Friday, May 30, 2008

Sail Away!

I feel like packing things is going to never end at school! I managed to pull out another 16 boxes. I believe that is correct! That's 32 boxes so far! The good thing is they are completely redoing our elementary school over again and everyone has to move. So the school is providing boxes, and they sure are nice ones! I have taken it to Michael's office for storage. I have some big things to get yet, like my rocking chair, shelves, etc.

Then it was off to drop the children off at their father's house. It has been a quiet evening as baby Jay had his bath around 8 pm and went to bed shortly after that. Speaking of, he is just rousing...let's hope he puts himself back to sleep! Michael is fiddling around back in the room and probably made too much noise. Oh well...

The baby was so cute this evening! We were outside watching Michael get ready for his Kayak fishing fun tomorrow morning. Michael put the baby up in the kayak and I had to run and get the camera!

Here he is clapping at himself! It's his one great big trick he can do!

Check out the teeth in this picture. You will have to click on the photo to enlarge it!

Look how precious that face is...and guess who he is looking at with complete adoration in his eyes!

Across the street, our neighbors are baby sitting their granddaughter and she was out for a walk. She is just one and sooo cute! baby Jay squealed at her and made his fists go round and round with excitement when he saw her. Then he clapped at her and giggled. He wanted to touch her so bad, but she is sick and cutting lots of teeth. We kind of kept our distance!

I completed a set of six notecards I think I am going to post on and sell. I am going to put together some cards and post them there. It will be fun to create for more than creating's sake! Plus then maybe I can talk my mom into dropping some of her gorgeous beads into my store...of course the store owner will need kickbacks when those bad boys she is making sell!!! I also am putting together Jayda's invitations for her birthday party! She is turning 10 this year!!!! Holy Smokes!

Here was Jay today:


rairie said...

I still cannot get my pictures wonderful like your pictures...however I am learning all the time and someday I will be as good a blogger as my daughter.


Q said...

ooh!! etsy shop with your notecards and your mom's creations - can't wait!!!

Baby Jay is so adorable! :)

Rachel said...

I really think that you could sell your cards on Etsy!! They're always adorable!

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