Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So behind!

Okay...if you ware wondering whats been going on...I will do my best to catch you up!
Going back a ways....
Jayda's field trip to St. Augustine...
This was her friend who she is good pals.
Jayda's teacher.
My group on the field trip.

Entrance to St. Augustine
At the indian museum

In a gift shop
a peacock at the fountain of youth
oldest living resident of st augustine

one of only several castles built in st augustine, it is now the ripley's believe it or not museum

I was so lucky to be able to go with Jayda on this trip! There are some fabulous things to see in St Augustine and a must see for every Florida traveler!

That night was the beginning of the girl scouting weekend which was so awesome...check out this post HERE!
While you are at here sight, you may have noticed she has completed several more badges! She is working on her bronze award...the highest honor of the junior girl scout!
Then some time along the way I helped Jacob create this squid for a science project...

Jay continues to do very very funny things! The latest is this affection with my shoes...the higher the heel the better in his opinion!
He is very secure in his manliness!

Speaking of his new ones????

He loves helping his dad with his work. I do not know if this is a reciprocated feeling....

The bib on the head seemed like a lot of fun to him! You will see he is bending over in his chair trying to see around the camera. He is so fascinated at looking at himself on the screen! Makes it hard to photograph or video.

This past weekend we celebrated Memorial Day. Our country is free because of the men and women who put their lives on the line for ours. In honor and memory of those who have sacrificed their lives for ours, the girl scouts helped place flags at the cemetery. I also helped out. I was going along just fine...and then I saw a tombstone for an 18 month old little boy and I literally began sobbing. I do not know why for certain...and I was alone thank goodness...but it just tore my heart to think of the little baby who is gone and a mother whose heart was breaking. I suppose I cried for his mother. Any way, I do not know if it had any meaning to Jayda...she was a brat when we got home. LOL She is so MY daughter!

We spent memorial day at my parents pool where jay has really taken to swimming while in his froggy. He can kick his feet and make himself move around the pool! My mother surprised me with a cool relaxing drink of a frozen mixture of margarita mix with coconut rum....WOWSERS! So cool and refreshing! I had a picnic here at the house! My parents came over early and we had a chip party and other the time dinner was served we were so full!!! Although, we all saved room for a hotdog and BIG GEORGES hot dog sauce! Yeah...I have that recipie...I need to perfect it though. I am thinking, along with mom and dad, that Martha did NOT drain the grease from it and used the cheapest ground beef available. Next time, I will not get the good ground beef and will forget about draining it! LOL!

I went to the flea market with my mom today. It has been over three weeks since I have been! I got some scrapbooking treats and then peaches, bananas(which I dropped on my mothers drive way DARN IT! I hate bruise!), apples, and onions. I am totally whacky for onions...I have no just started recently! I also bought 7 herb plants at the flea markey for a dollar a piece! I am thinking of starting a garden in my courtyard. First thing I am going to plant...onions. Well, after the herbs that is!

Okay, that's just a touch of the surface...but hope you enjoy!


rairie said...

Good job. I need to update mine too. Yours is always more fun.

Anonymous said...

Strange cravings for onions...hmmm, could you be pregnant? I missed hearing all of your stories. Keep on typing. By the way, your fans would like to see some new jewelry projects. Miss you, cousin Amy

Anonymous said...

Yes, I really enjoyed this blog. The field trip looked great, Jay's shoes were fun, and the cemetary was SO moving. Anxious to see you guys! Love, Mom

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