Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Half-Birthday Baby!

Hard to believe it! Baby Jay is six months old today! He has grown so much in that time frame! It literally seems like just yesterday when he was born. I will never forget it!
He had to be induced because he was a week late. I was having contractions just nothing that would ever be productive enough to force him out! So the pitocin was kicked into high gear and I had a baby boy at 5:45 pm on a Monday.
I pushed about 6 times, but due to the epidural I had absolutely no feeling and had no idea whether or not I was pushing correctly. Sure enough, the doctor says, that's great take a minute and relax. I begin to lay back and as I relaxed out came baby Jay, I swear he had to have pushed himself out because I was not pushing! {In hindsight, this is definitely indicative of his personality! He is ready to go! Hands, feet, eyes, mouth, furrows the eyebrows and is constantly making sense of what is going on around him!}
The doctor was right there and gently and gingerly allowed him to come out and then he gently layed him on the bed. We all waited, holding our breath, in anticipation of his first sounds. It was only a second but I watched and willed him to begin wailing. Instead, the most precious, soft, and sweet sound came from within him. It was a tiny cry, the teensiest of tiny cries. He took a breath and then let out his wail. The doctor placed him in my arms and I immediately fell in love with him. That precise moment when his skin touched mine. I stroked his head and tears rolled down my cheeks. The best thing in the world has been watching Michael become a father, not just to Jay but to Jacob and Jayda too! He is a great "Dad"!

It was at that moment when my life felt complete. Every unsure thought I previously had, regret for having to give up freedoms, and impressions of what it would be like to have a baby later in life flew out the window with that one tiny cry and first touch of skin! God smiled down on us the day he gave us baby Jay. Our lives will never be the same and we are surely more blessed now that he is in our lives!

The saying goes, Mondays child is fair of face. Of this I can say it is true!
2 Weeks: 11-12-07

1 Month: 12-2-07

2 Months:
To be added...Pics on Michael's computer
3 Months:
To be added...
4 months:

4 1/2 months:

5 Months:

6 months: Taken this evening...kind of grumpy too..hahaha

We stopped at the grocery store this afternoon and picked up dinner. While we were there, I stopped at the floral department and got baby Jay a blue balloon for his 1/2 birthday! Jacob Clay also had to have a blue balloon. Jayda opted out. She has not liked balloons for a very long time now. She says, "They freak me out".

As you all know, next year the children will be enrolled at school near our home rather than at the school I taught at previously. Jayda has taken speech and language classes since kindergarten. When in Kindergarten they did a complete battery of test and screenings on her to try and pinpoint what her specific needs were. She scored low on the IQ test in Kindergarten, despite me knowing that it did not accurately measure her IQ. It was because her language was delayed. Fast forward to today. Last week I asked the current guidance counselor to rescreen Jayda's IQ so we had a better picture of her aptitude prior to starting a new school. I did not want her score to place her below her current level. Well, it turns out that Jayda scored 27 points higher than when she was in K. Placing her exactly one point higher than Jacob on the IQ scale! She so loved that!
And now for a pause in the regularly scheduled blog to toot Jayda's horn! She made 4 A's and 1 B. It was in math. This has been her nemesis all year. She just can't break the A mark. She is close though!
Jacob also needs his own toot toot as he scored straight A's in 5th grade! These are just the midterm grades and we will be crossing our fingers for A's at the end of school so they can both earn a reward. Jacob's gunning for a video game and Jayda a webkinz!

Jayda had a soccer game this evening and they put up a good fight against the best team in the league. The score was 5-4. Unfortunately, they lost. The coach hollered at Jayda the entire game. We couldn't figure out why...we figured he knows she can play well and he expects alot out of her. She got laid out on the field by a child who clipped her legs out from under her. She landed flat on her back and lost her wind. She got up, looked at me and was crying. I said, you can do it...keep going! She wiped her eyes and went right back on in there and played hard.

Jacob came home from the game and was on car washing duty! He did mine and then Michael's truck. It is Love Bug season and if you don't remove them, they eat your paint! They are a complete nuisance and a pain in the neck...Not to mention...disgusting! Read more about them at the link on the word love bug!

We watched American Idol together this evening! I loved the Neil Diamond songs.
However, I think that Brooke should go home.
David Cook is by far the best singer.
Syesha is cute but she is going to be a Broadway Star not a pop star.
David Archuletto is a crooner and will do well in that genre, but not going to win.
The dread lock guy, Jason, may also be on his way home. Toss up there.
Tomorrow Night, Niel Diamond will sing as will Natasha Bedingfield.

Well, that about covers it! I made some cards today and reorganized my scrapping area!
Here's one of the cards. It is on its way to Grandpa in Illinois.

Jayda read some of the blog tonight and she left a comment on go fly a kite.
Anonymous said...
you did a terrific job on your blog it looked like it took a long time to make. you need to keep making blogs because everyone likes them.i love you mommy.

April 29, 2008 7:50 PM

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Rachel said...

I loved reading Baby Jay's birthday story!! I also love all the pictures from the past 6 months. Especially the spit up pics!

As for AI, I loooove Jason Castro! I hope he gets another week!!

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