Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today was a day like any other, I just don't feel inspired to write. While the baby napped, I worked my knuckles to the bone today working on ATC's Artistic Trading Cards. They are 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Tiny! I am doing all cutting by hand...much like what a Cricut Expression could do. Only I have invested 7 hours so far with what that bad boy could have whipped out in 1/2 an hour. I guess it is the process...
I have one completed and it is adorable! I can't post it yet though because they are secret until unveiled!

Baby Jay was his sweet self today! We played alot and he is more fun to interact with.
Our day starts out like this:
Up and nurse.
Change diaper and get dressed.
Come out and place baby in his walker while I eat breakfast.
Feed baby fruit...prunes today.
Then followed by Cheerios! He LOVES these.

Then it is to the front room where we play on the floor for some time.
I videoed him trying to sit up...he does it for about 2 minutes and then forgets he needs to hold himself up! BLAM...onto his head. The good thing is he has his wits about him and holds himself from slamming onto the floor.
After that it is time for his morning nap.
Up from his nap and playtime.
After we play, I feed him his lunch.
He has been going back to sleep about 12:30ish and then it is up and time to nurse.
Off to pick up kids and then...
he is along for the ride. Depending on what we have for that evening.
His dinner is served around 5.
8 pm bath.
Nurses and bed.

Then I blog, scrapbook, catch up on email,straighten up, etc.
I also updated my Limes 'N Coconut blog, check it out.

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