Friday, June 5, 2009


I am not sure when it happened, but my mother has started a tradition of taking the children out for ice cream on the eve of their last day of school. Jayda and Jacob were so thrilled! She surprised them. It was pouring cats and dogs, maybe even small monkeys...and she still took them!

Not into photo shoots, my middle child poses for me on her last day of 4th grade! It has been an incredible year for her!

Of course, give her a few shots and she loosens up!

Then, there is my wise beyond his years Jacob. Growing Changing Moving Forward. So cute. He has done a magnificant job in middle school and starts the year off with honors classes in 7th grade.

It was painful trying to get these two to pose seriously mom...pointing a finger at the has cooties!!!

They did their best to make me happy by actually touching one another. My babies growing up!!!

Hrmph....deep sigh...I imagine if I didn't have a wee one growing up in the ranks under them I would be more sentimental. I loved seeing them off on their last day of school! I HAVE LOVED being here everyday for them. What a blessed gift to watch them this year as they ventured off into new schools and grades.
Jayda will begin her last year in Elementary school a few short months from now and Jacob will be venturing into 7th grade.
He was wearing a shirt to be signed by other kids today...he asked me and mike to sign....such a sweet kid!
I will hopefully get a pic of his shirt after school!

Last week...I know, a week ago!!!
I helped out in Jayda's class. The whole fourth grade was painting the organs in the body on t-shirts. I helped out from 8 am to 1 pm...and I didn't get paid!!! LOL Such is the life of a classroom volunteer...which I have a brand new affection for!!
Jayda is pretty much MORTIFIED when I break out the camera...the other children make the funniest faces!!!!

Then it was turn right back around and head back to school to pick up jayda...

it was the first official day she would be bringing home her NEW safety patrol badge....well, used, but new to her.

Friday night, Jacob had his first baseball playoff game, which went til 9:45 pm from 6:30 pm. YIKES!!!! Luckily, he was with his dad that weekend and we were on the way to Ocala. However, prior to leaving for Ocala, I had a memorial for a wonderful woman whom I taught with and Jacob had her as a first grade teacher. Unfortunately, cancer took her life quickly. Yet, she was always as majestic and gorgeous right up to the end. Oh, to be like her as a teacher. She has left a legacy for a lifetime. Our elementary school designated an outdoor reading area and also left many books in her honor in the library which is also dedicated to her!
It was sad, joyful, and a wonderful way to remember her.
Then it was off to be spoiled by Grammy and Grampy.
Here's Jay on the way...looking all like LINUS!

Michael and big Jay went fishing-
brought home a keeper trout, so Jay could pet it...and he did...slime and all. He says, "ewww" as he is petting it! hahaha
Here's a spanish mackerel Michael caught...but not a keeper.

How bad am I for not taking any other pictures this past weekend??? Oh well, how do you photograph sitting around relaxing, reading mags, and chasing Jay???

Jay has a big big wheel. It doesn't quite fit him but he rides like the wind! Oh, and I goof on Mike. hehehehe

Then this past Wednesday, I got him a little big wheel at the flea market...what fun!
He is not as good on this one!

I messed around and pulled up some photos of the early 80's. Here's me!

I was using these with the latest layouts I made for the new digital designer I create and advertise can see all about it HERE!

Jay is busier than ever and you never know where you might find him...take for instance he got himself in the bathtub and was playing ball.

Then yesterday, it was haircut number three day. Click on this Photo Shop 7.0 I made his pic black and white with his blue eyes showing through. Neat little thing that Photo Shop!

Well, he had one haircut by me in between time. I did a pretty good job considering this past cut by the barber. It wasn't as good as the one he had with Tim the first time. Then again, the following pics may help you understand why....

He was not afraid of Tim, he just did not like the chair at all!!! Let's not even discuss the cape!!!
Three lollipops, a shirt COVERED IN HAIR, $10.00, and some tears later...

Today I have an appointment at school to discuss next years curriculum and room assignments. Then it is off to Ocala this weekend...where I WILL BE FISHING with my husband this weekend alone. LIKE A DATE!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!! heheheeh I must be a man's dream come true...excited about a date...for fishing!
I'm a little pensive...last fishing trip together, I drove our boat into the pilings of the bridge in the keys. $250.00 later in repairs. Well, I didn't actually drive the boat into the pilings, but that i show Michael likes to tell the story. I swear I was taking his orders, and then a current caught the side of the boat and so basically the current and the trolling motor full throttle forced us into the situation.


Anonymous said...

This has got to be the champion of all your blogs, or at least ranking in the top ten. All parts were my favorite especially Michael's sweet! See you soon. Love Mom

rairie said...

What fun the simple things in life are. I enjoy seeing it all. Cannot wait until Jay can ride the little bike with the peddles...he will make you crazy. The last day of school pics were super.

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