Thursday, May 22, 2008

A mouthful of firsts!

This week has been like a super baby roller exciting turn after another.
Baby Jay sits up.
Baby Jay claps.
Baby Jay waves hi.
Baby Jay says hi.
Then this morning, daddy is leaving for work and he says bye baby Jay and waves.
Baby Jay waves and says bye bye clear as anything!!!
Michael and I look at each other in disbelief.
He repeats it again and then claps for himself!
What a joy! A definite highlight and great way to start the day...but WAIT A MINUTE!!!
After school today, I have to go into my classroom and start to get things ready to box up and pack away.
As I am talking to my sub, Amanda Perkins whom taught next to me says, He's got his first tooth. I say, "WHAT?" She said yes, look here it is. He had been chewing on his remote control and it must have helped cut his first tooth. Sure enough, it was red and you could just see the tooth breaking through the skin.
Awe, my baby is growing up!
What a week!!!!
Waves and says hi
Waves and says bye bye
Gets his first tooth!

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