Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Short and Sweet

Michael has informed me that I am writing entirely too many words on my blog and it is too long for him to have to read. Plus, he informed me that he already knew just about everything I wrote already
Hmmm....I did not realize I was writing this soley for his benefit. Nor did I realize that Michael had spent his spare time reading, "How to write someone else's blog". So in light of making his life easier here goes. Tongue in cheek...

I woke up. I went some places. I did some stuff. Jay is cute. I ate some food. I watched american idol. Then I wrote my blog. The end.

Thank you Michael for coming to my blog, I will see you tonight after you get home from work. Sell lots of buildings today! Mama(that's me!) wants a nice Mother's day gift! I love you sugar plum honey bunny!

Okay, everyone else interested stay tuned while we wait for Michael to vacate the blog...

Are you gone honey?

Not yet? What are you still doing here?

Oh, I see you are still just a little interested in what I am going to write?

Truly nothing very exciting happened. You are free to go.

It'll just be a few more seconds folks. He will be gone soon.

MICHAEL...what are you looking for? Spelling errors??? I'll double check. You can get back to work now. Don't you have to touch base with Orange County about that Ag use building???? Alright, bye honey, I love you!

Ok, so here goes. I woke up early this morning and got ready for my trip. Is it wrong if I tell you that I shave my legs before I go to Ocala? Now mind you it has been over a week sonce I shaved my legs! I didn't do it this past trip to Ocala. So today it was a must! I don't know why I don't shave regularly, I suppose I am just grateful I get a shower, what with the children and the baby and practices and life...

MICHAEL!!! What are you doing back? I know I misspelled since. It is not sonce. I was just testing you to see if you were still reading and sure enough there you are! Can't stay away can you?
You know you love everything I write...and especially when I talk about you and I post pictures of you!


Anyway, see what you get Michael when you criticize my blog...nothing but grief! hahaha

We had a lovely day today. Our trip to Ocala was wonderful. I am so lucky to have mom and dad carter in my life! It is not every daughter in law who gets such wonderful inlaws! I am truly blessed! Jay brought us home sandwiches for lunch. He was busy painting and doing work over at the Ocala Offices.

My mother and I were excited to get some much overdue shopping done in Ocala. They have some lovely stores there...especially Griffins! FUN!

The baby behaved like an angel and only cried when he was tired after lunch. He had lots of smiles and was more jovial than usual! I fed him squash for lunch and then he helped me eat a real live banana. I would spoon off teeny pieces and feed it to him. He loved it! Did you know, bananas smell the same coming up as they do prior to going down? Did you also know that bananas and squash come together to make a lovely orangish paste that flatters any ensemble one could wear? Furthermore, did you know that many have been known to appear in public shortly after said vomitting has ocurred? Did you ever see his and hers matching shirts? Baby Jay and I had matching outfits today, him a white onesie with a beach logo and "squash-ana" on a white shirt with "squash-ana" on the sleeve.

I didn't pick up a hitchhiker in the forest.

I did stop at an ice cream stand so my mom could have an icecream treat. I can't have baby is allergic to dairy protein.
{I have your change mother...I forgot.}

I didn't think our trip was long at all.

I did see a deer.

Michael's back reading...I could just tell so I was making it easy for him to read!

Mother, Mom, and I along with baby Jay headed out to Griffins, Hobby Lobby, and Bealls. The ladies had a wonderful day together and Mom Carter got to have another chance to do the grandmotherly thing with Jay. I snuck up on them in the store and Jay was just staring up at her so intently. It was such a sweet look he was giving her! He knows not how lucky he is to have so many people who love him!

But you already knew that Michael right? There you are again. Just reading, hoping I don't say anything to embarrass you. Don't worry my love bug oochy coo! I would never dream of it!

Our trip home was fun filled and again a speedy one having someone to talk to. When I dropped Mother off at her house, she and dad were preparing to go to dinner at La Hacienda. The best Mexican restaurant we know! I on the other hand had to go and get some much needed groceries!

Michael gave baby Jay his bath this evening again. His comment was, "I guess I am the bath giver now." I said it is a perfect time to bond with baby! Deep down I was thinking, Phew...I get a break! He handles Jay with ease and enjoys the time he spends with him.

No surprise on American Idol this evening. Although Brooke is adorable, she lost it the last two weeks. I hope next week the singing is a little better.

PS: To any and all readers, especially Michael. I was teasing with my husband throughout this. I loved hearing that he reads my blog everyday! I am sorry I wrote a lot yesterday. The truth is, when I sit down to write I have NO IDEA where the writing will take me. I just start and end when it feels right!

Picture of the Day:
This is what Jacob has been practicing lately.

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