Sunday, April 13, 2008

Disappearing Island

Mom, Dad, Kelly,Jacob, Jayda, Baby Jay, Michael and me all got on the boat for a nice ride up the intercoastal to the Disappearing Island. Click here to go to the island!
We packed water, gatorade, sodas, turkey sandwiches, pb&j, jello, hard boiled eggs, and crackers. The favorite treat of the day was red licorice!
Never did get a picture of the baby in the life vest as I had to hold him and couldn't photograph!
Wait, my mom just sent me this!!!

Here's me backing the boat off...go me!!!

Jayda is ready for her day!

Baby Jay's first time out on the boat!

Here's the view of Ponce Inlet Lighthouse from the island.

Here's dad, enjoying the sun!

Baby Jay with his sun hat on and sitting in the shade on the boat.

Jacob ran and ran. Jayda and he played hard!!!

Of course there was alot of nursing going on...

Mike tinkered with the boat!

Here is Kelly catching some sun on her last day here in Florida before heading back to North Carolina until she returns the first week in June.


Don't worry, we didn't really see a's a kite!
My in love!

Remember when I told you about their trip to honeymoon island???
I told you they would be kissing on honeymoon island...well, here is how I knew it as I zoomed in on them!

***I did not update you from their trip to Honeymoon Island. There indeed was no kissing, as the sign at the entrance to the beach said, "Beware of Rattlesnakes!" Ok I have heard of sharks, jelly fish...but Rattlesnakes????
Interesting! Click here to go to honeymoon island!
Here is daddy and baby.

There were scads of stingray feeding right on the edge of the island inlet side.

Here was mom babysitting so I could go for a walk.

What a beautiful sky!

One last good bye!

Got a call from mom this morning and she said they had sooo much fun yesterday on the boat!

Picture of the Day:
After I pulled the boat up on the trailer, I looked behind me in the water and saw this bird dragging this huge fish in his mouth! I couldn' help but grab my camera.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictorial remembrance of a beautiful family day! Tell Mike I will not jump up again...however it may be a way to get rid of me and look innocent!

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