Monday, April 7, 2008

Temper, temper, temper...

Baby Jay must get that from his dad. {giggle giggle ha ha ha}

Today, baby Jay threw his first temper tantrum. It was so funny rather than giving into what he wanted, and I knew exactly what it was, I ran and got my camera!

As I have been feeding him lately, he takes about three spoonfuls and then starts throwing a fuss and acts as though he does not want to eat! So I backed off feeding him and thought we would try again today.

As we began, he would take a bite and say "mmmm". After a few bites he started whining and grabbing my hand with the spoon. I handed him the spoon and he promptly and happily stuffed it in his mouth! Then I needed it back to begin feeding him again. The second I took it from his hands, he began to scream, his face turned bright red and the tears flowed. I couldn't help it, I had to run for the camera and save this moment for a lifetime. More than likely, it is the first of many tantrums he will turn!

Well, he got his own spoon and I fed him with another....he all but licked the bowl clean!
On to other things,
First, I did not survive the first round of the Survivor game. I was voted off, or rather I did not gather enough votes to remain on the scrappin' island. Although, I will have to shamefully admit...I even voted for myself. (That's what I get for being so self-centered. haha)
Second, I have put in three projects to become a Design Team member. I am not crossing my fingers too tightly as the competition is fierce!
Third, I know here I gathered my creative talents. Check out what my mom created.

Her latest was the red one. She said it took her 5 or 6 hours to complete. She uses the tiniest glass beads you could imagine to make these.

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Linda said...

Wow, Those pics are so cute. That will be an adorable scrap page too. Your moms bracelets are very pretty. Good luck on the design team....

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