Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brrrr....turn up the heat!

It's April in Florida. We are talking sunburns, pool days, boat outings, tank tops, and sweaty armpits! But not so fast...
It was 44 degrees here this morning when I woke up!? What??????
It has been very chilly today!
Not too cold though for this! A moment in the afternoon sun in between clouds...
This is the same one I showed you yesterday...it is opening so nicely!

I was working on some cards today for family and friends. Here is one I completed today:

Mom called and invited me for lunch.
It was a lunch that brought back memories from my childhood with my grandmother. She made Matzo Ball Soup...yummers! It was so nice on this cold day sharing lunch with her!
Baby Jay loves Mommom's house as much as anyone else...he even took a nap there today!

She also made me a delightful glass bead bracelet. She took a picture and maybe she will send it to me!
She sent me a pic...here it is!

She keeps telling me how "fascinated" she is with the beading...I said it is more like "addicted". Much like my scrapbooking...
Thanks mom for such a nice afternoon!
The usual...off to pick up the children, dinner, soccer pictures, soccer game, ....wait...I got out of the soccer game because it was super freezing cold! Michael stayed with Jayda who tied 6-6.
Here's some pictures of Michael and Jay at the soccer field while we waited!

It's official...the baby has started the "I want only mommy phase"! Ugh!!! First of all, it hurts Daddy's feelings a little. Second, it is a pain in the neck for me because I can't get anything else done in the evening! The baby gets so frustraed he then barfs on his dad who in turn gets irritated and I have baby back in my arms...happy as anything. Not a care in the world or a thought about the wake he leaves behind!
Picture of the Day:
I just so happened to catch this shot of the baby as Michael was playing with him and holding him up in the air! It's the tongue he loves to flap out of his mouth as he is being silly!


Rachel said...

What cute pics of the baby!! I love his little hood!

Linda said...

Hey girl...so happy you joined us in blog land. Oh and those baby pics are just to die for. Totally love the one with him sticking his tongue out but, you know the one with him sleeping is just angelic...only time huh. It's been years since my girlies were little but they are still my babies. Have a fabulous day

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