Friday, May 16, 2008


Baby Jay loves Mango baby food!!!
I first discovered this interesting tidbit yesterday.
I sat down and fed him some green beans. He finished a large jar of it and I started him on his dessert.
Mangos. I wanted to give it to him early in the day should he have an allergic reaction to this new food. I only gave him 1/2 a jar, as I knew he would be getting full!
Well, when it was done, I signed to him, "all done". He started screaming and his fists were going and his feet were was obvious he wanted more! So I fixed the other half of the jar. I sat down and his mouth was wide open until I put the next bite in! He finished a large jar of green beans and mango!
I took along breakfast and went to my mother's this morning to visit. Adults-donoughts. baby Jay-squash and mango. He ate the squash all up. Then I said to my mother, "watch this. He loves mango!" She began to feed him and after his first bite he was manipulating his tongue like he was trying to get every last bit out of the flavor! He was even licking it off of the outside around his mouth trying to get at it! He finished the whole jar and was completely satisfied.
I am sure it is hard to understand by me just telling you, but it is definitely worth seeing a little boy, a high chair, and a jar of mango!

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