Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Hi everyone.
I am starting this early today so that I get a chance to squeeze it in today!
This past weekend we spent time in Ocala at mom and dad's house! it was a relaxing evening and full of laughs! Yes, as usual...Jay had us in stitches. He is so busy and I swear Mom is still resting from just watching that child charge through her house all weekend. I have decided that when you are at their is like abed and breakfast. Our meals are always fabulous and you never leave the table hungry!
Mom and I went out shopping to my usual haunts while I am in town.
Jay warmed right up to his Great Grandoa and spent more time on his lapo than anyone elses!!! I snapped tons of photos and even switched over to a video!
How sweet is this baby face looking at his Great Grandpa!

jay's looking at his Grampy in this picture!
I said, give him kisses and he started blowing kisses!

Emmy was a bit ill this weekend...she was chilled way out! Jay loves her!

Jay's silly faces and antics keep us going! He has just started liking the camera finally...but he is still a bundle of motion!

After Jay's bath...his hair was all over the place! Dad put some aquaphor on him and in his hair! The flash caused his hair to come out super red I had to post it! hahaha

My parents are in Vegas! Once they get home, they will finally have all their new furniture delivered and officially move in...oh but not before my PA family come to visit and enjoy their time in FL. I am looking forward to I imagine they are too! Today is supposed to reach 82* which is a near record set back in 1974---

Jayda had to take a visit to the after hours pediatric emergency room on Saturday...she was with her father and he had taken them go karting...she wrecked into an accident and the wall....bruised her sternum pretty good! Put a kink in Saturday evening...and poor jake had to be so worried about his sister. Some birthday for him!

Today is a busy day! I am preparing for jake's birthday! His birthday was on Saturday, but we are celebrating today! He invited a friend to come over. Nothing too exciting but then again, Jake is pretty low key!
Here he was the first day of his life 12 years ago!

This was day before the first day of first grade. Meet your teacher! He drew her a picture and made her a card, telling her he loved her! Unfortunately, his teacher made it halfway through the year before being diagnosed with cancer. She ended up losing that battle a couple years later. She was sorely missed on our staff!

Here he was in Kindergarten!

Almost 7 here!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fill In

1. The world is changing...some change is good some change is not good.
2. See ya later alligatorwas the last thing I said.
3. I wonder if I will find a good deal on something at Griffin's or Hobby Lobby this weekend?
4. I will do my best to do what is right at the end of all things.
5. There's something to be said for cold days....and it probably won't be nice!
6. Back in Islamorada in the Florida Keys is where I want to be.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to my inlaws, tomorrow my plans include visiting with Grandpa Red, shopping, and playing with baby and Sunday, I want to relax and enjoy the day!

Here's a little fun for your enjoyment...
we do this at least 437 times a least! UGH! LOL

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I can't believe it is almost Friday...

Where'd the week go?
Well, aside from showering and putting on warm clothes...I did not do much more.
I had a migraine to end all migraines on Monday. I went to bed with ice on my head! The next day I was rubbing my head and I was like, why does that hurt so bad? (It hurt like I had hit my head on the corner of a cabinate or something.) The skin and bone around the area of my migraine was hurting with residual pain. The headache still lingers. Michael started with a migraine today!
To add insult to injury...I had indigestion for three days straight and it is thinking about it tonight! GRRRR...
Blah blah blah whiney Blah Blah!

Ok, I am better.

Jacob turns 12 this Saturday. YIPPPPEEE!!! Can you believe it...
wait that is not so yippy....that makes me older! UGH...Just when I thought I could quit whining!


(His dad gave him a haircut....Jake loves a short short cut! Me not so much.)

He is wearing a baseball started tonight!
The coach asked what position he played...before jacob could answer one of the boys standing next to him chimed in....he is the best catcher in the whole league!
That's quite a compliment coming from a peer he hardly knows. Especially an 11 year old!

Jay is going full throttle and tilt. He was a wild stallion this evening! Mercy! Cute as a button and understands alot that we say to him so it is so much fun playing with him. Then again, he carries on these long conversations with me, yet I have no idea what he is saying! The boy can talk!!!!

Yesterday he went for his 15 month well visit! He had to get his MMR shot...1-2 weeks before the side effects can come into play. Hoping all will be well! He weighed 26.15 pounds. He was 34 1/4 inches tall. His head is 47 cm. All was good except for the abscess on his finger we noticed the night before his visit! He had it lanced and drained and sent off to the lab. I actually watched it and was interested. Although, I guess it was kidnd of like a pimple when they squeezed the stuff out....yeah, that part was kind of gross! Only took three of us to hold him down while the dr. worked. Then again, Jay started screaming from the time we entered the office til we left. It is safe to say, he hates dr.s and nurses equally!
But he is so dog gone cute!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's cold here!!!

Ok, maybe not this cold...but it is coollldd!

Don't they look adorable?
Aunt Candy, Cousin Amy and PA family!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here is how I found Jay at his naptime. He was "supposed to be sleeping". Some how he managed to grab the direct tv box and then was standing on it. UGH!

Mike was gearing up the kayak for a sunday fishing trip. Jay saw the kayak and HAD to get in it! PS: Notice my neighbors lawn-this is not even the best part...there is a stalk of corn growing in the front lawn as a weed....this is what you get when your neighbors walk away from a 284,000 mortgage and leave the house to go to H-E-double hockey stick! If your wondering....they refinanced three times and had all the latest gadgets and best things in life...ooops guess they got in over their heads. So they did what every American living the american dream does......tongue in cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
A great big birthday shout out to my Father in Law on his 67 birthday! Michael, Jay and I met Bill and Susan and Jack at the Steakhouse for a big surprise where we met jayne, peggy and Jay. He was very surprised. After dinner, we headed back to their house for cake and ice cream! It was a great time. I have gotten very bad about taking pictures lately....sorry! I wish I had more! Susan took tons of beautiful pictures! Maybe she will send me some...wink wink wink!
Friday afternoon we returned to visit family in Ocala and had a wonderful time!!!
Mom and dad are on their way to pick up Great Grandpa...its been a while since we have seen him and he will be spending some time in FL.
I can't wait til Jay gets a chance to see him again!
Today, Mike is fishing...
Jacob is going with his dad...
Jay is napping...I hope!!!!!
Jayda is leaving to go to the Girl Scout Cookie Kick off today....
I am at home...again...creating!
I have been named a Challenge Design Team Leader and I have been super busy doing this for an online forum.

Sorry for the long delay in posting!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Pics from the Keys! Part 1

I will be posting random pictures from our trip that were taken by Bryan and my mother.

I love this picture!
On the Conch Train

Jay became wirey and unruly....

One day the iguanas were out in full force! Did you know they can swim very well for many miles??? When they get tired they puff up their belly and float. They came from Cuba! There were about 10 all over the property on one day. They are not so friendly either and they leave yucky dudey piles!
To be continued...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Keys Recap Part 2

Wednesday started out as usual...

However, the water was like glass this morning and it was proving to be an absolute gorgeous day! Lots of fishing was done today...only not me. I was busy with Baby Jay and the other children! We went swimming in the heated pool.... 84* to be exact! Jay had a ball and would drown himself if I weren't right nearby!
Relaxing day...ordered pizza delivered for dinner...coconut rum on the rocks with an Adirondack chair as the day rolls by and on into the new year!!

I made it to about 11:30 pm and then fell asleep! Jayda woke me up and wished me a happy new year and kissed me goodnight! LOL I am getting old....
Thursday morning:

This was another fishing day for me as my mother babysat the baby for me and my mom watched Jayda for the day. Jacob went fishing with Michael and I!

Michal caught a Mangrove snapper as did Jacob...both nice size keepers. But, we only caught two, not worth the time to clean and cook them! Also caught some Jacks and a gag grouper. However, no one caught anything edible and I was dying for fresh fish for dinner...I guess I had to settle for this at Island Grill in Islamorada!

It was the most delicious yellow tail snapper I have ever eaten...caught off alligator reef 5 miles out from where we were staying! Sliced top to bottom and deep fried, drizzled with a sweet sauce and shredded coconut on top...YUMMO!!!!
Friday morning:

We spent Friday exploring...we were looking for Anne's Beach and unfortunately...I didn't find it. Mother, Jacob, Jayda and Jay and I were off on an adventure. It started at Bob's Bunz...the best bunz on the island! Then we happened to pass by a coconut that had fallen in some one's driveway and we sent Jayda to retrieve it as a souvenir...not sure if that is stealing or not. I likened it to a pine cone and that put it into better prospective for me! Just so happened to stop off at a garage sale in the Keys...that made us laugh and we had to see what they were selling. Same thing you and i sell in a garage sale............
End of that excursion...back to the sand and sun to relax!
Later that night we grilled out and had marshmallows on the coals for dessert!!!!! AWESOME!
To bed early, as usual....
Up early for the sunrise, yet again:

Final views to remember for a while!

Then it was time to pack and leave! So sad to see it end! Already have plans to return in May to stay at the Key Largo Hilton and then back to the Breezy Palms in Dec for 10 days!
I am sure my mother has some fabulous pics I may snag from here and make a random recap in the next few days!
I had all these visions of things I wanted to do while there. But there was no greater joy than sitting with my feet in the sand RELAXING!
In the meantime...
Kids back to school, Jay is loving being home, and Michael is now working out of the house. This is so weird for me. But it is working out well!

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