Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pulling a fast one!

Michael insisted I go and get an oil change today. It was way due. So, I went with Mom after she and I exercised together. Another good workout I might add!
Well, the oil change went quick. Until they tell me I need a new serpentine belt as it is "cracked and ready to break at any moment." I said, let me talk to my husband.
This evening, Michael looks under the hood and comes in and says, it appears there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Come and look for yourself. Sure enough, I did, and it was far as I could tell. So, tomorrow, I am going to talk to my dad about it and show him and see what he thinks. If it is fine in his eyes, I am going to take it to the car place I trust and ask their opinion. If it ends up it was fine, I am going to put up a stink. I am going to take the receipt back to Jiffy Lube along with the remarks from the other place I trust...politely tell them I will no longer be using their services. I will specifically speak to the owner by the way.
UGH! There is nothing more frustrating than someone not telling the truth.

Onto other things!!!
I went to dragonfly today and here were the results!
And the winners are...
The poll has closed and as promised I am announcing the five overall winners. They are in no particular order: Jessica, Pia, Marga, Carol, Melody. Congratulations to all of you. Please send me your snail mail addy's to and I will get some goodies out to each of you. Thank you to all who participated - you did a fabulous job!

Woohoo, I won! Thanks to all you wonderful people for voting for my scrapbook pages!!! I sent my address to her and will let you know what I win!

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Anonymous said...

Darn I wanted to know you were first. What is that about with not telling the real results. I want to know you were first! or not first!

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