Saturday, May 31, 2008

From fishing to space!

Baby Jay and I had a pleasant afternoon. He played, ate, napped, and I baked a cake for dessert for tonights dinner with my family!
Here he is again, with fists full of cheerios. Still can not connect with his mouth yet!

I updated my other blog, Limes 'N Coconuts, with tons of card pictures! I created another set of 5 summery cards and a graduation card for my nephew. I will post pictures of them tomorrow.
I made this card for Michael late last night before I went to bed, so he would find it this morning when he went to take his vitamins...just before he left the house to go fishing!

Speaking of fishing. Michael's Dad is coming down to go fishing with Michael, my brother Bryan, my Uncle Gordy, and supposedly my dad...but he doesn't fish and so he will probably cop out on them. Plus, he is definitely NOT an early bird. I guess he could always babysit Jay tomorrow. Hahahaha
While I am still on the topic of fishing...
Michael caught his first Snook today while fishing out of his kayak! As he was preparing to take the fish's picture, it came to life and flopped out of the kayak! Bummer, I love to see the fish since I can not be there in person! He was on the water before daybreak and home by 10 am!

Check me out!
I am featured on Creating Keepsakes Message Board!!!

Once to the sight, scroll down to the FYI section and I am the 3rd bullet!
Fun! It is nice to do something creative and someone actually notices...other than my adoring family! {laughing out loud!}

Which brings me to this...

I have met so many sweet and kind people via scrapbooking message boards. It is where I go to learn the latest and greatest in the scrapbooking world! I have received some lovely cards and thoughtful gifts via the mail. What comes around goes around!

What an exciting day! My brother and Aunt and Uncle and Cousin are all in for the week. My brother is staying with my parents and the others are staying at their second house here in Florida from PA!
Here they are!

Here's my mom getting dinner ready and you will see my brother in the back left of the photo.

He is one year older than me and married to his lovely wife, Stacey. She, unfortunately, could not make the trip this time! They live in North Carolina.

Here's baby Jay doing what he does best!

Then we all headed outdoors to watch the shutle launch!

If you haven't had enough shuttle, check out the You tube video of it!

I need your help! Read the excerpt from an email I received today!
I taught the little girl "lexee" this year in kindergarten. Her parents are trying to get/win a new roof!
Please help me help them!
Scroll down to the bottom of the page after you click the link!

"Hello Friends & Family, So here's the story, sorry its so long.......Todd and I bought our home 5 years ago, & at that time we decided like most of the old houses in our neighborhood that we should replace the roof (it only had one leak) but because we were doing lots of renovating it just seemed the perfect time to get it done. Well, that ended up being one of the worst decisions we could make!! The contractor that we used was unlicensed and hired guys from some drug rehab to do the labor! Of course, unbeknown to us. His crew had No experience doing roofing and ended up doing the shoddiest work you have ever seen. Now our new roof is completely worse than our old one! We have too many leaks to count and it is causing mold to build up on the ceilings. Olivia, our oldest daughter has severe asthma and this is a huge health risk for her. We can't claim it through our insurance because he was not licensed so its not covered. To sue him for this would most likely cost the same as to put a new roof on by the time we were done with attorney fees and court cost & who wants that hassle! So about a month ago we saw a contest on TV called "I NEED A NEW ROOF". We made a video & sent in some photos and also wrote an essay ( & We did ALOT of praying). To us, this would be just as good as winning the the lottery. We can't afford $15,000 for another new roof! WE WERE CHOSEN! Along with 3 other families. This is where each one of you come in. We are on the web site and whoever receives the most votes will win a new roof. WE NEED YOUR VOTE!!! Please go to and vote for us, we are finalist #3. Its a picture of Todd & me, he's wearing his cop uniform Please, Please, Please!! Forward this email to all your friends, family & co-workers, WHOEVER!. The contest ends at the end of next week! So VOTE soon! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, We greatly appreciate it! Sondra, Todd, Olivia & Alexandra aka, LexeePS. We were told that the essay was only to be 100 words or less (not everyone followed the rules). So when you read ours you will understand why ours is so short.( & I hate the pic of me! Worst picture he took, Oh well!)"


rairie said...

Wow to the scrapping layout. The Blog is super. I need to work on mine...when I am not cooking.

Stacy said...

Great pics of the shuttle launch. Wow, I can't imagine being able to see that. I don't think I would get tired of it!

Samantha said...

Cool beans! I've seen the space shuttle land, but have not seen it take off. Re-entry rocks!!

Debbie (midway) said...

Awww Jessica baby Jay is just so precious!! Love all your pictures, and wow girl you get to see the shuttle take off right out your door? Wow!

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