...

Are you gone honey?

Not yet? What are you still doing here?

Oh, I see you are still just a little interested in what I am going to write?

Truly nothing very exciting happened. You are free to go.

It'll just be a few more seconds folks. He will be gone soon.

MICHAEL...what are you looking for? Spelling errors??? I'll double check. You can get back to work now. Don't you have to touch base with Orange County about that Ag use building???? Alright, bye honey, I love you!

Ok, so here goes. I woke up early this morning and got ready for my trip. Is it wrong if I tell you that I shave my legs before I go to Ocala? Now mind you it has been over a week sonce I shaved my legs! I didn't do it this past trip to Ocala. So today it was a must! I don't know why I don't shave regularly, I suppose I am just grateful I get a shower, what with the children and the baby and practices and life...

MICHAEL!!! What are you doing back? I know I misspelled since. It is not sonce. I was just testing you to see if you were still reading and sure enough there you are! Can't stay away can you?
You know you love everything I write...and especially when I talk about you and I post pictures of you!


Anyway, see what you get Michael when you criticize my blog...nothing but grief! hahaha

We had a lovely day today. Our trip to Ocala was wonderful. I am so lucky to have mom and dad carter in my life! It is not every daughter in law who gets such wonderful inlaws! I am truly blessed! Jay brought us home sandwiches for lunch. He was busy painting and doing work over at the Ocala Offices.

My mother and I were excited to get some much overdue shopping done in Ocala. They have some lovely stores there...especially Griffins! FUN!

The baby behaved like an angel and only cried when he was tired after lunch. He had lots of smiles and was more jovial than usual! I fed him squash for lunch and then he helped me eat a real live banana. I would spoon off teeny pieces and feed it to him. He loved it! Did you know, bananas smell the same coming up as they do prior to going down? Did you also know that bananas and squash come together to make a lovely orangish paste that flatters any ensemble one could wear? Furthermore, did you know that many have been known to appear in public shortly after said vomitting has ocurred? Did you ever see his and hers matching shirts? Baby Jay and I had matching outfits today, him a white onesie with a beach logo and "squash-ana" on a white shirt with "squash-ana" on the sleeve.

I didn't pick up a hitchhiker in the forest.

I did stop at an ice cream stand so my mom could have an icecream treat. I can't have baby is allergic to dairy protein.
{I have your change mother...I forgot.}

I didn't think our trip was long at all.

I did see a deer.

Michael's back reading...I could just tell so I was making it easy for him to read!

Mother, Mom, and I along with baby Jay headed out to Griffins, Hobby Lobby, and Bealls. The ladies had a wonderful day together and Mom Carter got to have another chance to do the grandmotherly thing with Jay. I snuck up on them in the store and Jay was just staring up at her so intently. It was such a sweet look he was giving her! He knows not how lucky he is to have so many people who love him!

But you already knew that Michael right? There you are again. Just reading, hoping I don't say anything to embarrass you. Don't worry my love bug oochy coo! I would never dream of it!

Our trip home was fun filled and again a speedy one having someone to talk to. When I dropped Mother off at her house, she and dad were preparing to go to dinner at La Hacienda. The best Mexican restaurant we know! I on the other hand had to go and get some much needed groceries!

Michael gave baby Jay his bath this evening again. His comment was, "I guess I am the bath giver now." I said it is a perfect time to bond with baby! Deep down I was thinking, Phew...I get a break! He handles Jay with ease and enjoys the time he spends with him.

No surprise on American Idol this evening. Although Brooke is adorable, she lost it the last two weeks. I hope next week the singing is a little better.

PS: To any and all readers, especially Michael. I was teasing with my husband throughout this. I loved hearing that he reads my blog everyday! I am sorry I wrote a lot yesterday. The truth is, when I sit down to write I have NO IDEA where the writing will take me. I just start and end when it feels right!

Picture of the Day:
This is what Jacob has been practicing lately.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Half-Birthday Baby!

Hard to believe it! Baby Jay is six months old today! He has grown so much in that time frame! It literally seems like just yesterday when he was born. I will never forget it!
He had to be induced because he was a week late. I was having contractions just nothing that would ever be productive enough to force him out! So the pitocin was kicked into high gear and I had a baby boy at 5:45 pm on a Monday.
I pushed about 6 times, but due to the epidural I had absolutely no feeling and had no idea whether or not I was pushing correctly. Sure enough, the doctor says, that's great take a minute and relax. I begin to lay back and as I relaxed out came baby Jay, I swear he had to have pushed himself out because I was not pushing! {In hindsight, this is definitely indicative of his personality! He is ready to go! Hands, feet, eyes, mouth, furrows the eyebrows and is constantly making sense of what is going on around him!}
The doctor was right there and gently and gingerly allowed him to come out and then he gently layed him on the bed. We all waited, holding our breath, in anticipation of his first sounds. It was only a second but I watched and willed him to begin wailing. Instead, the most precious, soft, and sweet sound came from within him. It was a tiny cry, the teensiest of tiny cries. He took a breath and then let out his wail. The doctor placed him in my arms and I immediately fell in love with him. That precise moment when his skin touched mine. I stroked his head and tears rolled down my cheeks. The best thing in the world has been watching Michael become a father, not just to Jay but to Jacob and Jayda too! He is a great "Dad"!

It was at that moment when my life felt complete. Every unsure thought I previously had, regret for having to give up freedoms, and impressions of what it would be like to have a baby later in life flew out the window with that one tiny cry and first touch of skin! God smiled down on us the day he gave us baby Jay. Our lives will never be the same and we are surely more blessed now that he is in our lives!

The saying goes, Mondays child is fair of face. Of this I can say it is true!
2 Weeks: 11-12-07

1 Month: 12-2-07

2 Months:
To be added...Pics on Michael's computer
3 Months:
To be added...
4 months:

4 1/2 months:

5 Months:

6 months: Taken this evening...kind of grumpy too..hahaha

We stopped at the grocery store this afternoon and picked up dinner. While we were there, I stopped at the floral department and got baby Jay a blue balloon for his 1/2 birthday! Jacob Clay also had to have a blue balloon. Jayda opted out. She has not liked balloons for a very long time now. She says, "They freak me out".

As you all know, next year the children will be enrolled at school near our home rather than at the school I taught at previously. Jayda has taken speech and language classes since kindergarten. When in Kindergarten they did a complete battery of test and screenings on her to try and pinpoint what her specific needs were. She scored low on the IQ test in Kindergarten, despite me knowing that it did not accurately measure her IQ. It was because her language was delayed. Fast forward to today. Last week I asked the current guidance counselor to rescreen Jayda's IQ so we had a better picture of her aptitude prior to starting a new school. I did not want her score to place her below her current level. Well, it turns out that Jayda scored 27 points higher than when she was in K. Placing her exactly one point higher than Jacob on the IQ scale! She so loved that!
And now for a pause in the regularly scheduled blog to toot Jayda's horn! She made 4 A's and 1 B. It was in math. This has been her nemesis all year. She just can't break the A mark. She is close though!
Jacob also needs his own toot toot as he scored straight A's in 5th grade! These are just the midterm grades and we will be crossing our fingers for A's at the end of school so they can both earn a reward. Jacob's gunning for a video game and Jayda a webkinz!

Jayda had a soccer game this evening and they put up a good fight against the best team in the league. The score was 5-4. Unfortunately, they lost. The coach hollered at Jayda the entire game. We couldn't figure out why...we figured he knows she can play well and he expects alot out of her. She got laid out on the field by a child who clipped her legs out from under her. She landed flat on her back and lost her wind. She got up, looked at me and was crying. I said, you can do it...keep going! She wiped her eyes and went right back on in there and played hard.

Jacob came home from the game and was on car washing duty! He did mine and then Michael's truck. It is Love Bug season and if you don't remove them, they eat your paint! They are a complete nuisance and a pain in the neck...Not to mention...disgusting! Read more about them at the link on the word love bug!

We watched American Idol together this evening! I loved the Neil Diamond songs.
However, I think that Brooke should go home.
David Cook is by far the best singer.
Syesha is cute but she is going to be a Broadway Star not a pop star.
David Archuletto is a crooner and will do well in that genre, but not going to win.
The dread lock guy, Jason, may also be on his way home. Toss up there.
Tomorrow Night, Niel Diamond will sing as will Natasha Bedingfield.

Well, that about covers it! I made some cards today and reorganized my scrapping area!
Here's one of the cards. It is on its way to Grandpa in Illinois.

Jayda read some of the blog tonight and she left a comment on go fly a kite.
Anonymous said...
you did a terrific job on your blog it looked like it took a long time to make. you need to keep making blogs because everyone likes them.i love you mommy.

April 29, 2008 7:50 PM

Picture of the day:

Monday, April 28, 2008


Let's's 10:21 pm and I am sitting here wondering what I did today? What was so special about today?

I wanted to get creative today but I was interrupted. Usually when a person is interrupted they are irritated. Not me, not today! My husband called me and asked me if I would like to come and join him for lunch! I was thrilled to spend some time with him during the day! I don't get to see him during the week until 6:00 pm. So this was a very nice change of pace! Baby Jay was thrilled to be out and about and had his remote control with him.
Michael had jury duty today. He has spent the better part of this past year getting out of it. However, they were adament about him being there today. As it turns out, it was in regards to a murder trial.
There were two groups of 80 people. The first 40 people were not people who had asked to be excused. The second group of 40 were people who asked to be excused. They spent the day interviewing the 1st 40 people and found their jury. Had they not found their jury they would have moved to his group and he was the first one on that list! However, Mike was off the hook. Michael literally sat in a room all day doing nothing. It is a good thing he took the novel he is currently reading! They paid him $15.00.
Jacob had baseball practice. Jayda's soccer practice was rained out. Jayda and I sat in the car and read. She wished she had stayed home with Michael and the baby because there were no friends there for her to play with!
Jayda received a very exciting call while we were out. A girl in her class named Alex W.(neat enough, I taught her in Kindergarten...she is a doll! One of those kids that just adore you.) called and invited her to her older sister's birthday party. Alex was allowed to invite a friend of her's from school. Jayda is absolutely over the moon about it! They are having a pool/barbeque/luau party complete with a DJ! Jayda is going to have a blast! It is this weekend.
We arrive home and Jacob turns on TV only to realize that Deal or No Deal is Star Wars themed! Let's just say the two of them did not breathe for an hour and a half!!! The people holding the boxes were the white robot guys. Princess Lea helped the woman and then Chabaka and C3PO helped the guy! My two are star wars fans and no lie have watched each movie no less than 10 times each one...all six...10 least.....
Baby Jay was such a good boy today. Michael babysat him while I took Jacob to his practice. When I got home, the baby had been bathed, all cleaned up, lotion on, hydrocortisone on any sore spots, and aquaphor on his cheeks, he also had been fed peas. Well, I should say attempted to be fed peas. He does not like these! That's the third time he has been introduced to them and the only food he makes a sour face to and nearly gags. The first time I fed it to him, he literally gagged and barfed every bit of them up. So, we know he does not like peas! I fixed him rice cereal, prunes and applesauce together and he ate a very nice sized bowl of it! The prunes can tend to gag him too so I mixed it with applesauce. Wonder why I gave him prunes?
Picture of the day:
My secret scrapbooking pals knows I love pirates.
Here's what she sent me today in the mail!
A handful of starbursts, after she realized the chocolate she had been sending was melting in my mailbox. hahaha
A card that said, "Enjoy the booty"! (Pirate lingo-ish)


Missed my Sunday night midnight cut off! I was busy this evening! I was scrapping away! Lost track of time! I suppose there will be two Monday posts!

I had a lovely day! It started out with Jayda and I going to visit Mom bright and early! The boys had left before sun up to go fishing! Baby Jay was happy to see Mommom and Papa. His hands are getting soooo busy. His new game is to pull off the placemats and drop them on the floor...pick it up...drop it off...pick it get the idea!
Then it was time to nurse him. Mom thinks I am over feeding him. Hmmm, I disagree but that's what daughters do!!! He nurses at 930, 100 or 130, 430 or 500, 830 or 930 and then periodically through the night...too tired to look at clock. Besides, I am blind when I don't have my contacts in or my glasses on! Sometimes, he will eat a smidge more during the day others not so much. He is eating veggies and rice cereal 2-3 times a day. Sometimes he gets bananas mixed with his cereal before bed!
I took mom over to Michael's to look for crafts and I got a few things in the dollar bin and some magnetic tape for a project. We then went to PJ's Diner for breakfast. We decided it was pretty much the best breakfast food around here! Inexpensive too!
The waitresses all but fell over themselves oogling the baby! Their first reactions were that he looked just like the Gerber baby. Then they decided they wanted to take him home. {Sorry he is not for sale!} Sometimes when we are out to eat, it is nearly overbearing how the waitresses/waiters fuss over the baby. You are trying to eat and they are literally hanging over your table oogling, babbling, goo goo gaaing, and groping the child. The chinese waitresses and waiters are the worst{best} at playing with Jay. He loves the attention and is beginning to seek them out and make eye contact for attention with them.

Today was the very first day I have seen him respond to his name. Now you probably think this was such a special moment for me when I spoke to my son and he responded. NOT. Hmm, it probably made Mike feel amazing his son heard his name from his father's mouth and looked his way. GUESS AGAIN! A waitress said his name and he wheeled his head around to look her in the eye and smile. Hmmmm, go figure!
Oh well, it was adorable nonetheless!
As we were walking out, the waitresses told my mother, "Don't even think about not bringing him back here again to see us!"(Mom, help me out here, it's late, I can't remember word for word!}
Then it was "home again home again jiggity jig."

I finished up putting all the blog excerpts in a binder to ship up to Great Grandpa Red in Illinois. Capital of Illinois is Springfield. Sorry, I digress...Jacob is learning the states and capitals and I think I may know them better than he! Thank goodness I get to relearn them because I can't for the life of me ever remember how I memorized them as a child! I guess that means I didn't! hahaha Oops.

I had to take Marc to the airport again today. He left on British Airways and will be returning May 10. He took his camera and I hope to have pictures by the end of the week to share with you all from London!

Michael stayed with the baby and he napped from 130-330pm. I arrived home about a half hour or so after he woke up. Mike was feeding him when I got home. He just started raspberrying his food when mike was feeding him and whining "momma momma momma".

It was time to nurse him again...and he ate right up! Shortly after we were playing on the floor and he threw up on me! Guess what I got!? A sweet potato milkshake! YUM!

The baby played a lot on the floor today which was fun! He is getting so much stronger! He scooches forward a bit when he is on his belly!

Well, a picture of the day....sorry...all you get are the two above!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Life is Good!

This morning we were up bright and early and off to Jacob's baseball game at 930 am. He won his game. He played third base and first base. It was a gorgeous morning. Warm, but not to hot. Mommom and Papa met us at the field. Jay was his cute self and mommom actually was able to get him to sleep at nap time, when he just fussed with me.
I wish they could have gone to Ocala with us, but they wouldn't fit in the saturn and gas being like it is we just couldn't justify taking the Tahoe!
As soon as Jacob finished, we headed home and he got a shower. We packed up and headed out to Ocala for the day!
The trip went smoothly and easily...then again I wasn't driving! The baby slept the whole way and the children listened to music. Michael listened to the NFL draft on satelite radio. I read a magazine.
Once we arrived, Jay and Peggy's landscaping was breathtaking. It always looks great but today it looked phenomenal! The bushes had all been nicely groomed, the flower beds were planted with fresh flowers and new mulch, the yard was immaculate and cut to perfection, the house bright and cheery! The fact that it is spring, everything was growing and in bloom!
Jay had been working on building a fence around the pool to protected the baby from accidentally getting to the water. He has done a superb job of creating his own type of fence. I could tell he had spent hours working on it, and I appreciate it more than they will ever truly know! The best part is, he happily did it for us!

Baby Jay woke up and was cranky and hungry! So I fed him...he immediately turned on the charm and had everyone melting!
After he ate, we headed out to the local go kart/fun place for the children to enjoy the go karts. Jayne went on them to as she has never done it! They have been waiting to do this since Jay and Peggy suggested it!
They were both a little hesitant about the carts as they had never driven on their own before! Rightfully so, the group ahead of theirs were mad drivers! Wrecking, driving too fast, bumping people, slamming into was a fiasco and I was having my doubts about its safety! However, their group of riders were much more subdued and polite! Jayda turned up the heat after the second lap and well....Jacob never managed to go very fast. He got a dud of a car and poked along. He said he was flooring it and it wouldn't go. There are only a few that didn't go fast and he found one of them! Right after they went on, I told them before they got back to the group to thank peggy and Jay. Jacob immediately did so...Jayda ran over and said, can we do it again??? LOL She did thank them a few minutes later. But, oh her manners sometimes...

From there, we went to Hobby Lobby! I had heard so much about this craft store. Peggy and Jayne went along and were so patient while I shopped!
The best part of the whole day was Peggy having the chance to push Jay around in the stroller at the store. Everyone was stopping to talk to her. Like I am ignored compared to the attention she got with the baby. Then again, who can resist stopping to talk to a sweet grandma with her grandson whom happens to be toting along his "real" remote control? It was a sure conversation starter today! I think that water bottles have just taken a clear back seat to this new toy! I loved that Peggy had a chance to do the "grandma" thing! She is a wonderful Grammy!

Not only does she spoil him, she spoiled me today!!! She bought me Sakura Glaze Pens. They are absolutely delish and make for beautiful additions to cards and scrapbook pages!

From Hobby Lobby we headed over to Griffins down the road a few blocks. OH MY GOSH!!!! I am so in love with that store. I only had a little bit of time in that store, but it is totally Scrapbooking i didn't know it could ever be this great! WOW! All the new things out on the market and I sooo loved it!
I am already plotting my next trip to Ocala! My mother will be accompanying me on the next trip as their beading section looked AMAZING!
Some of the things I saw there on my wish list:
1. Thickers-they are stickers that are letters but made with different materials! I loved the ones that were made with a fuzzy fabric as well as any of the others. The white ones were really neat!
2. Stickles: Yummy glitter glue. gold, any of the white looking ones, blues, greens, .... one of each??? hahaha
3. Rusty favorite line!! Papers and embellishments...which I didnt see but I know I want! Cap N' Jack. I missed did that happen. Definitely on my list of first to get when I go back!
4. Bohemian line. They were out on the aisle on turning carts...they had matching embellishments etc with each patterned paper.
5. Flowers, paper or fabric. Yum...blues, yellows, of each? hahaha
6. Autumn Leaves stamps...owls and lines were on the one I want..I will have to find the picture of it.

Oh goodness...I digress...why am I telling you all this, I am sure I am speaking in another language!
Anyways, it was loads of fun for me!

Michael says to me, "What in the world do you like about that store anyway?" I said, "What do you like about Bass Pro Shop?"

Once we got back to the house, they had had dinner already! Opps...hehehe.
We grilled out and ate delicious food!
Baby Jay rolled across the floor, he dipped his feet in the pool...he's gonna like the pool!, went to the bathroom, sat up in his high chair and ate, blew his butternut squash out in raspberries, spit up butternut squash on me, and chewed on his spoon.
Grampy got a hold of baby Jay a couple times but it always ended with Jay crying and wanting me! Ugh, we all know it is a normal baby thing to do, but I wish he wouldn't be so finicky!
Michael and his dad were out with the boat in the garage and are going to put a bimini on it. Jacob and Jayda swam.

Peggy liked her Mason Jar mini album. Although she saw it on the blog already. I guess that means I also need to make new mother's day cards for my mothers. DUH, what was I thinking revealing them?

Jayda wanted to spend the night at Peggy and Jay's house as did Jacob! We are invited on an open invitation when it works out with our schedules. The first weekend we have them all weekend is Mother's Day. Hmm, that might or might not work. Jacob has a baseball game from 1230-230 pm. So who knows. I do know Jayda is extremely excited about it though! When she got home, she was still talking about her day in Ocala. She went to her room and immediately wrote a thank you letter to Jay and Peggy. She didn't want to read it to me, but put it on my desk. Let's just say, I got choked up with tears it was so sweet and heart felt!

A great day was had by all!!! It is days like this that make my life such a full and happy one!

Picture of the Day!
A card I finished today.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Playing hookie!

Jacob and Jayda did not go to school today. This morning, we went to Jayda and Jacob's schools they will be attending next year.
Since I will be on Maternity leave again, they are going to go to the school closest to us. It will be so hard for me to let them go this year. They have been with me at my school since they started in Kindergarten and I always knew what was going on with them each day...if I had to know. They are so well behaved at school that it was not ever necessary. I suppose they knew they would get it 10 times worse if they ever got into trouble at school! haha
It is going to be as if I am a first time mom letting my children go to kindergarten...although Jayda is headed to 4th and Jacob to middle school for 6th! YIKES!!!
Jayda's school seems fabulous. They were so helpful and friendly in the front office! I especially like that it is about 2 minutes from my house! YaY!
The middle school is a little bit more confusing. They did not want to register jacob yet and are going to wait til the summer.
I have a phone number to call to contact the head 6th grade teacher over at the school. It is such a huge transition in our lives. The children have traveled with me to my school for so long. The unknown is a little scary for me! Too funny! I am sure it will all turn out perfect!
Jayda wants to write her thoughts on her new school:
i think the school is different from my other school i went to. every classroom is apart from each other. it is not far from our house. they are so helpful to my mom.i think i will meet alot of friends at that school. the front office seems helpful.i think i will have fun at that school.

baby Jay and jacob were outside together. Baby Jay likes trees. He probably was trying to figure out how to climb it!

I then headed over to my mother's house to visit with the children. She was....beading yet again!

After, I took my car over to Tire Kingdom they had to look closely, but they said the belt was starting to wear. Once it was off, they said indeed it was cracked. So a little under 100 dollars car is running well! Jiffy Lube is to be commended. However, I would never have them work on my car. Just took it somewhere I trusted.

Picture of the day!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pulling a fast one!

Michael insisted I go and get an oil change today. It was way due. So, I went with Mom after she and I exercised together. Another good workout I might add!
Well, the oil change went quick. Until they tell me I need a new serpentine belt as it is "cracked and ready to break at any moment." I said, let me talk to my husband.
This evening, Michael looks under the hood and comes in and says, it appears there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Come and look for yourself. Sure enough, I did, and it was far as I could tell. So, tomorrow, I am going to talk to my dad about it and show him and see what he thinks. If it is fine in his eyes, I am going to take it to the car place I trust and ask their opinion. If it ends up it was fine, I am going to put up a stink. I am going to take the receipt back to Jiffy Lube along with the remarks from the other place I trust...politely tell them I will no longer be using their services. I will specifically speak to the owner by the way.
UGH! There is nothing more frustrating than someone not telling the truth.

Onto other things!!!
I went to dragonfly today and here were the results!
And the winners are...
The poll has closed and as promised I am announcing the five overall winners. They are in no particular order: Jessica, Pia, Marga, Carol, Melody. Congratulations to all of you. Please send me your snail mail addy's to and I will get some goodies out to each of you. Thank you to all who participated - you did a fabulous job!

Woohoo, I won! Thanks to all you wonderful people for voting for my scrapbook pages!!! I sent my address to her and will let you know what I win!

Picture of the Day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

First thing this morning, as I was working on a project that can be viewed over on my other blog. YES, I said I have another blog! I know, can you believe it???
Here's the link...
Limes 'N Coconuts

Anyway, back to my story...
I was working on my mason jar album and reached into my rolly cart that holds various things, one being adhesive. As I close the door I just retrieved my adhesive from, I hear a loud bang over my shoulder! My homemade clip it up crashed to the floor. I need to work on the balance of it all a bit...
Needless to say, the project at hand was more important to me than reorganizing THAT mess today!

The baby had green beans for lunch today with some rice cereal. Then, after picking up the children from school, I fed the baby carrots for dinner. He loved them. However, afterwards I put him in his car to buzz around the dining room. He didn't want that, he wanted to be up at the table with his brother and sister. So, he played there with his most favorite...wait, second most favorite toy! (Water bottles are his first!) Here he was.

When I took it away to see what he would do...well, you can imagine!

Note the drool...

Shortly after, he got fussy in his chair and Jayda said, "Mom, he's falling asleep sitting up!" I had to grab my camera again!

We were getting ready to leave for Jacob's baseball game.
Jacob played outstanding behind the plate tonight. He was on the ball back there and did fabulous! He threw the ball back to the pitcher perfectly. He almost caught a pop up fly, dove for it and landed flat out, but his elbow hit first and it caused the ball to roll out of his glove. Pitcher was right there at home plate, the ball rolled to him, he picked it up and tagged the runner out at home! They won in the last up to bats. I was glad because this team, parents included are how shall we say it nicely... Overzealous! While the game goes on, Jayda runs with her friends at the ball park.

Mommom and Papa met us at out house for cake. Baby Jay had to be fed first and mommom took charge while I did some things to prepare for the party.

As you can tell, he wanted me. It was funny, whenever I walked by he would squeal and fuss. If I stayed out of view he was better!
She then opened her cards. Jacob returned the favor to her and made her card in morse code! How cute was that???? {Check out his sheepish grin!}

Michael the sweet reserved one! I so love him!!!

Jayda holding her baby brother!

Mommom is 27 yet again!

Note how papa's hand is directing everyone to look at what baby Jay is doing.
Baby Jay was stiillll playing with his remote!

After a rousing rendition of happy birthday mom makes a wish!

Again, note dad's hand as he tells mom to make a wish.

Her latest project!

Picture of the Day:
Jayda's card for Mommom. She has talent!

Scrapbooking 500 Pages in 2008