Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stopping just long enough....

I am making this for dinner as I type!

I am starving and it should be awesome!
I am making broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots...I am going to beat them with a mixer and make it into mashed veggies...kind of like mashed potatoes.
UPDATE: Just finished dinner and it was soooo delcious and easy to make. Of course I had to add a few of my own spices to the recipie and even Jay ate one minus the butter. It was outstanding and a definitely do again recipie. Great if you are thinking of having company and you want to wow them!

So, as I wait a few more minutes, I thought I would let you know what has been going on around here!
Jacob had a friend overnight on Thursday night. Jayda was supposed to have her friend but she is on a cruise! This friend of Jacob is a nice boy, and the children enjoyed having him. Although, I do not think he knows how to use a fork and knife when he eats...if he eats at all. Let's say he has some eating issues. Picky at best! He would love pizza for every meal! Oh, listen to me...he is a very nice boy and if that is the worst thing we are doing great!
Middle school boys giggle as much if not more than girls do...if your wondering.

I played bunco last night with my mother at her community. There was something like 38 people or something. Usually 12 play. It was crazy at best and so funny watching everyone's personalities unfold. It reminded me a lot of how each class I teach has the same types of differing personalities!

Speaking of school...I have been gearing up for the year. I know it is early. But I am doing some preliminary work before the school year actually starts! I am collecting stuff to outfit my room!
I got a beautiful side table for my cds and cd player, doll houses, legos, books, games, baby dolls...KIDS NEED TO PLAY PEOPLE! Don't ever forget that! Kids need moments during the day when they can do what they do best...and that is play. After all, kids learn by doing and play is their work!
So, who is making out and yelling SCORE when I walk through the door??? That would be Jay, but it comes out something like this , "AAAAHHHHHHHH...WOW!"

Where am I getting all of these things. Have you ever heard of It is this awesome place where you can give away free things and also ask for things. The crux of it is to keep things out of the landfills and to reuse. So, over the course of a couple of years, I have given away more things than I can remember. The latest being the jogging stroller that is in immaculate condition!

Here is Jay enjoying some of the things I have gotten for my classroom. Who knew he would enjoy them so, I mean dislike them. Like for instance, his intense dislike for the baby doll. {SARCASM} Afterall, Michael thinks it is not appropriate for a boy to play with a doll. So he has forbade me to blog about it. I am in this instance overriding his decision as a professional in child development! It is completely appropriate and not only that, but it is healthy. He is so sweet and loving towards this doll...which is a direct reflection of our parenting towards he is modeling what he sees! So rest assured Michael, we are doing a great job!

I received this doll house below from a freecycler. Her daughters had outgrown it and it would be perfect for my classroom! It was filthy complete with crayon and paint all over it from some overzealous artists! I cleaned that up quick as can be and it literally looks brand new!

Oh, yeah, Jay likes playing with this too!
Jay is becoming very good at feeding wouldn't know it from these pictures, but he is! He was cracking me up at lunchtime the other day!

You can watch for yourself here!

I got Jay a new sit down toilet because his big toilet one was not inspiring enough for him. hahahaha
I got this and a couple potty books. I can not even begin to put to words to what he was doing. Let me try.....
I cleaned it up and set it down in the kitchen, which has a gate so he can not get in the kitchen. He was so excited about it and curious all at the same time. He had no idea what it was....only that lately I have been bringing some really fun stuff into the house!!!
So, I get it all set up in the bath room and undress him. He is so excited. I say, I am going to leave you to have some privacy and I walked out. He is facing down the hall and I hear him hollering about something and he is pointing. Well, he was pointing down the hall at the bookshelf. He wanted a book. So I took him a potty book. He was so excited, and talking and talking(of which I understood nothing) but he was talking away and so excited! He then began running back and forth from the potty to the book shelf picking out books to read on the toilet. WTH??? Why is he obsessed with reading things on the pot??? hahahaha
So, it was back and forth and talking a hundred miles a minute and back and forth and talking, and pointing, and experimenting, and sitting there reading a book, and pointing.
...blurred out for privacy.

But alas, NOTHING in the potty. Only a little boy who now keeps taking off his diaper!

Well, I would do anything for a delicious dessert right about now. Wonder what I could do to curb the sweet craving? I guess I could make monster chocolate chip cookies. But that sounds too much like work right now!


Rachel said...

Great dinner you made ;) Didn't you love it? Jeb and I really enjoyed it.

Jay is too cute for his own good these days!

Anonymous said...

Great blog!!! Loved the Beefaroni lunch and the potty chair too! It's fun hearing all the latest. Love, Mom

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