Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rolly Polly

My mom had us for Dinner as my cousin Kelly was in town for the week! Kelly lives in North Carolina, Charlotte. She lives across town from my brother and his wife Stacy. She has a house in Charlotte and works in the real estate business. She is currently looking to transfer into the commercial real estate aspect.

It was so much fun to see her with Jay. She has a natural instinct with the baby that caught me off guard! She had him on the floor doing tummy time and was holding her hands behind his feet and she propped him up on all fours to get him used to the feeling. She played for a good while with him. She snuggled him and made him smile! She'll make a great mom one day!

Tonight baby Jay was a rolly polly! He would pull his legs up and roll over and then roll over again! I believe it is because Kelly was helping him learn to do it!He had so much fun at my mother's house!

I am sure you are beginnng to think I don't cook...but I do. My mom just cooks better than I do. {wink wink} In fact, Friday night I will have everyone over for dinner at my house. Not sure what I am making yet...Mom, what do you suggest?!?

Well, I am surprised I am even still up! Baby Jay was up all night last night eating. Tonight, I fed him alot of cereal before his bath and then nursed him. Here's to hoping he sleeps a while!

I made a lot of Birthday cards for family members and they go out in the mail tomorrow. I also made for May so I am ahead of the game. I would post them, but then you would know what you were getting!

Marc is coming home from London Friday to work at home for two weeks. Then he is going back for two weeks. He promised me this time he would take his camera and take pictures from me. I am still waiting on an update of his travels. But, if I know Marc I won't get a thing until he returns!

As I am working on scrapbooks, it dawned on me that I do not have but one picture of the brunch I had prepared from the reception. This is an all call to anyone who may have taken them while at the beach house. I would love them. Email them to me at Thanks!

Well, not much along the lines of photos other than the
Picture of the Day:
Jacob was getting Jayda's goat and I snapped this picture as you can tell he was loving every minute of annoying her! You'll notice he has chocolate all in his teeth from dessert!

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