Sunday, April 6, 2008


Today was the crop at All Moments Remembered! Yes, it was an online crop. What is that you wonder. It is a time where you work on your album and every hour one of the design team gives you a challenge!

If you click on the pictures you can see them up close! Enjoy!

Challenge 1: Make a border around your picture using your embellishments.

Challenge 2: Spring is here. Lots of flowers, sparkle, bling, glitter glue.

Challenge 3: A page that has no pictures but only journaling. Can embellish.

Challenge 4: A page that has hidden journaling that is from the heart.

Challenge 5: See through parts to your page.

Well, Michael did a great job babysitting while I was busy off and on from 4 pm - 12 midnight. Michael really couldn't understand why the baby kept spitting up on him and would get upset because, "I just changed him!" I said he does it to me all day long. It was good that Michael had a chance to see what it is like to be with the baby for an extended period of time! Overall, I can't complain. He is an amazing father to baby Jay!

As far as dinner went, I was smart. I went shopping this morning and got a shoulder roast for the crockpot. 6 pm Michael and I had dinner together!

5 pages completed tonight for the scrapbooks! And...I cleaned up my scrap space perfect!

Life is good!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god 6 hours of scraping and able to write about it. I like the work you did

Stacy said...

Your los turned out great. The picture of you and your dad is so sweet.

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