Monday, April 28, 2008


Let's's 10:21 pm and I am sitting here wondering what I did today? What was so special about today?

I wanted to get creative today but I was interrupted. Usually when a person is interrupted they are irritated. Not me, not today! My husband called me and asked me if I would like to come and join him for lunch! I was thrilled to spend some time with him during the day! I don't get to see him during the week until 6:00 pm. So this was a very nice change of pace! Baby Jay was thrilled to be out and about and had his remote control with him.
Michael had jury duty today. He has spent the better part of this past year getting out of it. However, they were adament about him being there today. As it turns out, it was in regards to a murder trial.
There were two groups of 80 people. The first 40 people were not people who had asked to be excused. The second group of 40 were people who asked to be excused. They spent the day interviewing the 1st 40 people and found their jury. Had they not found their jury they would have moved to his group and he was the first one on that list! However, Mike was off the hook. Michael literally sat in a room all day doing nothing. It is a good thing he took the novel he is currently reading! They paid him $15.00.
Jacob had baseball practice. Jayda's soccer practice was rained out. Jayda and I sat in the car and read. She wished she had stayed home with Michael and the baby because there were no friends there for her to play with!
Jayda received a very exciting call while we were out. A girl in her class named Alex W.(neat enough, I taught her in Kindergarten...she is a doll! One of those kids that just adore you.) called and invited her to her older sister's birthday party. Alex was allowed to invite a friend of her's from school. Jayda is absolutely over the moon about it! They are having a pool/barbeque/luau party complete with a DJ! Jayda is going to have a blast! It is this weekend.
We arrive home and Jacob turns on TV only to realize that Deal or No Deal is Star Wars themed! Let's just say the two of them did not breathe for an hour and a half!!! The people holding the boxes were the white robot guys. Princess Lea helped the woman and then Chabaka and C3PO helped the guy! My two are star wars fans and no lie have watched each movie no less than 10 times each one...all six...10 least.....
Baby Jay was such a good boy today. Michael babysat him while I took Jacob to his practice. When I got home, the baby had been bathed, all cleaned up, lotion on, hydrocortisone on any sore spots, and aquaphor on his cheeks, he also had been fed peas. Well, I should say attempted to be fed peas. He does not like these! That's the third time he has been introduced to them and the only food he makes a sour face to and nearly gags. The first time I fed it to him, he literally gagged and barfed every bit of them up. So, we know he does not like peas! I fixed him rice cereal, prunes and applesauce together and he ate a very nice sized bowl of it! The prunes can tend to gag him too so I mixed it with applesauce. Wonder why I gave him prunes?
Picture of the day:
My secret scrapbooking pals knows I love pirates.
Here's what she sent me today in the mail!
A handful of starbursts, after she realized the chocolate she had been sending was melting in my mailbox. hahaha
A card that said, "Enjoy the booty"! (Pirate lingo-ish)

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