Monday, May 4, 2009

Where to begin!?

Let's begin April 23rd. We have been very usual! Maybe even more so!
Mother had found some new Stride Rite shoes at Beall's Outlet and got them for him. You may remember the story of how Jay's very first pair of shoes cost 56.00 or some silly thing like that. In the meantime, I began to see them at Beall's Outlet when I went with my mother. They were only 19.99 there. So, this has begun the treasure hunt of Jay's shoes. Besides, who doesn't like a treasure hunt...or an excuse to shop???
Jay is absolutely in love with the outdoors. Wakes up in the morning, first thing he wants to do after having his juice is go OUTSIDE! Grabs his shoes and first asks nicely, then ups the anty by beginning to raise his voice, proceeding into fits of mass hysteria(in which you can interrupt him and ask him to sing a song...stops dead whine and begins to sing a rendition of the Barney song, only to hurry back into his hysterics) On this particular morning, we put on his brand spanking new size 9 shoes. I wanted to get a picture of his shoes, you will notice in the first pic he thought we were simply going out doors. His excitement over this turned for the worse immediately when he realized I was holding up the OUTSIDE process.

This particular day, the 23rd, was officially my mother's birthday. She and I planned a fun day of shopping and sushi for lunch! We first stopped at the bead store

and then headed over to the home store, looking for the perfect picture for her bedroom. Then it was on to lunch!

We all enjoyed our lunches! A little too much, I was stuffed.

Later that day, you will find Jay OUTSIDE! Go figure. This time, after he had played and got overheated I turned on the sprinklers for some water usual my talking in the background is annoying...

Even later that evening, OUTSIDE once again. Michael was preparing the Kayaks for a trip out which will include Jay. So we had to rig a seat for him.

On the 28th, Jayda had a field trip to the Historic Courthouse Museum. Where we were treated to the most fascinating artist presented to us by phenomenal docent's (the corps of volunteer guides who staff museums and other educational institutions. Docent is derived from the present participle (docens, docentis) of the Latin word doc─ôre, meaning "to teach".) You can see what we learned by clicking HERE!
If you click on the pictures you can learn more about the history of Florida through the artist Jackson Walker. I highly recommend you take the time and learn a little more about this artist and his artwork. The children were absolutely enthralled by the paintings and learned a little more about their Florida! Jayda loved having me on the field trip with her! She has a great class and I loved being part of this field trip. Next up...Jake's field trip to sea world! Then back again with Jayda's class to St. Augustine!
Friday May 1 was field trip day to Sea World. We left the school at 815 am and arrived back at 745 pm...what a long, fun, totally awesome day! I had four great children in my group!

You will notice a very typical theme for Jacob in this photo. He is my old soul in a little man's body! While the other boys are silly, Jacob just never quite seems to go there. Or rather, I should say...he knows when to be silly and when to be serious! He is my "forward thinking boy"...using his words. Defined, "I think about things before they happen and decide what I should do." Yes, he is my forward thinking child! (Crack me up!)
I MADE them ride the merry go round with me!!! hehehehe
It was fun and they were funny and I think they loved it!
At least I did!

Here are some shots of my favorite part of the day! I mean really...Shamu show is amazing! I can not imagine a single person, be it child or adult that does not leave that place inspired. The music, the story, the mammal, the trainers, the audience...amazing.

The place was jam packed, we were there 45 minutes early and the boys literally had front row seats in the soak zone! I sat up about 15 rows. Unfortunately, for the boys, Shamu refused to soak our section...did it feel my desperate pleas of not getting soaked with salt water?

Michael was the perfect Mr. Mom these past three days! Friday he watched Jay as I went to the field trip, then Saturday I left for a weekend getaway with my teacher friends. We were celebrating Mary's bachelorette party! Michael took jay and went to Ocala! Jacob and Jayda were with their dad this weekend. It was a great weekend for us all!
I arrived at the beach at around 10 am and we went out to the store to get some food and beverages! Hung out by the pool and at the beach, caught up on all the goings on, laughed, ate delicious food-I had wahoo shashimi and it just may be my favorite fish now!, went back to the beach house and danced, laughed and played games! What a great time for everyone!

Two other girls took TONS of pictures but I only got this one! It is blurry, but this is Mary!

We all wore matching shirts out to dinner...they had an iron on with her picture and the words Mary's Miracle! That's what she calls her upcoming marriage! She is 59 and had been single for 24 years when she met the man of her dreams on!

Sunday we hung out at the beach and RELAXED! Such a great time.

Then we had dinner at my mother's house Sunday evening! Steak on the grill and corn on the cob. I swear I had the best steak I have ever eaten! So yummy!!!! Jay ate an ear of corn. The funniest thing was out of the blue he used the corn cob and totally started singing like it was a microphone...complete with the facial expressions like he was rocking out!
So funny!

Jay turned 18 months on the 29th. I can't believe it!!!
He weighed 29.4 lbs. He was 36 inches tall! He is just at the 90th percentile for weight and off the charts for height. The doctor predicted he will be anywhere between 6'2"-6'4" as an adult should he continue on the growth chart as he has been. The doctor asked how many words he was saying. I said I was not sure but he wakes up talking and can say some simple sentences like I want that and I want down or I like that. The doctor said he is advanced on his verbal skills. I ended up counting how many words he says and we are up over 85 words...but who has time to keep track of every single one.
As I was putting him in the car the day I kept track, the sprinklers just turned on and was hitting the car. I said oh crap...only to have jay say right beck...oh crap! YIKES. I told him he was not allowed to use that word he had to say shucks. Of course he didn't say shucks and will come out with oh crap at the most inopportune moment-I am sure. hahaha

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Totally terrific blog...enjoyed every picture,video,sentence of it!! So happy that you had a great weekend, Jessica. We loved having Mike and Jay here in Ocala. Every minute with Jay was special. Hugs to you for sharing your precious son. Love, Mom

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