Monday, May 11, 2009

It's time!

Time to talk about my mother! Better late than never! (it seems everything I do is blogged about days later anymore!)
Okay, now if you were to eaves drop on a conversation about my mother when I was a would have heard such comments as:
"I am not allowed to go because my mother feels like I will be guilty by association."
"My mother is a real, live, breathing Hitler."
"I am a slave in my own house."
"I can not go on a date with you, I have to watch the dogs for my mother this weekend."
Yes, I said that....hahahaha I was made fun of for months and months after that!
But you also would have heard me say, "Yeah, I know my mom is pretty cool." "Mrs. Rairie...yes that's my mom!"
It was a classic love hate relationship growing up! I remember distinctly, as I stomped upstairs yelling, I will NEVER treat my children as horribly as you treat which I ended up in my bedroom slamming my door...but dang it, my door never slammed! My house was built in the early 1900's and the door always caught gently and never slammed. So I would open it again and slam really really really hard. But alas, to no avail! Somehow it felt better just to express myself. hahaha Except that time I breathed the word bitch in refering to her as I headed up the stairs. I do not know how in the H-E-double hockey stick her hand reached from the kitchen to the stairwell to slap me across the face but it did!
This is especially good to travel back down this lane and remember as my children make me insane today.
Take for instance Jayda....answers my phone. A woman asks to speak with me. Jayda says I am not home and I will call her back later. Never took a name, never got a number. Okay, you can imagine what I am thinking!!!
An hour later, the phone is the computerized school calling informing me, Jayda owes 1.75 to the cafeteria. This was to be taken care of two weeks ago.. She has the $$ she has a note....she has not turned it in. I went ape over it!!! She had lost the privilage to buy anymore for the rest of the year a week ago. she lost a week of TV(a fate worse than death), she had to do laundry(and it is Jacob's week), and she had to clean her room again (for good measure). I had Michael dole out the punishment...because if I did...well let's just say Michael would be kinder.
To remember that we were all like that at one time. They are still normal, they will grow out of it and become productive citizens one day.

I have been lucky enough to have my folks transplant to Florida, about 8 -10 minutes away. This has brought us so much closer as a family and as friends!
This past Saturday, I had my parents for dinner and celebrated mother's day early because we were going to go out on the boat Sunday. I cooked for them for a change...LOL.
My mother brought me a stunning "Mother Daughter Friend" Necklace! I loved it so much. Check it out HERE!
Now, when reading the comments above you may be wondering WTH???
Let me fill in some blanks.
My mother has become my best friend. Simple as that!
I look forward to our day trips and outings and lunches out at new and exciting places! Like Today HERE! Aunt Catfish's on the Water in Port Orange! Just after we hit the Beall's Outlet-it's Monday(for the 55+ set) then down to the bead store looking for mom's perfect red bead, and then off to lunch...after a few funny wrong turns down the residential area! Oops. Then it was finally a relaxing lunch overlooking the inter coastal and finally understanding what the pediatrician meant by winning the battles every time. Jay is becoming assertive these days. It was a brief irritation involving raisins and wanting to stand up in his high chair. Both of which provided him the opportunity to squeal, me to say NO, and my mother to say...just ignore him. hahaha
I would have to say, the funniest part of the ride was when Jay kept saying "OH BAYBEEE"! Oh yeah, and that side trip down that residential area...
Where did he learn "OH BAYBEEEE" anyways????
Did I mention how delicious my hush puppie was at lunch??? I oohed and ahhed and my mother gave me hers! See there....that's what I am talking about.
She leads me down the wrong way, I don't get mad, we laugh a lot at ourselves and she shares her hush puppie with that's LOVE!
I suppose she is just buttering me up so when she's old and needs her depends cleaned...I will be the one. Heck, I think I am the most qualified out of anyone to do it. I have had plenty of practice and might add I am pretty good at it.
Mother, I love you!
On a side mother's mother died 27 years ago on Mother's Day. So Mother's Day always kind of stinks for my mother. We still so fondly recall and talk about her as if she passed but only a year ago. I have promised my mom a trip during May just she and I. I want to take her to NYC but I would go anywhere with her!

PS: For those of you wondering about my other Mom...I hit the freaking JACKPOT with my Mother in Law, whom I fondly refer to as Mom. I only wish she lived closer. Michael's mom and dad went to a wedding in Illinois this past weekend, so i wasn't able to spend time with her. Here's a big hug Mom...catch it!

Sorry no pictures...not on Saturday, not on the boat...hmmmm. Slacker!


Anonymous said...

I caught that "HUG". I'm sending one back to the VERY BEST daughter-in-law a mother could ever have. Thank you for the gorgeous handmade's lovely. Love you more than you know. Mom

rairie said...

How do you say awe gee whiz, thanks? The greatest gift a child can give to a parent is to become a better person than the parent is. Jessica you surely are the child I wanted to raise. You spread joy!

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