Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hurry Up, catch up!!!

It's hot here in Florida today, and I mean hot! Flirting with the 90s! would never catch me in this outfit!!!

Sorry I have been away so long! I simply have not felt up to thinking and writing and posting pictures. Today I am about not long now.

I have so much exciting news to catch you up on and I don't know if I will remember it all. But I will try!

Friday night went to bed feeling sore and chilled. Wake up and feel even worse than when I went ot bed. Blame it on the long walk on Friday and get up and into the shower after two ibuprofen. Out and not feeling any better. Mike tries to talk me out of going but I was not copping out again!

We head over to the Tomoka State Park for a ride on the creek(pronounced crick or creek depending on US locale!). I felt awful all day but put on the happy face because I thought I was just sore from my walk. Moving on. After I backed the boat out we waited for Mike to park the tahoe and come get on.

I would definitely cry too!

It was a beautiful ride. I am surprised we did not see more wildlife.

Well, this was just before Michael got out and pushed us out of some shallow water. It was low tide and we need a push out!

It just so happens the day we were out they were doing a river clean up. I saw a girl on a kayak bring in a huge bag of trash and an old rusty carburator. Unfortunately, while cleaning up they also brought in a dead manatee. I had no idea what it was when I took the pick, I thought it was an alligator.

I love manatees and this was so sad to see!
Speaking of, we saw some real manatees next to our boat today! That is rare! I was so ill that I really could not have cared.

Ok, catching up a little more!
Jacob had a mudwalk. I am stil trying to figure out why they would traipse 5th graders through mud to ruin shoes, clothes, and so on is beyond me. I guess in the name of fun!
Here's Jake stripping it off outside! I threw the whole kit and caboodle away. It stunk!

Here's the baby trying to escape his bouncy seat. He has figured out he can wriggle free, so he has to be locked in!

Soccer Game, Jayda's team loses 12-1. Walking off the field she says, "The score was 12-1. We got beat. But there is no mercy in the playoffs!" She's 9. I just giggled! Jayda scored the only winning goal. I was asked if she could participate in a tournament in a couple weeks on a different team. She is with her dad that weekend so....who knows.

Baby Jay loves the warm air and all the action at the park.

Check out the hair blowing in the breeze!!! Too cute. You can feel the thicker hair coming through. It may be curly like mine!

Hanging with Daddy!

Supersize Water bottle=the most fun!

As for today, Baby Jay had his 6 month appointment.
He weighs 20.1 pounds
His head circumference is 45 cm.
He is 29 3/4 inches tall.
Wearing 18 month clothing.
We discussed his sleeping habits. Baby Jay has a "habit" of waking at 3 am and demanding his "pacifier" until 630 am when he falls into deep sleep. I am his pacifier and its not good! Three nights to break a habit...look out crying here we come!!!

Hopefully the blog will be back on schedule tomorrow!

"I decided to take these on the walk to the hotel from work tonight.
You can pretty much take a picture of something interesting every 50 yards or so.
The one that says 'Royal Courts of Justice' is where they held the trial concerning liability in Princess Diana's death. That happened about a month ago. The others were just cool pictures. I know your favorite was of Gizmo and Jackie. In fact, you were probably saying if that's all I sent, $&^%@ until you saw London.
Today was the best weather I've seen here. Absolutely perfect.
I plan to return home May 17. No specific time yet.
So, do I get cat pictures in exchange?
There will be more (and better) pictures coming.


Picture of the day:
Grrrr...he's a savage! hahahaha

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Rachel said...

Glad you're continuing to feel better! I've missed your updates! And the mud walk? i would have loved that as a fifth grader, but as a teacher I would never take a whole class of 5th graders out! What brave teachers he has :)

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