Thursday, May 8, 2008


I accomplished a few things I had to have done for the weekend! I spent a great deal of time today playing with the baby. He is such a joy and cracks me up so much!
He is growing and changing at a break neck speed! He rolls from one side of the room to another. He wriggles around to get where he wants to go. I guess he didn't get the memo about crawling...or sitting up for that matter. Although he is getting the hang of it...but then he topples over like a game of Jenga at it's fateful moment. Or more simply put, a tree falling over...TIMBER!

He sat himself upright and I couldn't help but grab my camera! He proceeded to reach for the rug and nearly fell out. His straps held him in and they must have put a serious tug on him cause he started wailing! He could not pull his body back up!

Well, update on the sleeping "issue". Last night he went to bed as usual. He woke up at 2:30 am as usual. He then slept through until 7:30 am with out a single whimper. I guess he realized the doctor and I are on to his game now!
Well, tonight is a new night. He is cranky tonight. I am assumming his shots are kicking in. They are very red and swollen at the sight. Poor little guy, but I am protecting him against horrors we can not even begin to imagine!

This evening my mother had us over for dinner! It was delicious and she outdid herself again. She always has red peppers for our salad. Every one takes a spoonful, but I must take them....all!!!! I so love sweet red peppers!

While we had dinner, I gave baby Jay his first cheerios! Mike had to put them in his mouth. He couldn't pick them up on his own, he only played with them. Once in his mouth, he would say "ummm-ummm-ummm-ummm" as he soggied them up to swallow. He was totally gumming them and really putting on quite the show! At one point, Michael did not pick one up and put in his mouth, so he placed his head on the tray and was chasing them around with his mouth! But to no avail!

In light of the upcoming weekend, I am beginning to psych myself up for my big day on Sunday! I hope for prizes!! I love prizes! What you ask am I talking about? Why, it is Mother's Day.
I wish for scrapbooking money or stuff.
I wish for a external hard drive to house the thousands of pictures I take.
I wish for breakfast in bed.
I wish for scrapbooking money or stuff.
I wish for sweet projects made at school from my children.
I wish for a trip out on the boat.
I wish for scrapbooking money or stuff.
Wait, did I say that last one already?

I am feeling good today and am excited about that!

Picture of the day:
Brothers being Brothers!

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