Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My sweet baby boy.
He talks to me, giggles at me, reaches for me, screams at me, whines at me, cries at me, wants me, plays with me. I have a very busy boy on my hands. He's not even walking or crawling for that matter!

I spent the day trying to clean up and straighten up around the house in between feedings, changings, and more feedings, playings, etc. Michael walked through the door and the baby was just in his diaper as he had just finished eating and had it allll over his clothes. He had only moments earlier pulled my hair half out of the hair holder and was drolling all over me. Michael walks in and takes one look at me and says with genuine pity in his voice, "did you have a rough day?" Ugh, kind of.

But I would not change it for the world! I loved the smiles, the giggles, the waves, the squeals, the screams, and the cries! I love everyday with him!
So, I didn't get the house sparkling or dinner on the table. Cereal is just as good for dinner as it is for breakfast, at least my husband thinks so....THANK GOODNESS!!!

{As he sits here at his high chair banging his rattle on it as hard as he can!}
Such a joy!

Michael has been out in the garage for the last hour retying knots on his fishing poles getting ready for his weekend excursion out on the water. My mother informed me that the tropical depression is making its way towards Florida...wait a second, I just went and looked at the weather...not to panic. We could only hope to be so lucky with rain!

It might might not rain. It's Florida and the meteorologists are lucky that they are not paid based on performance!!!

Always when they start talking about Hurricanes here, it makes me uneasy. I will never forget when we had 4 hurricanes in a row. Prepare one weekend, next weekend it hits, clean up only to prepare for next the following weekend, next weekend hurricane...and on and on. It is however, where I discovered that whilst others gathered up necessities...I headed to Albertson's and got black licorice and coconut jelly belly jelly beans and my hurricane drink. I wouldn't buy food because it would go bad in fridge and I couldn't stand to be in house after as I didn't have electricity. I hated that the most, waking up with your sheets clinging to your skin with the heat and humidity. Horrid! Well, crossing fingers we don't go through that again.

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Loved your videos...what are you doing tomorrow???

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