Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Right Now!


Outside my window... The sun is blasting down with temps in the upper 90’s low 100’s. Michael is fixing the sprinklers that have gone kaplotz.

I am thinking... that our AC has run all day. I just knocked it up to 81* to give the poor thing a break. It still runs like mad set at 80* here…and who wants to pay a bill for that!

I am thankful for... air my family who are all healthy and alive!

From the kitchen... just finished lunch and the dishes are dirty in the sink, GASP!!! Michael shut the water off to work on the sprinklers.

I am wearing... a white shirt and aqua comfy capris!.

I am creating... my blog.

I am going...to keep the daily EARLY morning exercise routine to beat the heat. So far, have been walking hard and biking!

I am reading... Luanne Rice book.

I am hoping... for continued health and vitality in our home.

I am hearing... Star Wars Battlefront II as Jake and Jayda are busy playing~~~What else do you do when it is almost 100*?

Around the house... Jay is napping, after falling on his head from the bed. LOL Not as bad as it sounds, I think he was getting down from his nap and toppled over and it was an awful good excuse to get out of bed by acting hurt! Hahaha Mike is up to his eyeballs in PVC glue and sweat. I am running him out drinks every so often.

One of my favorite things... a good meal that I did not have to cook.

A few plans for the rest of the week... start some things on my TO DO list for the summer, celebrate Jayda’s 11th bday tomorrow, have their friends over, exercise, hit the flea/farmers market for fresh veggies and fruit, work on teacher blog and research things I am going to be teaching this year, digital scrapbook, and stay cool!

Definition of Uvula!

Seriously, he eats a banana every day if not more often!

Fishing lessons:

Golf Lessons: Except a nagging mother interrupts:

And don't forget we celebrated and honored the father's in our lives who are awesome!
Our family is truly blessed to have role models such as Michael, Harv and Jay! I made cards!

On the way to my parents to celebrate Jayda's birthday with the whole family, we stopped at the post office...Michael got out and I thought it was a perfect time for a photo of the three.... Jay started off screaming, and then i managed to capture some photos in between protests! The pics are in reverse order, oops!

Jayda was so cute about her big day!
All the family was there...Mom, Dad, Jayne, Mother, Dad, and us! Thanks Mother for having us all for the day!

Everything seemed to be going great when I went out to check on Michael as he was working on the sprinklers. Couldn't figure out when it was said and done why there was no pressure in the sprinklers...hmmm...better question, why were the spinkler thingies in the back (pictured below) so high? Mike cut them lower...ooops! Ends up there are some taller sprinkler heads and they needed to be lower. He is off to chop down some other sprinkler heads and lower them. I am giggling...even though I know I shouldn't be. Worse thing. I am blogging about it.
Hehehe, I know it will all work out in the end. After all, it is one of the reasons I married him. He is so capable and handy, better yet. So smart.
Wait, why'd he cut those down again???????

Off to take Jacob to his friends house!


Carol said...

Hey Jess, these are superb pics. 100 degrees is the pits. We don't get it often in Northern Indiana, but if we do, it is accompanied by high humidity. Its the kind of weather that makes it difficult to breathe.

You have a lovely family.

Anonymous said...

I burst out laughing at the uvula pic ...so funny! The videos and pics are terrific! Happy Birthday to Jayda. We're thinking about you as the special day gets closer and closer!!! Mike, hope you can figure out the sprinklers. The fishing and golf videos were special..thanks! Jessica, your entire blog is great.Love, Mom I'll talk to you soon.

rairie said...

LOL at the singing of Happy Birthday. Somehow it always sounds as bad. Great pictures of Michael and Jay and all three and not me lighting the candles. You need to blog more we love it.

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