Thursday, January 22, 2009

I can't believe it is almost Friday...

Where'd the week go?
Well, aside from showering and putting on warm clothes...I did not do much more.
I had a migraine to end all migraines on Monday. I went to bed with ice on my head! The next day I was rubbing my head and I was like, why does that hurt so bad? (It hurt like I had hit my head on the corner of a cabinate or something.) The skin and bone around the area of my migraine was hurting with residual pain. The headache still lingers. Michael started with a migraine today!
To add insult to injury...I had indigestion for three days straight and it is thinking about it tonight! GRRRR...
Blah blah blah whiney Blah Blah!

Ok, I am better.

Jacob turns 12 this Saturday. YIPPPPEEE!!! Can you believe it...
wait that is not so yippy....that makes me older! UGH...Just when I thought I could quit whining!


(His dad gave him a haircut....Jake loves a short short cut! Me not so much.)

He is wearing a baseball started tonight!
The coach asked what position he played...before jacob could answer one of the boys standing next to him chimed in....he is the best catcher in the whole league!
That's quite a compliment coming from a peer he hardly knows. Especially an 11 year old!

Jay is going full throttle and tilt. He was a wild stallion this evening! Mercy! Cute as a button and understands alot that we say to him so it is so much fun playing with him. Then again, he carries on these long conversations with me, yet I have no idea what he is saying! The boy can talk!!!!

Yesterday he went for his 15 month well visit! He had to get his MMR shot...1-2 weeks before the side effects can come into play. Hoping all will be well! He weighed 26.15 pounds. He was 34 1/4 inches tall. His head is 47 cm. All was good except for the abscess on his finger we noticed the night before his visit! He had it lanced and drained and sent off to the lab. I actually watched it and was interested. Although, I guess it was kidnd of like a pimple when they squeezed the stuff out....yeah, that part was kind of gross! Only took three of us to hold him down while the dr. worked. Then again, Jay started screaming from the time we entered the office til we left. It is safe to say, he hates dr.s and nurses equally!
But he is so dog gone cute!


rairie said...

Loved the haircut...I should get mine that short. Sorry about the Migraine they hurt sooo much. I am getting less and less.
Jay is so cute and all boy. Hope you feel better today.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog...somehow I missed it until now...Guess I was busy getting ready for my special weekend company! Jacob looks so handsome. Happy b-day to him!!!! Glad the migraines are in the past. Our weekend was so much fun with you guys. Thank you for coming. Love, Mom

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