Friday, May 9, 2008

What does it mean to be a mom...

...right now,
In this moment.

Being a mom means:
* Making sure hungry bellies are full and satisfied.
* Teeth are brushed.
* Encouraging the best grades in school.
* Laying down the law and grounding when necessary.
* Setting expectations high.
* House cleaning.
* Shuffling children to sporting events.
* Cheering said children on.
* Grocery shopping.
* Dinner making.
* Hug giver.
* Homework helper.
* Teachable moments, about life in general, even the birds & bees, and Santa Claus.
* Dooling out chores.
* Making sure said chores are done correctly.
* singing songs, such as "A your Adorable, Eency Weensy Spider, Good Morning..."
* Reading books aloud.
* Changing diapers.
* Wiping up spit up.
* Planning babies diet with jars of food.
* Laundry, laundry, laundry.
* Dodging a baby in a walker car, he'll run me down.
* Taking lots of pictures.
* Baby lotion, hydrocortisone, aquaphor, A & D Ointment, baby wipes.
* Lots of bibs!
* Sweet baby giggles and cries for wants.
* Carter's clothing.
* Tough love.
* Making time for each of the children.

I need to work on that last one. Jayda Mae is acting out...or getting older..or just being a plain ol' pain in the tookus!
Perhaps she needs more of my attention, or I need to revisit the trusty old wooden spoon! LOL Somewhere in between is probably the best. For now, she pays in days away from the TV. Torturous for sure for one who loves to cuddle up for a few minutes everyday and watch reruns of the old star wars movies!

I believe there are areas I need to improve on, as a mother. I resolve to put more time and effort into being a well rounded mom, rather than one so focused on baby and me!

Being a mom is not always easy. I long for the days of tiny babies who looked up at me and just adored me every waking minute. I see it in Baby Jay. The look of absolute love. Now, if I get through a day without an eye roll or something mumbled under their breath or flat out is a miracle!

PS: Thank you mother for wishing this on me. Don't forget, I know the best nursing homes in Florida. Ignore the urine smell and patients wailing. They are ok, you'll be very happy there! snicker, snicker, snicker

Picture of the Day:
Jayda in an all out pout!

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