Friday, April 25, 2008

Playing hookie!

Jacob and Jayda did not go to school today. This morning, we went to Jayda and Jacob's schools they will be attending next year.
Since I will be on Maternity leave again, they are going to go to the school closest to us. It will be so hard for me to let them go this year. They have been with me at my school since they started in Kindergarten and I always knew what was going on with them each day...if I had to know. They are so well behaved at school that it was not ever necessary. I suppose they knew they would get it 10 times worse if they ever got into trouble at school! haha
It is going to be as if I am a first time mom letting my children go to kindergarten...although Jayda is headed to 4th and Jacob to middle school for 6th! YIKES!!!
Jayda's school seems fabulous. They were so helpful and friendly in the front office! I especially like that it is about 2 minutes from my house! YaY!
The middle school is a little bit more confusing. They did not want to register jacob yet and are going to wait til the summer.
I have a phone number to call to contact the head 6th grade teacher over at the school. It is such a huge transition in our lives. The children have traveled with me to my school for so long. The unknown is a little scary for me! Too funny! I am sure it will all turn out perfect!
Jayda wants to write her thoughts on her new school:
i think the school is different from my other school i went to. every classroom is apart from each other. it is not far from our house. they are so helpful to my mom.i think i will meet alot of friends at that school. the front office seems helpful.i think i will have fun at that school.

baby Jay and jacob were outside together. Baby Jay likes trees. He probably was trying to figure out how to climb it!

I then headed over to my mother's house to visit with the children. She was....beading yet again!

After, I took my car over to Tire Kingdom they had to look closely, but they said the belt was starting to wear. Once it was off, they said indeed it was cracked. So a little under 100 dollars car is running well! Jiffy Lube is to be commended. However, I would never have them work on my car. Just took it somewhere I trusted.

Picture of the day!

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Rachel said...

I bet that is hard! I am sure after being with them in school for so long and then sending them off all by themselves, that can't be easy!!

And like always...your kids are so beautiful!

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