Tuesday, May 27, 2008

101 Posts!

Can you believe that I have created and written 101 posts?
No, I can't either!

Baby Jay cut another tooth on Sunday, and by Monday he was miserable. Crabby, and clingy, were a few choice words to describe him come evening time! I gave him some Tylenol before bed last evening. It had the opposite effect on him...he was bright and wild til about 11:30 pm! So if you were wondering why it has been so quiet here, well...it truly hasn't been quiet! LOL

The joys of motherhood!

Today, after Jay's morning nap, I went out with my mother. I took her on a beading expedition! We headed towards Michael's job because he needed some pictures from the camera! Sure, I could have emailed them...but my mother would have missed the two new bead stores we found! Well, Michael found one of them a while back and remembered where it was! Thank you Honey!

My mother treated to lunch and I had a delicious salad! The bread was to die for! Baby Jay ate some sweet potato-a real one!, bread and cheerios with us!

Jacob had his final game of the season. He lost this evening to a team they had previously beat. They were missing 4 kids though tonight! Two were a few of the best on the team and it was felt, especially in the pitching! Jacob even pitched in the last inning! He did well, the kids were hitting his pitches though and fielding was leaving a lot to be desired. Two pop flies were dropped. The inning dragged on and on. Poor jacob, but he held it together well!
The good news for me. SPORTS ARE DONE TIL FALL!!!! Jacob was asked to play on the all star team. I declined due to the fact it was such a fiasco last year! After a bunch of junk, dealing with crazy parents and coaches who were equally nuts, and spending 2000.00.....well you get the picture. At 11 years old, I am sure this will not hurt his future ball playing!
Jayda was asked to tryout for an under 11 girls traveling soccer team today, via email to me. I am declining that as well. Seeing as how during her last tournament, she was more interested in playing with the ice from the ice chest and spraying the fanning squirt bottle in her face on the bench thank she was playing on the field! Too young yet!

This evening I checked online for Jayda's FCAT(Florida Comprehension Assessment Test) Score. She scored a 4 in Reading and a high 4 in Math! They are required to score a three in order to pass. I hate that test. Let's leave it at that...My professional education opinion...and I can have one, because I am a teacher! hehehe
Jacob's scores will be out in a few weeks or so.

I am finishing up my Artistic Trading Cards which I will feature on my other blog on May 31. I have to have them in the mail by tomorrow to make the deadline!

I was working on a new layout this morning while Jay napped. It is titled, a day on the boat...but it is not complete yet. Here's a sneak peek!

I am sure there are 101 reasons why I blog...I just can't think of them all now!

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