Monday, May 5, 2008

What's up Doc???

I am feeling only a smidge better.
I took Michael's help and my parents help today. Michael picked up the children and delivered them to my mother's house. She fed them and took them to practice.
I figured I needed to allow people to help me. Usually, I do it myself. Another sure sign, I am still not well.
Now, about my mother...the woman got a migraine this afternoon and STILL took my children!!!!!!!
Thanks mom, I owe you yet again!!!!
You get better mom, and I will get better and then we can go and do things again. It is after all a new Month and we can go to lunch soon right????
When we feel better.

Baby Jay likes carrots, but he likes me to feed him real bananas especially!

What's Up Doc?


Rachel said...

Look at those eyes!! Goodness gracious he is CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a Michaels coupon and know how to use it. Get well so we can go together!

jadadog said...

awww what a sweetie! Are you feeling better? I hope so! Glad you have deserve a little R&R...

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