Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

First thing this morning, as I was working on a project that can be viewed over on my other blog. YES, I said I have another blog! I know, can you believe it???
Here's the link...
Limes 'N Coconuts

Anyway, back to my story...
I was working on my mason jar album and reached into my rolly cart that holds various things, one being adhesive. As I close the door I just retrieved my adhesive from, I hear a loud bang over my shoulder! My homemade clip it up crashed to the floor. I need to work on the balance of it all a bit...
Needless to say, the project at hand was more important to me than reorganizing THAT mess today!

The baby had green beans for lunch today with some rice cereal. Then, after picking up the children from school, I fed the baby carrots for dinner. He loved them. However, afterwards I put him in his car to buzz around the dining room. He didn't want that, he wanted to be up at the table with his brother and sister. So, he played there with his most favorite...wait, second most favorite toy! (Water bottles are his first!) Here he was.

When I took it away to see what he would do...well, you can imagine!

Note the drool...

Shortly after, he got fussy in his chair and Jayda said, "Mom, he's falling asleep sitting up!" I had to grab my camera again!

We were getting ready to leave for Jacob's baseball game.
Jacob played outstanding behind the plate tonight. He was on the ball back there and did fabulous! He threw the ball back to the pitcher perfectly. He almost caught a pop up fly, dove for it and landed flat out, but his elbow hit first and it caused the ball to roll out of his glove. Pitcher was right there at home plate, the ball rolled to him, he picked it up and tagged the runner out at home! They won in the last up to bats. I was glad because this team, parents included are how shall we say it nicely... Overzealous! While the game goes on, Jayda runs with her friends at the ball park.

Mommom and Papa met us at out house for cake. Baby Jay had to be fed first and mommom took charge while I did some things to prepare for the party.

As you can tell, he wanted me. It was funny, whenever I walked by he would squeal and fuss. If I stayed out of view he was better!
She then opened her cards. Jacob returned the favor to her and made her card in morse code! How cute was that???? {Check out his sheepish grin!}

Michael the sweet reserved one! I so love him!!!

Jayda holding her baby brother!

Mommom is 27 yet again!

Note how papa's hand is directing everyone to look at what baby Jay is doing.
Baby Jay was stiillll playing with his remote!

After a rousing rendition of happy birthday mom makes a wish!

Again, note dad's hand as he tells mom to make a wish.

Her latest project!

Picture of the Day:
Jayda's card for Mommom. She has talent!


Rachel said...

Another blog? Guess I'll have to find some time to read that one too!

You little one is just too precious. Everytime you post pics I am in awe of how cute he is!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a nice party. I am so not photogenic. The Pics are great.

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