Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scrambled Eggs and Bacon

Everyone loves this meal...well almost everyone, but ESPECIALLY ME! This morning my bestest huband made breakfast for me and him! Baby Jay was up early with us. He was happy and giggly! The personality is coming out like you wouldn't believe. He is definitely all boy and has his moments! Lately, as I am nursing him, he will scratch the daylights out of the back of my arm, kick his feet on the couch or whatever I am sitting on, and flail his hands about my face! Then he puls away from eating looks into my eyes and giggles, or simply smiles the biggest smile ever. If I am not looking at him, he will grunt or kick his feet and say "hie".

Look at the happy baby with his favorite toy. Although, the latest news is that these bottles made of plastic can cause prostate cancer!?! I want to know what in the heck is safe anymore? I hesitate to give him leaded toys, and poison plastic. It's absurd. But I digress...

Could the hat be any ears are kind of really sticking out here trying to hold up that hat!

We were headed out to jacob's baseball game today at noon. Mommom and papa met us over at the ball field near their house. jacob's team blew the other team away!!! Sadly, they were not much competition and I actually felt bad for them! Dad couldn't decide who to root for...we were playing the "Pirates"! hahaha

After the game, we went down to Lake mary. Mike to gander Mountain and me to Kringle's Chalet! Yes, it is a scrapbook store! I got a couple cute things...but still dreaming of my trip to Ocala and the Hobby Lobby store there! mmmmmmmmm
I made several cards today, but most I can not post as I do not want anyone reading this to see it before it arrives! Here is one that is safe to share!

Michael and I had Pork Chops for dinner and I made butter beans for the first time! I had to call Aunt candy to get her recipe(did I spell that correct, it slipped my mind. I am sure my mother...or Mike will correct me.). They turned out great, I of course switched it up some because I can't have buter or sour cream. Scrumptious! Who knew I would ever love Butter a kid, I would have preferred hot pokers in my eyes than to have to eat any bean!!!
Picture of the day:
My big eyed baby boy!

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