Monday, May 19, 2008


This morning I ran a few errands and then picked my mother up for a day of fun. We went on a Bealls and Big Lots search! She was looking for deals on senior discount days and I was looking for scrappy stuff. No luck on my end! But my mother found a few deals! We had such a wonderful time!
We met up with Mike at VariAsian. It is a sushi bar and buffet. She called Michael on the phone and said, "Would you think your mother in law is trying to buy your love if she takes you to lunch?" He couldn't say no to her! Well, when push came to shove, there was no way he would leave her pay! As much as we go to her house for dinner...we could not allow it. PS: I love that she invites us so often!

I keep thinking it is too much myself, but then I remind myself she is going to be gone for over 3 months back to the PA house! With gas the way it is, I don't know whether or not we will be taking that trip this summer.
I just checke donline for flights from ORL to DuBois and it is 219.00 per person roundtrip. Times three...well you do the math, it's alot!

Well, that and we'd need to rent a bus to travel my family around town...with a carseat and stroller... LOL!

After stopping at the post office, Mother and I picked up the children and she treated them to McDonald's! She had an iced coffee. I was still zinging around after having iced tea for lunch on a caffeine buzz. I am so not used to caffeine since being off it so long with baby. It was kind of fun to have that shaky caffeine rush happening! hahaha

Baby Jay was a treat today! He was so adorable at lunch. He was eating banana off of chopsticks which I was feeding him! He loved it and was squealing with frustration because I was taking too long to get it to his mouth!!!
Michael and mother have pics they need to send me. I will post them when they do!

I had another fabulous day and tomorrow. It is cleaning house day. I am attacking one room at a time and doing MAJOR baby proofing. It is that time!

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