Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sit and Stay Jay

What an incredbly busy day!!! I was up and fixed breakfast by 9 am. Scrambled eggs and bacon.
10:30 am: Jayda had a soccer game. Lost...but it was a great game. Jayda scored a goal and played very well overall!
12:30 pm: Jacob has a baseball game. A child on the opposing team refused to tuck in his shirt and they forfeited in the second inning. What???? Apparently he was having zipper issues....
1:30 pm: Home and feed baby.
2:15 pm: Baby down for nap
2:30 pm: Pick up Marc from airport
4:45 pm: arrive home. Mike's bathing baby. Change babies clothes and head out to Jayda's second soccer game. Lost again. She did not play as well in this game. They were beat 4 to 3 and it was an awesome game.
6:15 pm: Arrive at my mothers for dinner Steak and potatoes! YUM! Way to go mom!
8:15 pm: Leave and stop at Abu's for lottery tickets.
8:30 pm: Home and nurse baby and put him to bed!
9:30 pm: check email.
10:00 pm: BLOG

Here I am!
Check this out!
Never mind, I sat and waited for over 2 and a half hours for the darn video to upload.
I have a headache now. Bummer.
Here he is clapping, sitting, happy!


Anonymous said...

Wow what a great day...glad I was part of it. I love your photos. I do not have white size 11/0 seed beads...guess where I am off to!

Stacy said...

Okay, I'm tired just reading about your day, LOL! Cute pics.

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