Thursday, May 1, 2008


I could barely pull myself out of bed this morning! I missed exercise with my mother. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what the problem was with me and sleep last night. Then I remembered. I had dream after dream that was exhausting to me. Scary, busy, anxious, conflict, and emotional...
Hmmm, just like life right? It's a shame I had to live it during my resting period!

Jayda had her first playoff game tonight and she scored two goals. They won 6-2. She was more agressive this evening and wasn't taking anything from the two very pushy twin boys on the other team! It is two days until her luau party she is attending. She is so excited about that. She asked Michael tonight if she could take her friend{who invited her to the party} on the boat with her.

After school, Jacob volunteered to wash Michael's car. While he did that, I washed the playpen type fency thing I have for the house to keep baby Jay coraled. Jacob is a very good helper!

I played with Jay a lot this morning. He wanted all my attention and didn't even much like his car today. He rolled across the living room floor from one side to the next. If I put my hands behind his feet he will scooch forward some. I can see when he has my hands to push on that he has the idea what to do with his legs but not the strength yet to do it on his own!

He was out of sorts today...and it is no wonder. He has been constipated and really was uncomfortable all day. Yes, even despite the prunes! The iron in the cereal must be stopping him up somewhat.

Now feel free to exit if baby poopoo stories gross you out!

I changed his diaper no less than 10 times today. It seems he would push and push and push and out would come a rabbit pellet. Then, he wanted his diaper changed immediately. Half hour later or so, you would hear massive amounts of grunting and a baby with a red face pushing for his life. This repeated over and over again today.

This evening, Michael was preparing to give the baby a bath and Jayda was helping. She was watching him as Mike got the water ready. Michael undressed him completely and walked into the other room...yes you all know, Mistake #1. Shortly after, as I sit here at the computer catching up on email, I hear Jayda scream for Michael and seconds later a baby crying hysterically! I pick up and run for the back bedroom as fast as I could. I knew that cry, it was an "I have just been hurt bad cry".
I arrive to find michael stuffing a diaper against baby Jay's butt, Jayda telling me he started pooping and it was going to go on the bed, and baby is absolutely wailing. I pulled back the diaper to see what he was doing and he was really pushing hard to go and it was hurting his bumbum so much! Michael covered it back up...I told michael to quit pushing it back in! He finished up, Michael was dry heaving as he walked with it to the garbage to take it out of the house, and baby Jay was all smiles again!

TMI as Jayda would say...too much information.

Baby Jay has gone to sleep every night this week when I put him to bed. He may fuss a bit, but he eventually settles down. I hesitated to say anything as I did not want to jinx it. I kiss Jacob and Jayda goodnight and Jay helps me, he turns out the light with his toes.{He really does...if you saw his toes you could believe it!} Then, it is to his crib for bed.
When I place him in his crib, he imediately turns on his right side facing outward and places his feet up on his crib slats. He pulls his blankie tight to his face and suckles a bit on it. Here's his tiny precious feet!

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Stacy said...

Baby toes are so sweet. I LOL when I read your pooping story.

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