Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So behind!

Okay...if you ware wondering whats been going on...I will do my best to catch you up!
Going back a ways....
Jayda's field trip to St. Augustine...
This was her friend who she is good pals.
Jayda's teacher.
My group on the field trip.

Entrance to St. Augustine
At the indian museum

In a gift shop
a peacock at the fountain of youth
oldest living resident of st augustine

one of only several castles built in st augustine, it is now the ripley's believe it or not museum

I was so lucky to be able to go with Jayda on this trip! There are some fabulous things to see in St Augustine and a must see for every Florida traveler!

That night was the beginning of the girl scouting weekend which was so awesome...check out this post HERE!
While you are at here sight, you may have noticed she has completed several more badges! She is working on her bronze award...the highest honor of the junior girl scout!
Then some time along the way I helped Jacob create this squid for a science project...

Jay continues to do very very funny things! The latest is this affection with my shoes...the higher the heel the better in his opinion!
He is very secure in his manliness!

Speaking of his new ones????

He loves helping his dad with his work. I do not know if this is a reciprocated feeling....

The bib on the head seemed like a lot of fun to him! You will see he is bending over in his chair trying to see around the camera. He is so fascinated at looking at himself on the screen! Makes it hard to photograph or video.

This past weekend we celebrated Memorial Day. Our country is free because of the men and women who put their lives on the line for ours. In honor and memory of those who have sacrificed their lives for ours, the girl scouts helped place flags at the cemetery. I also helped out. I was going along just fine...and then I saw a tombstone for an 18 month old little boy and I literally began sobbing. I do not know why for certain...and I was alone thank goodness...but it just tore my heart to think of the little baby who is gone and a mother whose heart was breaking. I suppose I cried for his mother. Any way, I do not know if it had any meaning to Jayda...she was a brat when we got home. LOL She is so MY daughter!

We spent memorial day at my parents pool where jay has really taken to swimming while in his froggy. He can kick his feet and make himself move around the pool! My mother surprised me with a cool relaxing drink of a frozen mixture of margarita mix with coconut rum....WOWSERS! So cool and refreshing! I had a picnic here at the house! My parents came over early and we had a chip party and other the time dinner was served we were so full!!! Although, we all saved room for a hotdog and BIG GEORGES hot dog sauce! Yeah...I have that recipie...I need to perfect it though. I am thinking, along with mom and dad, that Martha did NOT drain the grease from it and used the cheapest ground beef available. Next time, I will not get the good ground beef and will forget about draining it! LOL!

I went to the flea market with my mom today. It has been over three weeks since I have been! I got some scrapbooking treats and then peaches, bananas(which I dropped on my mothers drive way DARN IT! I hate bruise!), apples, and onions. I am totally whacky for onions...I have no just started recently! I also bought 7 herb plants at the flea markey for a dollar a piece! I am thinking of starting a garden in my courtyard. First thing I am going to plant...onions. Well, after the herbs that is!

Okay, that's just a touch of the surface...but hope you enjoy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Teenage Mortification Material!

Just decided to blog...I am sure the little man child will awaken from his nap...cause that's my luck.
Well, rather than complaining, I should just shut up and type!

Okay, with that said, I am gearing up for a busy Friday! Field trip to St. Augustine with Jayda's class will have Michael as Mr. Mom + Day Care for Jay. He is going to have to juggle an appointment and watch Jay. He is not complaining as we are thrilled for the prospect of a sale!
My mother is filling in while he is away. However, her ever increasing busy life in her new community has her running from one event to the next...tomorrow is no exception.

I am thrilled how quickly they have moved into and become part of this community. It keeps her off my back and not nagging me. Hahahaha-just kidding! It actually keeps her from spending time with me! Although, I am thinking I might go along with her to some events...would up the anty on my social life, that is for sure!

Man child is up...will have to complete later!

Let's get this started right off...
Now, you may remember the Easter morning video...yeah, kind of obnoxious! Well, now you will understand that it is indeed genetic and obviously being passed right on down...

Yeah, he loves to perform.

Not only does he have a refined sense of music but also recognizes fine jewelery and is capable of calling it pretty...although it comes out "pritleeee".
You will notice he thinks his wearing of this is wonderful...
Even went so far as to say pretty...or pritleeeee.
Then, it is as if his man brain kicks in and his brain registers perhaps it may be pretty but not something he should be wearing.
With this look, he is sure I have gone over the deep end by thinking that photographing him with my necklace on is nothing if not just wrong! hahaha

Needless to say, I still think it is pritleee!

While I am going ahead and posting pics that will mortify him one day, I figure I might as well just push it as far as I can.
Saturday, Jayda had a luau birthday party to attend. I pulled out the luau gear I had in the closet and Jay found it worthy of his attention! As a matter of fact, he loved shaking it!
This face was him talking to me about the plasticy things on his neck.
You will see his delight and joy at being such a hula hula boy!

Now, isn't that fun? Who wouldn't love to put one of those on and dance around...go ahead and admit you would enjoy it too!

Let's see...what else can I do to mortify him?
Oh yeah...this past week, he had had a couple of positive interactions with the potty! He made it to the potty for a #1...and then a couple days later, he was going to hide and I suggested he go use the potty and he agreed. We headed back and hopped on the Thomas the Train toilet seat. He proceeded to sit and talk and avoid the impending bodily function. Michael hollered back to give him some reading material...and interestingly enough, Jayda brought a book about vehicles called, Baby's things that go...seriously...that's what it is called. I know, IRONIC! But it worked!!!! A minute later we were talking about a motorcycle and it happened. I even took a picture of it. I know...motherhood is a sick sick sick world to be in the middle of!

Other than that....not much more...
I need to get out more...after rereading this...I may be a bit off kilter. hahahaha

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's time!

Time to talk about my mother! Better late than never! (it seems everything I do is blogged about days later anymore!)
Okay, now if you were to eaves drop on a conversation about my mother when I was a would have heard such comments as:
"I am not allowed to go because my mother feels like I will be guilty by association."
"My mother is a real, live, breathing Hitler."
"I am a slave in my own house."
"I can not go on a date with you, I have to watch the dogs for my mother this weekend."
Yes, I said that....hahahaha I was made fun of for months and months after that!
But you also would have heard me say, "Yeah, I know my mom is pretty cool." "Mrs. Rairie...yes that's my mom!"
It was a classic love hate relationship growing up! I remember distinctly, as I stomped upstairs yelling, I will NEVER treat my children as horribly as you treat which I ended up in my bedroom slamming my door...but dang it, my door never slammed! My house was built in the early 1900's and the door always caught gently and never slammed. So I would open it again and slam really really really hard. But alas, to no avail! Somehow it felt better just to express myself. hahaha Except that time I breathed the word bitch in refering to her as I headed up the stairs. I do not know how in the H-E-double hockey stick her hand reached from the kitchen to the stairwell to slap me across the face but it did!
This is especially good to travel back down this lane and remember as my children make me insane today.
Take for instance Jayda....answers my phone. A woman asks to speak with me. Jayda says I am not home and I will call her back later. Never took a name, never got a number. Okay, you can imagine what I am thinking!!!
An hour later, the phone is the computerized school calling informing me, Jayda owes 1.75 to the cafeteria. This was to be taken care of two weeks ago.. She has the $$ she has a note....she has not turned it in. I went ape over it!!! She had lost the privilage to buy anymore for the rest of the year a week ago. she lost a week of TV(a fate worse than death), she had to do laundry(and it is Jacob's week), and she had to clean her room again (for good measure). I had Michael dole out the punishment...because if I did...well let's just say Michael would be kinder.
To remember that we were all like that at one time. They are still normal, they will grow out of it and become productive citizens one day.

I have been lucky enough to have my folks transplant to Florida, about 8 -10 minutes away. This has brought us so much closer as a family and as friends!
This past Saturday, I had my parents for dinner and celebrated mother's day early because we were going to go out on the boat Sunday. I cooked for them for a change...LOL.
My mother brought me a stunning "Mother Daughter Friend" Necklace! I loved it so much. Check it out HERE!
Now, when reading the comments above you may be wondering WTH???
Let me fill in some blanks.
My mother has become my best friend. Simple as that!
I look forward to our day trips and outings and lunches out at new and exciting places! Like Today HERE! Aunt Catfish's on the Water in Port Orange! Just after we hit the Beall's Outlet-it's Monday(for the 55+ set) then down to the bead store looking for mom's perfect red bead, and then off to lunch...after a few funny wrong turns down the residential area! Oops. Then it was finally a relaxing lunch overlooking the inter coastal and finally understanding what the pediatrician meant by winning the battles every time. Jay is becoming assertive these days. It was a brief irritation involving raisins and wanting to stand up in his high chair. Both of which provided him the opportunity to squeal, me to say NO, and my mother to say...just ignore him. hahaha
I would have to say, the funniest part of the ride was when Jay kept saying "OH BAYBEEE"! Oh yeah, and that side trip down that residential area...
Where did he learn "OH BAYBEEEE" anyways????
Did I mention how delicious my hush puppie was at lunch??? I oohed and ahhed and my mother gave me hers! See there....that's what I am talking about.
She leads me down the wrong way, I don't get mad, we laugh a lot at ourselves and she shares her hush puppie with that's LOVE!
I suppose she is just buttering me up so when she's old and needs her depends cleaned...I will be the one. Heck, I think I am the most qualified out of anyone to do it. I have had plenty of practice and might add I am pretty good at it.
Mother, I love you!
On a side mother's mother died 27 years ago on Mother's Day. So Mother's Day always kind of stinks for my mother. We still so fondly recall and talk about her as if she passed but only a year ago. I have promised my mom a trip during May just she and I. I want to take her to NYC but I would go anywhere with her!

PS: For those of you wondering about my other Mom...I hit the freaking JACKPOT with my Mother in Law, whom I fondly refer to as Mom. I only wish she lived closer. Michael's mom and dad went to a wedding in Illinois this past weekend, so i wasn't able to spend time with her. Here's a big hug Mom...catch it!

Sorry no pictures...not on Saturday, not on the boat...hmmmm. Slacker!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My new car!

We got the Honda Accord LX-P. How much fun! Such a great deal! Courtesy Honda was FABULOUS to work with!
Here's a wonderful video from consumer reports to give you the lowdown!

Jayda's Award!

My Jayda, so unsure of herself...yet such a wonderful student...this is her second time being honored as student of the week.
Both she and Jacob have adjusted to schooling out here and away from my old school where I taught. Friends are the best and biggest change...and they have chosen some very nice ones! YAY
Well, we are waiting on Jay to get up from his nap to go car hunting. I wanted to wait until December, when no one was buying and you can get a great deal. But, alas, the car had other plans...the transmission went out. Well, only the reverse does not work. I thought it would be interesting to drive a car with out reverse. I bet it could be done. All in the name of being frugal. After all, the car only has 60,000 miles on it. (Oh that's is nearly 10 years old though!) It is the car my parents sold me. It is a lemon and I want my money back. hehehehe The dealer warned me of this impending doom when I had it in to be checked why it clunked when I put it into reverse. He said, "if it is what I think it will be very expensive to fix and I suggest you just drive it til it quits." Now, being a woman...I understand what he means about quits. LOL
My mother and I were not real happy about coming straight home from our quick trip to Ormond for shopping and LUNCH OUT! I thought I could just park so I didn't have to put it in reverse. Michael thought otherwise. He said I needed to come home. PARTY POOPER!

Oh well, here is what we are looking at:

Will keep you posted!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Where to begin!?

Let's begin April 23rd. We have been very usual! Maybe even more so!
Mother had found some new Stride Rite shoes at Beall's Outlet and got them for him. You may remember the story of how Jay's very first pair of shoes cost 56.00 or some silly thing like that. In the meantime, I began to see them at Beall's Outlet when I went with my mother. They were only 19.99 there. So, this has begun the treasure hunt of Jay's shoes. Besides, who doesn't like a treasure hunt...or an excuse to shop???
Jay is absolutely in love with the outdoors. Wakes up in the morning, first thing he wants to do after having his juice is go OUTSIDE! Grabs his shoes and first asks nicely, then ups the anty by beginning to raise his voice, proceeding into fits of mass hysteria(in which you can interrupt him and ask him to sing a song...stops dead whine and begins to sing a rendition of the Barney song, only to hurry back into his hysterics) On this particular morning, we put on his brand spanking new size 9 shoes. I wanted to get a picture of his shoes, you will notice in the first pic he thought we were simply going out doors. His excitement over this turned for the worse immediately when he realized I was holding up the OUTSIDE process.

This particular day, the 23rd, was officially my mother's birthday. She and I planned a fun day of shopping and sushi for lunch! We first stopped at the bead store

and then headed over to the home store, looking for the perfect picture for her bedroom. Then it was on to lunch!

We all enjoyed our lunches! A little too much, I was stuffed.

Later that day, you will find Jay OUTSIDE! Go figure. This time, after he had played and got overheated I turned on the sprinklers for some water usual my talking in the background is annoying...

Even later that evening, OUTSIDE once again. Michael was preparing the Kayaks for a trip out which will include Jay. So we had to rig a seat for him.

On the 28th, Jayda had a field trip to the Historic Courthouse Museum. Where we were treated to the most fascinating artist presented to us by phenomenal docent's (the corps of volunteer guides who staff museums and other educational institutions. Docent is derived from the present participle (docens, docentis) of the Latin word doc─ôre, meaning "to teach".) You can see what we learned by clicking HERE!
If you click on the pictures you can learn more about the history of Florida through the artist Jackson Walker. I highly recommend you take the time and learn a little more about this artist and his artwork. The children were absolutely enthralled by the paintings and learned a little more about their Florida! Jayda loved having me on the field trip with her! She has a great class and I loved being part of this field trip. Next up...Jake's field trip to sea world! Then back again with Jayda's class to St. Augustine!
Friday May 1 was field trip day to Sea World. We left the school at 815 am and arrived back at 745 pm...what a long, fun, totally awesome day! I had four great children in my group!

You will notice a very typical theme for Jacob in this photo. He is my old soul in a little man's body! While the other boys are silly, Jacob just never quite seems to go there. Or rather, I should say...he knows when to be silly and when to be serious! He is my "forward thinking boy"...using his words. Defined, "I think about things before they happen and decide what I should do." Yes, he is my forward thinking child! (Crack me up!)
I MADE them ride the merry go round with me!!! hehehehe
It was fun and they were funny and I think they loved it!
At least I did!

Here are some shots of my favorite part of the day! I mean really...Shamu show is amazing! I can not imagine a single person, be it child or adult that does not leave that place inspired. The music, the story, the mammal, the trainers, the audience...amazing.

The place was jam packed, we were there 45 minutes early and the boys literally had front row seats in the soak zone! I sat up about 15 rows. Unfortunately, for the boys, Shamu refused to soak our section...did it feel my desperate pleas of not getting soaked with salt water?

Michael was the perfect Mr. Mom these past three days! Friday he watched Jay as I went to the field trip, then Saturday I left for a weekend getaway with my teacher friends. We were celebrating Mary's bachelorette party! Michael took jay and went to Ocala! Jacob and Jayda were with their dad this weekend. It was a great weekend for us all!
I arrived at the beach at around 10 am and we went out to the store to get some food and beverages! Hung out by the pool and at the beach, caught up on all the goings on, laughed, ate delicious food-I had wahoo shashimi and it just may be my favorite fish now!, went back to the beach house and danced, laughed and played games! What a great time for everyone!

Two other girls took TONS of pictures but I only got this one! It is blurry, but this is Mary!

We all wore matching shirts out to dinner...they had an iron on with her picture and the words Mary's Miracle! That's what she calls her upcoming marriage! She is 59 and had been single for 24 years when she met the man of her dreams on!

Sunday we hung out at the beach and RELAXED! Such a great time.

Then we had dinner at my mother's house Sunday evening! Steak on the grill and corn on the cob. I swear I had the best steak I have ever eaten! So yummy!!!! Jay ate an ear of corn. The funniest thing was out of the blue he used the corn cob and totally started singing like it was a microphone...complete with the facial expressions like he was rocking out!
So funny!

Jay turned 18 months on the 29th. I can't believe it!!!
He weighed 29.4 lbs. He was 36 inches tall! He is just at the 90th percentile for weight and off the charts for height. The doctor predicted he will be anywhere between 6'2"-6'4" as an adult should he continue on the growth chart as he has been. The doctor asked how many words he was saying. I said I was not sure but he wakes up talking and can say some simple sentences like I want that and I want down or I like that. The doctor said he is advanced on his verbal skills. I ended up counting how many words he says and we are up over 85 words...but who has time to keep track of every single one.
As I was putting him in the car the day I kept track, the sprinklers just turned on and was hitting the car. I said oh crap...only to have jay say right beck...oh crap! YIKES. I told him he was not allowed to use that word he had to say shucks. Of course he didn't say shucks and will come out with oh crap at the most inopportune moment-I am sure. hahaha

Scrapbooking 500 Pages in 2008